Raven Revealed in Latest Injustice: Gods Among Us Gameplay Video

By on March 14, 2013 at 11:43 am

While there have been rumors regarding her inclusion in the DC Comics fighter, we now have official confirmation that Raven will be featured as a playable character in Injustice: Gods Among Us, courtesy of an accidentally-uploaded GameTrailers video that’s since been pulled down. She was originally planned to make her appearance during tonight’s episode of GTTV, but thanks to their mistake and the quick-thinking of YouTube user raidaikin, we now have a chance to check her out much earlier than was intended.

The video below is similar to those produced for the Battle Arena promotion, and features Raven duking it out with Catwoman in a choreographed battle sequence. It offers a great look at a number of interesting combos, environment hazards, and their individual supers, so definitely make it a point to check this out and see what this half-demon empath is capable of in the upcoming title.

Source: GameTrailers via raidaikin

  • Andre Felix

    that voice lol

  • Pol Subanajouy

    Yay, I finally got a magic caster. ūüôā

  • NyuBomber

    Definitely gonna have her as an alternate, after maining Superman. As far as fighting goes, she seems like a winner in my book.

    On the aesthetic analysis side, I think they could’ve done the face better, but I actually really like the voice. It combines with her “demonic” form change to red skin/four glowing eyes and the summoning of her demonic father, Trigon, to reinforce a fall into darkness.

    P.S.: Is it just me or has the quality of the actual fighting in these previews gone up? I rememeber a couple of the first Battle Arena fights where victims literally just stand there in order to show off attacks, but they’ve gotten better at showing off flashy combos, smart uses of the environment, and defensive options.

    EDIT: But WHY, OH WHY do they still have it so characters stand up one last time and then just fall down after getting a knockout blow, even from supers?!

    • Trollolo You

      Because rumors have it that you will be able to do something after the end of the round, just like with fatalities in MK9.
      When they get defeated, they stand up so that you could do something to them, but that is not included now in the build, so you see them standing up and dropping down again.

      Source: Ed Boon stated it (even though I personally never saw that statement).

      • NyuBomber

        I also don’t recall any such statement, but I guess it’s something for what is otherwise a glaringly inelegant visual. Will wait and see.

      • Your probably right!
        In MK9 there’s a code called “no blood”. If enabled, there is obviously no blood, but it also turns off the ability to fatality. Another notable thing is that they stay down instead of getting back up like they do in Injustice.

  • I’m digging on Trigon showing up in her super, but other than that she reminds me a little too much of Ermac.¬†

    • RenaTurnip

      I actually thought that was really cool, too.

  • Cylith

    They really aren’t doing the women of this game justice when it comes to their faces. ¬†Its kind of¬†surprising¬†actually.¬†

    • DragonPick

      You had a perfect pun set up there and you dropped it :/

      • Cylith

        No I knew, just was hoping someone else would comment as the punchline.  

        • Louis Lam

          I thought you did it intentionally :

    • $16830266

      Yeah, it’s a real INJUSTICE, how bad they look.

      • DragonPick

        I am now happy

    • ¬†Yeah, all I could think the whole time was “Oh, Ermac got a sex change from the neck down.”

      • Razberryclownsac

        ahhh, so that’s what he looks like. He should put the mask back on…

    • I’ll amplify your pain

      “Sheeva Productions”

    • Legion

      How is it surprising? NRS are known for their abysmal face designs…. MK9 was no exception, need’s better animators/ character artists.

  • TG Misak

    I was really excited for Raven, but I’m not digging this interpretation of her at all.

  • That voice over…dear god …

  • Prodigious

    Ugh… That voice is soo bad…

  • Nicholas

    Beast Boy plz and thnx

  • Jordan Hoffman

    She’s got some cool moves. I guess it’s far fetched to hope that Zatanna will still be in it. I got a thing for magicians.

    • ¬†I can’t imagine not liking Zatanna way more than what I saw here.

  • She’s my last hope for buying this game, but I have mixed feelings about her, obviously her being a¬†telekinesis¬†type she plays like Ermac. Think I’ll just pass..

