[UPDATE] BT|Viscant’s Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Team Tutorials Volume 2 – Wesker/Vergil/Strider

By on March 15, 2013 at 1:08 pm

UPDATE – Viscant recently updated the BROKENTIER blog with the second part of his look at the Wesker/Vergil/Strider team. Much like the initial entry in this Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 tutorial series, he takes the team online to highlight a few of the points he made in his written article.

This time around he faces off against FR|Roachking and Dios X. We’ve included footage of the latter as well as a few of his thoughts on the match below, but be sure to visit the official BROKENTIER blog for the other video and more insight into the decisions Viscant made in each set.

Next up we have a set vs. Dios-X aka Dios X Reloaded.  Out of everyone I play in Marvel, he’s my most frequent opponent.  By far.  We play online, we play casuals, and we play every tournament we both show up to.  So we both know what to expect from the other at this point.  I’m going with the Vergil/Wesker/Strider team order because his Doom destroys me.  Since he’s going with Doom/Storm/Sentinel I’ve identified the threat to be Doom and I’m treating his Doom like I would normally treat a Zero or a Viper.  His Doom must die.  His Doom must die quickly.  Otherwise I have enough matchup experience against Dios to know that I’m simply not going to get the win.  Let’s get to the set.

00:15:  So like I said, the goal is to take out Doom even if I have to burn x-factor right away.  I’m using the Padtrick opener of helm breaker + vajra and it gets the hit and I follow through and get the kill after botching the x-factor combo.  At 00:34 I do the same setup but with the teleport before the vajra.  Because we play so often I’m not worried about using up a trick, besides I know he has experience against other Vergil/Striders also.  What I’m trying to put into his head is “I’m going to do this.  A lot.  Sometimes it will be a straight block, sometimes a crossup, sometimes crossup timing with teleport in front, sometimes no teleport and just a rapid slash.”  I want him to think it’s random and start guessing.  I think the odds of blocking this kind of thing on sight is better than 50/50.  When you do the A teleport Vergil disappears in horizontal lines as opposed to vertical lines for the other teleports.  So if you do the same timing on helm breaker + Strider and just vary the button you teleport with, people will block this better than 50/50.  But if you add a timing element to it, the same input will have to be blocked differently and it makes it seem “random” to the opponent.

1:49:  He starts the round with instant snapback which probably would have worked if Vergil was closer.  Instead of discouraging me, this actually encourages me to keep with my strategy.  1 game in and I feel like I’m in his head.

3:32:  Same setup as last game (in case he tries another snapback) but fast teleport instead of slow teleport to get the crossup.

3:52:  I bring in Wesker here because I like to have Vergil as my character to wait out his x-factor.  Storm is actually pretty good against Wesker when she has x-factor because I have to respect lightning attacks much more than in the flow of a normal match.  With Vergil I just put her in blockstun, put my swords on and ignore her.  Once x-factor runs out I should be safe.  The TAC at 4:05 is intentional.  Because I couldn’t get Vergil out, I couldn’t do my normal Wesker/Vergil ToD so I went for a TAC.  This team has a great team super when their backs are to the corner, but going into the corner it does nothing.  TAC was semi-important to get the kill in this case even if I dropped it.  Plus it sets up fake TAC mixup for later.

BROKENTIER’s Viscant continues his series of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 team tutorial today with an installment dedicated to Wesker/Vergil/Strider. While he admits that Wesker use is dying out thanks to the prevalence of teams among the upper echelon of players that negate any advantage he may have, this composition is, in his opinion, the best way for the character to stay relevant as we move into a new year of competition.

Below, you’ll find short excerpts concerning the teams positives, negatives, and matchups. Be sure to visit the BROKENTIER blog for Viscant’s full write-up as well as videos that showcase some of the concepts he touches on. If you’re interested in seeing how this team performs in a match, he will be providing online footage of a few games he played with Dios X and FR|Roachking tomorrow, so stay tuned.


As stated above the primary purpose of pairing Wesker with Vergil/Strider is to close up his holes and the main Wesker weakness is damage.  A common way to mitigate damage weaknesses is through TACs, specifically TAC infinites.  But those aren’t guaranteed and are more of a 66% reset than anything else.  TAC is definitely a strong option for people who play point Wesker, but a lot of people are looking for something a little bit more stable.  Wesker with his glasses on is a low damage character and he starts most combos from Mustang Kicks and air throws so he does even less damage off common openings.  While the DHC glitch may be gone in Ultimate, Vergil never got the memo.  With this team construction Vergil’s damage can completely cover up Wesker’s weakness and can give him easy to use, no frills ToDs without using TACs.


This is not a misprint.  Even though this is a Wesker team the single biggest con to this team is meter management.  Vergil gives Wesker the ability to ToD easily from 99 seconds when starting with glasses on but this will leave Vergil without meter.  It’s a problem with the Vergil/Strider shell in general.  Strider is at his most effective with 3 meters but Vergil is at his most effective when he can use all the meters he wants.  When you go into the match with a gameplan to ToD with Wesker, you’re accepting the fact that one of your characters is going to suffer a little bit.  You can alleviate the problem a little bit and play a reset game with Wesker but then you take away the advantage you gain of putting Wesker and Vergil together.  In a sense you’re playing the Vergil/Strider shell and just trying to hold the fort down with Wesker.  Everyone who plays this team has to make their decision which character gets shafted.  There really is no right answer as to how you should play it out, it’s just a matter of playing to your own individual strengths as a player.


The main weakness of this team is Wolverine.  Wesker struggles against Wolverine in general but without Magneto or Haggar assists the beginning of every match is going to be tough no matter what team order you choose to play.  Against a team like PR Rog’s team where Wolverine is backed up by plasma beam, you’re not going to get much use out of vajra or rapid slash assists so Wesker’s going to have to get the first hit on his own.  On the plus side he has to worry more about air throws and kara Mustang Kicks than he usually does since you can kill him off of those.  On the minus side, he still definitely has the matchup edge.

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