Challenge Capcom Episode 2 – More Street Fighter x Tekken ver. 2013 Ranked Matches with Haunts and Combofiend

By on March 12, 2013 at 10:49 am

Capcom’s Haunts and Combofiend are back with another installment of their new Challenge Capcom series, which sees them head online to take on challengers in the company’s recent releases. Much like the first episode, this video details their ranked matches in Street Fighter x Tekken ver. 2013, so check this out if you missed the live broadcast to see how their continued adventure fares.

They will be streaming the next chapter of Challenge Capcom this Friday at 4 PM PDT, 7 PM PDT through the official Capcom Fighters Twitch channel. The focus is planned to shift from SFxTK 2013 to Darkstalkers Resurrection, but will presumably remain on PlayStation Network. Make sure to send them your challenges during the broadcast to try out the game’s netcode and see how you fare against the duo.

Source: Capcom