Final Round 16 Update – Team Ninja Sponsorship, Capcom’s Invitational Darkstalkers Resurrection Tournament, and More

By on March 14, 2013 at 1:15 pm

Shin Blanka has a few updates for us along with a warning. Online registration for Final Round 16 is only available until March 15th (which is tomorrow). If you haven’t registered yet, now is definitely the time to do so. CLICK HERE to head over to the Final Round main page to register for badges and games. Also, if you haven’t booked a room, you have even less time to catch the group rate special which can save you over $35 a night of the regular rate.

Here’s what Shin Blanka had to say:

“I would like to WELCOME TEAM NINJA to the FINAL ROUND family as our latest sponsor. I would like to personally thank Tom Lee for spearheading this effort for the DOA5 community as TEAM NINJA will be donating $5000 towards the top 8 qualifiers at FR16! There’s more exciting news coming for the hypest tournament in the MILKY WAY!!!! We would also like to announce that CAPCOM is throwing a special Darkstalkers Resurrection invitational event on Friday March 29, 2013 and will be providing DLC codes for their newest release over the live stream throughout the 3 day event and onsite for the people that are going to attend FR16.

We have been surprised with so many international players coming on their own efforts to compete at FR16. With confirmed players from Chile, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Israel, Poland, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Brazil and Canada, the competition is going to be extremely fierce. Let’s not forget Japan’s own “FRB|AO”, “FRB|Abegen” and “FRB|VX_Daunte”, Korea’s “Infiltration”, “Laugh” and “JDCR”, and the Australian 2012 SBO UMVC3 Qualifier and Shadowloo Showdown Top 8 Placer Anthony “Antman” Nguyen are all coming to the DIRTY SOUTH to make this year’s FINAL ROUND a true international event!

With all of the great USA players attending FINAL ROUND 16 GETS HYPER AND HYPER each day we get closer to the event! Are you going to miss this event live? I would hope not, but if you can’t attend then you better be watching the streams all three days at:
Stream #1
Stream #2
Stream #3
Two MK9 streams to be announced soon!

There’s only 2 days until online registration is closed for FINAL ROUND 16, so don’t miss out on saving money! Go to and register for your badge and games today! Also there’s only 12 hours until the FR16 group rate is closed. Don’t spend extra money when you don’t have too. ($113 per night with FR group rate compared to $150 per night without) Go to and get them before they are gone! I’ll see you guys in 2 weeks!”

Source: Shin Blanka