    • Ahmad Boulton

      ¬†Now I wonder when people say the most of these characters plays like someone from MK but they dont stop to think that Arc System Works, Capcom and others do exactly the same thing with their fighters. All of this is just recycled animations they have used and tweaked over the years.¬† Now NRS, that manface for women chars…… They do need to work on that BAD.

  • FLStyle

    A little less generic evil sorceress and a little more Teen Titans cartoon please. 

  • Justin Archer

    It wasn’t trash. Why are some people so blunt and rude as if they didn’t have a proper upbringing. You don’t have to like it but that does not mean it was trash.

  • Justin Richardson

    Comic Raven or not, this is still a bad design because she looks like she got an extra generous beating with the ugly stick. I have a bunch of the old and new Titans material and even at her worst, she’s never looked THIS bad.

  • $21192153

    ahhh I am so use to the teen titan Raven. Azarath Metrion Zinthos

    • Zachary K Sporn

      From the makers of Azarath and Metrion comes a new product guaranteed to darken your day: Zinthos. Zinthos is 100% guaranteed to remove all color from your vision, spring from you step, and smile in your face. Warning: Side effects may include depression, nightmares, daddy issues, and other-worldly demons attempting to kidnap you and kill all your friends. Zinthos, from the makers of Azarath and Metrion. 

  • what the fuck happened to her voice?

    and everything else?


  • CptPokerface

    As i’ve read, Raven sounds as she does because she is being controlled by Trigon, making her voice warped and demonic as a result. This isn’t Teen Titans people, nothing bright and colorful about this. Shit is gettin’ real.

    • Justin Richardson

      They dealt with Trigon on the show and in the comic books. She’s defeated him before, so why is she under his control now? It just makes her seem weak in my opinion. It’s like if they put in Superman, but attached a control device from Brainiac. You wouldn’t really feel like you were playing Superman, but a Superman puppet. It’s kinda lame when you look close enough. Don’t look too close though, you might get cut on that super sharp jawline they gave her.

      • Mr. X

        Is she under control of Trigon, her father, in New 52?

        • ¬†This is the only thing that would make it acceptable to me. Who wants to play as a superhero that’s already been beaten by their archenemy. If they did it just to explain her super, it was unnecessary.

      • CptPokerface

        I’m only going off of things i’ve read so who knows if it’s true or not. Trigon is a godly being, so they could come up with some crazy reason for him to make a comeback and take over Raven’s body. She looks decent to me, as far as her looks go, but I suppose they could have been much better.

        I don’t know, maybe I just like her moveset enough and it’s not really bugging me as much. I see your point, though.

      • Dion Johnson

        considering how the game is set in a universe where Superman is a violent ruler, I don’t think having a tweaked Raven that was possessed by her pops would be that out of place. also her super attack kind gives a hint that this is the case.

    • Kaihedgie

      Raven still looked much better than this in the comics. She didn’t need the cartoon to make her even remotely appealing

  • MasterBP

    But where’s Booster Gold?

  • Rothion

    Suddenly, I’m interested into this game.

  • Hotaka Saika

    Yeah, not liking the design.  Gameplay wise she reminds me of Ermac from the latest MK, slinging the opponent around due to telekinesis.

  • Maxim Cryseria

    What an ugly face.

  • GUYS! not all women have to be attractive! Why not a strong chinned woman for once? we have plenty of other eye candy in this game as it is

    • Disco-lemonade

      ¬†HA. No we don’t. Hawkwoman and Catwoman are the only two who don’t suffer heavily from NRS manface.

      • Trollolo You

        ¬†I would take Harley Quinn over Catwoman and Hawkgirl instantly. Harley Quinn looks sweet as hell. I’d hit that.

      • $16830266

        *drinks you*

    • Because Raven doesn’t look like that in the comics!¬† If she was a new design, I’d be with you, but Raven has had good facial structure for decades now.

  • Mr. X

    It’s a man, baby! Yeah!

  • sb

    Doesnt matter how the characters look you suck then you suck your good then your good they looking better to your taste isnt gonna make you play better and just because Raven has telekinesis thats means she is Ermac please stop if this EXACT game was made by Capcom then you would be comparing them to SF characters simple minded people lol

    • CptPokerface

      Not everything has to be about being able to play better, I can get where people are coming from, being used to Teen Titans Raven as well. Aesthetics still matter to a degree. And they’re movelists are obviously inspired by some MK characters in some small fashion, comparisons will be made. No need to come off like a complete jerk.

