Minor Bugs Found in Darkstalkers Resurrection, to Be Fixed in Future Update

By on March 13, 2013 at 8:24 am

While Vampire Resurrection is just launching this week, several minor issues in the title have recently come to the attention of Capcom. The games in the HD collection, Vampire Hunter (Night Warriors: Darkstalkers’ Revenge) and Vampire Savior (Darkstalkers 3), are based on specific arcade board versions. However, a few bugs have been found in both games that cause the Vampire Resurrection versions to differ from arcade. The bugs affect both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions.


Vampire Hunter

  • When Bishamon’s Hane Yaiba is blocked, he can still perform Tsuji Hayate and Kaeshi Yaiba.
  • During Aulbath’s (Rikuo’s) Water Jail on hit, Aqua Spread will connect.

Vampire Savior

  • The activation visuals for Dark Force differ from the original.
  • The BGM and flashing buttons for Lilith’s Gloomy Puppet Show are out of sync.
Board Versions
  • Vampire Hunter: Ver.950302
  • Vampire Savior: Ver.970519

In order to conform to the game balance of the above versions, an update correcting the bugs is planned.

NOTE: The following only applies to the disc version of Vampire Resurrection, which is only available in Japan.

In addition, a printing error has been found on the cover of the PlayStation 3 version of Vampire Resurrection. The back of the package states that at least 350MB of HDD space is required (installation mandatory) to play the title. The disc version cannot actually be installed, however, so the only actual space requirement is 2177KB for save data. Consumers seeking corrected covers will be able to swap by sending the original covers to Capcom. Fixed covers will be sent after April 1. For more information, check the  official Vampire Resurrection site.

Source: Vampire Resurrection official site

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  • tanjil

    lol people probably gonna start the capcom hate though every game these days comes out with bugs 

    • $35897352

       yes, cashcom fanboy, we are ready.

      • tanjil

         nah man just an unbiased ex video game QA tester who knows every game is released with bugs no matter who makes it. At least Capcom tries to fix what they missed. Have fun hating a company that does pretty much what every other video game company that you like does as well.

        • $35897352

          “At least Capcom tries to fix what they missed”… Typical fanboy.

          “every game is released with bugs”… Yes, but a bug that is discovered the first day of release? I don’t think so. Keep advocating cashcom wares.

          • tanjil

            Typical obnoxious hater. Nothing better to do but read articles about a company they dislike. I’m a fanboy for not being butthurt? People call non haters sheep, but really guys like you are the sheep. You just hate because it’s popular to hate Capcom, then you go calling other people fanboys.

            If I’m a Capcom fanboy I must also be a Namco, Tecmo, Arc System, Konami,… fanboy as well -_-

            Capcom does actually deserve praise, when they release an old game they added the online. We got that for guilty gear but with broken netcode =S Tekken Tag 1 didn’t bother, neither did Dragon ball Z Budokai 3

            I’m just a unbiased guy that knows Capcom games aren’t the only games with day 1 bugs. When you do QA by the end games are released with known bugs because the devs have a deadline and don’t consider some worth fixing and there are others that somehow got missed and shitty companies won’t even offer patches at times.

            I also no Capcom’s not the worst with DLC, they just got caught in one of the worst cases. Get a job as a tester, you’ll see many companies have complete DLC ready for day 1, month 1, month 3, etc. Because Capcom put that content on disc people got angry. So it would have been better of if they held on to that data until it was time for release and be like SURPRISE! Totally new DLC! If people want to be treated like idiots than that’s cool. I rather have the data be on disc then waste my bandwidth. Because planned DLC will be DLC no matter what. Try to understand business a bit.

            So if you’re gonna hate because of that then get ready to hate many other companies that you think are mister nice guy xD

          • $35897352

            “I’m a fanboy for not being butthurt?”…No, you’re a fanboy for writing shit like this: “At least Capcom tries to fix what they missed”.

            “People call non haters sheep, but really guys like you are the sheep.”… I never called you a sheep, but I guess that’s how you feel.

            “Capcom does actually deserve praise”… What a fanboy.

            “etc”… too long didn’t read. Sorry.

