Injustice: Gods Among Us Battle Arena Quarter-Finals – Batman vs. Wonder Woman, Flash vs. Joker, Aquaman vs. Green Lantern, Green Arrow vs. Superman

By on March 11, 2013 at 12:09 pm

After taking a week off, the Injustice: Gods Among Us Battle Arena returns with the matches from the quarter-finals portion of their tournament bracket: Batman vs. Wonder Woman, Flash vs. Joker, Aquaman vs. Green Lantern, and Green Arrow vs. Superman. As always, host Taryn Southern lays out the match-ups before heading out to gather the opinions of fans. You’ll also find other promotional videos below that feature returning personalities Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes, as well as new faces like voice actor Steven Blum and comics industry legend Stan Lee.

Make sure to visit the official Injustice Battle Arena website and vote on who you think would win. We’ll update you later this week with the results videos, which should feature even more gameplay of the fighters involved. Stay tuned!

Source: Injustice Battle Arena

  • Jonathan Tavizon

    omg watch the stan lee one. poor guy

  • Andre Felix

    stan lee is a hilarious guy

  • Ryan Harris

    Gonna go down between Batman and the Joker. If it comes down to popularity which is the purpose its gonna be the Joker that takes it, or so I think.

  • DragonPick

    Stan the Man has spoken!

  • Michael Tarantella

    Stan Lee is a mean mother fucker lol

  • Davey J.

    Wonder Woman bodies Batman for FREE. Anyone who says otherwise is letting their fanboyism cloud their rational judgement.

    • Makkiworth

      JLA: Tower of Babel, look it up. It’s been pretty much established that Batman is super paranoid about everything and has thought up ways to kill/subdue every member of the Justice League, including Wonder Woman.

      • windsagio

        which is still a justification, the writers know who their cash cow is.

        • Makkiworth

          The book came out in 2000, before the Nolan Batman boom, so yeah… Anyways, it’s canon, set in stone, cannot be denied that Batman has and can defeat superpowered creatures whom would crush him like a fly in a straight up fight. Batman/Bruce Wayne is the most intelligent human in the DC universe besides Lex Luthor. Considering that Lex has been a thorn on Superman’s side for decades without superpowers, it is logically feasible in this universe that if Batman were to face Wonder Woman, he would have enough setups to finish the fight before it even started.

          Another interesting note is that Batman also killed Darkseid in Final Crisis, who is infinitely more powerful than Wonder Woman.

        • windsagio

          did you just say you think Batman wasn’t absurdly popular before the Nolan films?


          He has a lot going of for him sure, but his real power is the most badass suit of Plot-armor since the Iliad… and it’s been that way for decades

          • Makkiworth

            Must be fun to twist words around to come to your own conclusions. What you’ve said was “the writers know who their cash cow is” in response to a comic book released in 2000, and I have simply pointed out that Batman as a franchise hasn’t even reached the height of its popularity yet. Besides, between the Batman and Robin and Batman Begins movies, Batman as a franchise during that period was in remission. Also, let us not forget that the comic book industry was in poor state by the end of the 90s. Whatever stories developed in comics, especially in that period, were sincere explorations of these characters (Mark Waid does great work), not the soulless attempts at writing with the promise that they as writers were earning dem nonexistent Batman dollar bills. 

            Also, I find it silly that you are complaining about plot armor in superhero comics, a genre that basically embraced plot armor as a point of interest for their protagonists. Does it makes sense to make Superman so powerful that he can drag planets and survive a supernova, or make Flash so fast that he can create a punch with so much mass that it mimics the density of a White Dwarf? Hell no, and that is why people enjoy reading comics! I would think people such as yourself could suspend their disbelief long before gazing upon that first splash page in the latest issue of whatever. I guess I was wrong.

            With all that said, I believe the main debate was “Can Batman defeat Wonder Woman?”, to which the answer is yes because it happened and it is canon. Fume as much as you want, but I think it needs to be restated; It happened. If you do not like it, I suggest applying for the main editor position at DC comics. Surely you will solve the very serious issue of comic book superheroes working outside the realm of reality.

          • windsagio

            Batman has been their most valuable media property since at least the 60s.

            That all as an aside, my point was this : 

            Aside from the preferential treatment he tends to get, there’s no way Batman could beat WW, especially the present one.  That being said, there’s also no chance in hell he’s losing the upcoming poll.

            There’s a trick to this, and it’s as follows.  You can’t quote chapter and verse for Superhero fights, because there’s always some example somewhere of some crazy ass thing happening and somebody winning where they shouldn’t (the notorious choking out SIlver Surfer incident, for instance).

            Instead what you do is look at the characters presented tools, powers, and weaknesses.

            The batman tower of babel one is especially weak, because even if he has perfect countermeasures for every hero, there’s no way in hell he’s carrying most of them around at any one time.

            I’ll be generous and say Bats would have a fighting chance given a 6 month warning and a specific place and time for it to go down.

          • Makkiworth

            Yeah, no. Batman’s reign didn’t come until Tim Burton Batman movie in the late 80s. Maybe in the 60s with the Adam West Batmans, but Reeve’s Superman movies in the 70s and 80s kept the popularity between the two even, at times favoring Superman. Either way, nice job ignoring the main argument, namely to say that writers were constructing arcs based on a perceived popularity in 2000 is beyond foolish.