      • windsagio

        for me the point was to jab all the people that say looks don’t matter to them, really.

        The look and feel matter to *everyone*

  • I like her and all but… can we get an alt costume for her that’s also voiced by Tara Strong?¬†

    • captaincommerce

      No. Shut up.

      • ¬†No, you shut up.

        • Richard N


    • Amadeus Alexander

      Tara Strong is voicing someone else in the game already. Harley i think

  • I wish NRS would stop making their women’s faces so ugly for once.

  • Beb0p

    I know this isn’t the anime version but even looking at the older comic pictures this character looks kinda wack. First thing comes to mind is Disney’s Malevolent and X-Men’s Mystique which kinda sounds like X-Men’s Storm.

  • Quan Chi

    Kinda looks like Morgan Web from x-play

    • TempBast

       I thought Harley Quinn looks like Morgan Webb.

  • windsagio

    hey guys, it’s all about gameplay and aesthetic doesn’t matter! ¬†Right?


  • Joseph King

    Huh whats wrong with their faces? They look rather attractive, leaps and bounds better than MK9’s 3D models…

  • Johnson Nguyen

    I don’t know much about this game’s game mechanics: is the fact that the characters can survive from getting KOd for so long due to NRS needing to showcase the moves, or does this game incorporate Tatsunoko-level HP with Street Fighter damage?

    • windsagio

      not 100% sure, but I think they’re essentially combined rounds. ¬†You’re seeing 2 rounds worth of fighting.

  • Razberryclownsac

    I’ll probably end up buying this because I have a gift card, but I can’t help that feel I’ll get tired of it after a month or two. Then they’ll release the DLC, then a complete edition that has all the DLC for a price less than I payed for the original game. Decisions decisions…..

    • windsagio

      NRS isn’t capcom, they still haven’t released a ‘complete’ MK9. ¬†

      Altho’ I’d imagine the original is pretty cheap now ><

      • Amadeus Alexander

        They did, didn’t they? What was missing from Mortal Kombat Game Of The Year Edition?

        • windsagio

          me remembering it existed ūüėÄ

      • Kaihedgie

        They did, it’s called The Komplete Edition. They only added stuff for the Vita because, well, Sony.

      • Razberryclownsac

        They released MK The Komplete Edition. It comes with all the DLC and I think it’s $20 right now. My friend bought it a couple weeks ago

  • alexramos_1997


  • alexramos_1997

    ¬†Fast teleports, Telekenitic grabs, Pillars,Quick anti-airs, Stun moves, and a Badass super Raven is high tier, I am calling it ūüėÄ She’s like a mix between Dormmamu and Ermac.

    Why the hell would they put cartoon Raven in? Lmao this isn’t a kids game. Although I still think her design could of been better they went with Raven being a villain which is ok I guess… It’s certainly different haha. Either way , knowing Ed, He is probably going to give all the ladies a sexy oufit LOL. I’m sure she will have better alternates to her costumes and maybe her voice to fit those costumes as well.

    • Keon Misterr

      We don’t actually know if they’re using villain Raven or not. She’s on the heroes side, on the character select screen. But yeah I’m hoping for a more Teen Titian’s related alternate costume, with Tara’s voice. Call me a weaboo or whatever insult you people use, but I don’t read comics, and the cartoon is the only familiarity I have with the character.

  • ZigTheHunter

    huh, well its not the Raven I’m accustomed to, but its still Raven, I’m happy she’s in the game as she’s my favorite Titan.

  • Travis Lynn

    Viacom blocking?

  • Trevor Clarke

    Oh quit bitching and moaning about the voices like you pay attention to them. If it were capcom the voice overs would be almost Soul Calibur status (Ok maybe that’s a bit harsh)

    As for gameplay I’ll say that I definitely jizzed a little

  • ASnazzyNinja

    NOTHING will ever beat Teen Titans Raven (one voiced by the one and only Tara Strong)

  • Louis Lam

    Blocked in US :

  • Still not Question, still don’t care.