          • tanjil

            Good job in choosing not to read the rest. Trolls don’t like to hear logical arguments. Fanboy and sheep go hand in hand. So nothing Capcom does deserves praise? But I’m assuming you’re one of those guys who shouts a HALLELUJAH anytime Atlus, Arc System Works, or some other under appreciated company does anything. Gaming equivalent of a hipster, Cashcoms too mainstream

            I get the feeling that you did read everything I had to say and couldn’t come up with anything to say but troll, no point wasting time here

          • $35897352

            You again? Please stop trolling. No, I’m not a fanboy of arcsystems or atlus, I dont like arcsystem games and from atlus I like KOF XIII a lot but not persona 4. I dont care Cashcom is mainstream, it is not about that, it is about that they release an old game with bugs that you can play for free in internet without bugs and fanboys like you prefer keep silence for others to throw their money to Crapcom vaults. so please stop trolling and do something productive with your live instead of dick sucking Cashcom.

          • tanjil

            wow you almost kept the language clean, well nice effort anyways. It’s obvious that you’re biased just by your replies. You realize majority HD remakes that were released came out worse than the originals? And yea you can play for free by yourself, I suspect most people paid $15 so they can play online with other people.

            Anyways don’t bother replying. Not like I want you to change your opinion of capcom, just sad to see how illogical kids online are

          • $35897352

            You could play online for free also, but since cashcom (with the help from fanboys like you) decide to collect money without work they release a “new” game that is just the same old game but with really few accesories (like new bugs), then you can’t. So yeah thanks that greedy people. Ilogical kid?, please you’re the troll that defende cashcom at any cost. Again, dont be a dick sucker, stop trolling and do something productive with your life.

          • tanjil

            well let me know how you play it for free then? I’m curious. It must be convenient only reading or acknowledging what you want. It’s fine ignore the comments on HD remakes with no extras and which are worse than the originals without getting any fixes. Ignore the comment on how as a QA tester I know most companies do exactly what capcom does, just capcom was dumb enough to get caught. With that said if you hate cashcom, logically you should what gaming has become in general and by extension most publisher.

            Understanding business can help you sound like you’re older than 14. I’m not a fan boy. I don’t even buy Capcom games unless I think I’d want to play it. The last game I bought full price as UMvC3. I think what they did with the Asura’s Wrath ending DLC was theft. But whats it matter they’re a business and I’m a consumer. I won’t support them, I’ll just buy what I want and when I want. No matter the company. Learn what a fan boy is and the difference from being ripped off and blind hate.

            but yeah let me know how you’re playing the game for free because you’re just going to ignore the top paragraph because it’s inconvenient for you to acknowledge

          • $35897352

            “well let me know how you play it for free then?” … I can’t now because of the greedy cashcom and its fanboys like you, but you usually could play it through GGPO using an emulator like MAME. Now, please, I will not read that wall of text. Bye fanboy, keep hypying Crapcom and throwing your money to its vault. 😉

          • tanjil

            sure i’ll keep “hyping” capcom, since that’s what you genuinely think I’m doing, despite “not reading” anything I’ve said. Good day

          • $35897352

            Bye, fanboy

  • supersonicspear64

    At least the bugs aren’t really game breaking, for Vampire Savior.

    •  Yeah, only the NW bugs seem like a problem and anyone using Gloomy Puppet Show deserves what they get.

  • JasonWalraven

    March 13, 2013 Thank you very much for your patronage “Vampire Resurrection” is patronage. In “Vampire Resurrection”, but has become a content version of the game you have applied the following arcade board, I found that the behavior that is different from some board version has been recorded. Will be reported as follows.■ symptoms [Vampire Hunter] can also be guarding the “blade wings” on-Bishamon, issue the “blade return” or “Tsuji gale.” -Such as “Aqua Spread” in “Water jail hit” Rikuo ends up hit. [Vampire Savior] upon activation, production of “Dark Force” is different from the original version. • Unlike the behavior of the original BGM button and flashing at the time of “Gloomy Puppet Show” hit of Lilith, and will play out of alignment. ■ About Future Action Vampire Hunter: Ver.950302 Vampire Savior: Ver.970519 battle so as to have a balance that conforms to the substrate, we expected to be upgraded with various bug fixes. We’re sorry to bother you. Thank you Capcom and Vampire Resurrection future.

  • windsagio

    uh oh activation looks wrong?  

    Not arcade perfect!  Trash game!!!

  • Im more amazed they can even screw up something like this considering the games were already done in the first place.

  • emc

    the fact that they found these errors so fast is pretty good. I honestly don’t care, it’s not a brand new game, capcom realizes their mistake an will be fixed soon. Only problem is PSN/XBL are horrible when it comes to releasing patches quickly, I hate it so much.

  • Gethoff Mahfacebuk

    Odd bug on VS, for some reason the train stage BGM increases in volume by about three times from the rest of the game. The sound effects don’t increase with it, just the BGM. Only stage that does it.