            I find it funny that there is a debate on something that happened. Like, there is actually someone debating comic book characters that is excluding what happened in the very same comic books that these characters inhabit! You see, you can and should quote chapter and verse when proving something since that is how you do research, a tip I’ve learned at school. If Batman did X in Y issue of Detective Comics, it is proof that Batman is capable of doing X. Just because you do not agree with Batman being capable of doing X doesn’t diminish the existence of said instance. Since it has been established that Batman is paranoid enough to have countermeasures for the entire Justice League, and said countermeasures have worked, the logical conclusion based on the rules set forth by the DC universe is that Batman is capable of defeating superpowered beings in the Justice League. To state that it would be generous if Batman had a six month warning is misinterpreting him as a character; He had been planning for her the moment he saw that Amazonian Gods existed in the first place. Don’t like it? Take it up with DC comics and their writers.

            Now be a good chap and lets be done with this “debate.” I fear that you are being reduced to that kid who says “NUH UH!” whenever confronted with facts. We don’t want  that.

          • Maurits d’Anjou

             Makkiworth: Batman was everywhere in the 60’s, the Adam West show was huge. The movie that came out of the series was THE media event of the year. Its hard to compare since the internet distorted the way news spreads but I think Batman was bigger then than with the Nolan films now.

            But, if you’re going to quote comic books I suggest you look up the League of One where Diana straight up beats Batman… And the rest of the justice league while whe was at it. Give that girl a reason to go full throttle and she’ll win.

          • suproman

            @Maurits d’Anjou: Even so, all that would prove is that they are both capable of beating each other. This is exactly why quoting comics is pointless unless clearly defined.

          • windsagio

            Makki, wat?

            Times Batman was big:
            Mass culture: 60s: original show and movie
            Comics: 80s+ Dark Knight Returns and other extremely well thought of stories
            Mass Culture: 89+ Burton movie and the ’90s cartoon (both of which were freaking huge)

            Honestly I don’t even know what you’re arguing at this point.

            In a straight up fight, leaving all fan considerations aside, Batman would lose to almost all of the characters left in the bracket (he’d beat… joker? and joker winning was a travesty as it is.  Oh and I’ll give you GA.  Poor, poor GA.)

            Gotta leave the fan thinking out of it.

      • Adam I.

        Tower of Babel had nothing to do with a straight-up 1v1 fight scenario though with WW though. He doesn’t kill Darkseid either, he wounds him using a special bullet of some sort (can’t remember the specifics) Supes finished him off.

        …that being said, if it is up to sheer popularity, then yeah it’s no contest. Batman would win.

    • Agreed 100%

  • RomanceHD

    Lets call it like it is, it should be Flash and Superman in the finals, major PIS & CIS if Batman ends up being in the fiansl. Nothing against him, but most of these matches being just random encounters means Batman loses. But because it’s a popularity contest than I wont be surprised if Batman and Superman are in the finals. If they’re looking for exposure then Batman and Superman practically have to be in the finals, not to mention the Dark Knight Returns in which the two fought in that movie with Batman beating Superman before he “died” 

    • shotofighter4

      The fact that you named Dark Knight Returns as a movie and not one of the most groundbreaking graphic novels of all time renders your opinion of anything DC Comics related irrelevant.

      • Cellsai

         ..wait, how is his opinion invalidated by mentioning the movie? The same thing happens in the comic :/ How can quoting something more recent that has the exact same table of evidence invalidate his opinion?

        That’s like saying “Man, I loved eating cereal this morning with a spoon!” “Pfft, you ate cereal with a spoon yesterday too. Your opinion clearly doesn’t matter”.

  • hmm well doesn’t batman always carry a piece of kryptonite in his utility belt and what other use would that have other than to kill or harm superman? so is it that far a of leap that he would atleast have some idea how to fight or kill the other members of the JL? anyways stan lee is amazingly funny tho and i know where spiderman got his sharp tongue and smartass remarks from now

  • Yakoshi

    Am I the only one who couldn’t help but hear Deadpool every time Nolan North cracked a joke? God bless ‘im.

  • Legion

    Batman beats everyone in DC… The guy is fucking crazy and as the babel saga illustrates, he has a plan for nearly every outcome including the need to take out his super-powered kindred. which he has…. fact.

    lol stan lee is such a dick…

    • suproman

      Well The Presence is THE god of the DC Multiverse, is all knowing and beyond all knowledge and intellect, all powerful beyond all known abilities, and is Omniversal. You also have your Man of Miracles. I can’t see Batman beating those without the most bullshit hack script ever imagined. So yeah I guess Batman really does beat everyone in the DC universe. God bless comic book imagination 

      • Snow Loss

        Batgod is nothing BUT plot armor, “prep time”, and heaping helping stacks on stacks on stacks of bullshit.

        People can site all the one offs, elseworlds, what-ifs, stand alone’s, etc you want, but the simple “fact” here is that in a straight up brawl randomly off the street Batman is going to get his ass handed to him by the likes of Wonder Woman, The Flash, and Superman (which by the way every, Superman has more “official canon” wins on his belt in that matchup as does Wonder Woman), and a whole bunch more. And keep in mind those meta humans are “unchained” now meaning they will have no hesitation in killing Bruce. Their “Purity” as he called it was one of his few saving graces he had in a fight with them.