Vampire Resurrection Menus Launching at Capcom Bar and Karaoke Pasela

By on March 13, 2013 at 10:38 am

To coincide with the release of Vampire Resurrection in Japan, starting March 14, Karaoke Pasela and Capcom Bar are launching special collaboration menus. Each store will feature an original menu of Darkstalkers-themed food and drink. The menus will be available from March 14 to April 14, so check them out if you happen to be in the area.

Vampire Resurrection x Capcom Bar

  • Anakaris ~Ouke no Sabaki~ (Non-alcoholic) – 600 yen
    Monin Blue Curaçao + Pineapple juice + Eyeball ice
  • Bishamon ~Kyuuketsu Youtou [Kien]~ (Non-alcoholic) – 600 yen
    Monin Blue Curaçao + Monin Blueberry + Sword muddler
  • Morrigan ~Soul Fist~ (Alcoholic) – 750 yen
    Mangoyan + Tonic + Monin Blueberry + Light cubes
  • Victor ~Thunder Break~ (Alcoholic) – 750 yen
    Vodka + Monin Blue Curaçao + Wata Pachi + Light cubes
  • Bulleta ~Cool Hunting~ Milk – 550 yen
  • Lei-Lei ~Anki~ Chili Sauce – 600 yen
Vampire Resurrection x Karaoke Pasela

  • Felicia ~Hell Cat~ (Non-alcoholic) – 550 yen
  • Demitri ~Midnight Bliss~ (Alcoholic) – 700 yen
    Drink + Framboise sauce
  • Gallon ~Beast Cannon~ (Alcoholic) – 550 yen
  • Sasquatch ~Big Brunch~ Creme d’Anjou – 550 yen

Costumers who order from the Vampire Resurrection menu at Karaoke Pasela will also receive an original tin button badge.

Sources: Capcom Bar, Famitsu