Vampire Resurrection Releases in Japan; Information on the 3 Hidden Vampire Savior Characters and Upcoming Update Revealed

By on March 14, 2013 at 11:01 am

Today, Capcom’s Vampire Resurrection has released in Japan (known as Darkstalkers Resurrection in other territories). While the launch trailer for the Japanese version is virtually identical  to the launch trailer released for the other territories, you can view the video below. Capcom has also released a video featuring producer Tomoaki Ayano commentating on the game’s various features.

Vampire Resurrection is a revival of the series with the two classics Vampire Hunter, released in 1995, and Vampire Savior, released in 1997, compiled into a single HD package. Together with the release of the title, Capcom has provided information on the three hidden characters found in Vampire Savior. In addition, details on an upcoming title update, which will add Fight Request functionality to the title, have also been revealed. Fight Request is compatible with Arcade mode and Training mode, allowing players to switch between training and fighting without wasting time.

Vampire Savior Hidden Character Introduction

Dark Gallon (Dark Talbain)

Has a dim glowing body color. While he features almost the same moves as normal Gallon, Dragon Cannon has the same properties as the Vampire Hunter version of the move.

To select Dark Gallon, place the cursor on Gallon, and while holding the Start button, press two P buttons or two K buttons at the same time.

Oboro Bishamon

Shares the same normals as Bishamon, but cannot use the special move Karame Dama or its derivative attacks. In its place, Oboro Bishamon has a new special attack, Oni Naburi.

To select Oboro Bishamon, place the cursor on Bishamon, and while holding the Start button, press any attack button.


Win a match, and Shadow possesses the opponent’s character, using it for the next match. Without mastering all the characters, victory will be quite difficult.

To select Shadow, place the cursor on [?], press the Start button five times then press any attack button. To select a specific character for the first match, highlight that character and press the Start button three times followed by the Shadow input code. To select Dark Gallon and Oboro Bishamon by this method, hold the Start button on the fifth press then enter the corresponding attack button(s) as normal. Available in Arcade mode only.

Future Title Update to Add Fight Request Functionality

In the first title update for Vampire Resurrection, the Arcade Fight Request function will be added to the game. The time of the update will be announced as soon as the details are determined.

Arcade Mode Fight Request

After the title update, while playing Arcade mode, you can set Fight Request to on or off. When a player that matching the settings appears, the challenger interrupts Arcade mode and the match starts. By setting Fight Request to “off”, you can continue to play solo as before.

Training Mode Fight Request

Not only does Fight Request function with Arcade mode, but you can also use it while training. You can practice combos then test them in an actual fight. When matched with a player, you’ll be to sent back to character select.

Bug Fixes

The upcoming update will also contain fixes for several issues discovered in the Vampire Resurrection conversions of Hunter and Savior.

Source: 4Gamer, CAPCOM blog

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    My first game was SF4. Then I got MVC 2 and 3. Then I purchased 3SOE and now I’ve purchased DS3R. 

    And I’ve got to say that Darkstalkers 3 is literally the most fun I’ve had out of all these game so far. And I’m now starting to get the hang of 3SOE.

    SSF4AE has become incredibly stale.

    P.S. Im an 09er so all you nostalgia fags who complain about new gamers can shut your mouths.

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  • Would like it if they just went ahead and put Donovan, Phobos, & Pyron in Vampire Savior.

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        Ditto!…better than having 3 useless characters in the cast, mostly copy & paste!

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      The only version of the game that Capcom ever allowed all characters in was the Saturn VS release which I still own… Still, the reinstated characters were NEVER active NPC’s in even the Saturn port’s arcade mode; they were player-only in arcade mode and player-only/NPC-capable in training and Vs modes.

      The VS release on the PS1 was another arcade-faithful port along with the option to play the VH2 and VS2 sub-sequel upgrades.

      The closest Capcom came to fulfilling your desire was in the Vampire Collection (DC) and Darkstalkers Chronicles for PSP. The other console ports have focused on being faithful to the arcade version(s).

      Unless Capcom orders the game’s software porter to do a custom patch that allows what you want, it’s not happening… They’re more concerned with faithfulness and character balance as well as online features.

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