Hold Back to Block’s Interviews from Winter Brawl 7 feat. MarkMan, EG|Justin Wong, Team AGE, BRKRDV, and More

By on March 11, 2013 at 2:16 pm

In addition to partnering with Team Spooky to provide footage of the tournament, Hold Back to Block’s visit to Winter Brawl 7 was also spent producing another set of fantastic interviews with a number of notable attendees. Below, you’ll find the entire playlist, which includes a discussion with MarkMan about Mad Catz Unveiled and the importance of community, Evil Geniuses’ Justin Wong’s thoughts on winning Super Battle Opera, a bit of back and forth with the members of PDP’s AfterGlow Elite, west coast competitor and second-place Persona 4 Arena finisher BRKRDV’s opinion of Teddie, and much more.

Source: Hold Back to Block