Wakeup SRK Streaming Live – UMvC3 Team Composition with BT|Viscant

By on March 12, 2013 at 7:10 pm

Keits and skisonic are back with another installment of Wakeup SRK Live. Tonight, they will be welcoming Jay “Viscant” Snyder of Team BROKENTIER onto the program to discuss some of the big news of the past few weeks as well as team compositions in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, so be sure to tune in early to catch as much of the discussion as possible.

The stream will be live below, but you can also head on over to Twitch TV if you want to participate in the chat. Remember, tweets containing the hashtag #WSRK will be featured on the show, just keep it classy!

Watch live video from Keits Stream and WakeupSRK Live on www.twitch.tv

Source: Wakeup SRK

  • dfactory

    The community needs this podcast in mp3 format!

  • Viscant’s comedic timing is gold.  I could listen to him talk about virtually anything and never get bored. 

  • the mp3’s have been posted every Wednesday by me for the last 8 months. They’re in the forums http://forums.shoryuken.com/discussion/91831/wakeup-shoryuken-podcast-w-keits-and-skisonic-download-old-shows-here/p4


    Man, I haven’t played Mahvel in months, but I STILL love listening to Viscant as a guest — his analyzation techniques are PogChamp

  • emc

    it would have been great if he talked about the most efficient strange team. I’m seeing some god like tech with viper/strange/dante that I think is better than the nemo team.

  • Nate Thompson

    is this up yet in the forms?

  • Tekknight

    Without scouring the internet, how do I watch/listen to THIS episode? Often times I got to the page a viola, there’s an audio file there. But this time…

  • Lê Như Bảo

    Wow…I’m seeing some god like tech with viper/strange/dante that I think is better than the nemo team.Học tiếng anh online |dich vu chuyen nhamáy lọc nước kangaroo