Vampire Sequel Possible Depending on Vampire Resurrection’s Sales, According to Capcom

By on March 6, 2013 at 9:06 pm

Recently, Capcom held a press-related event for its upcoming titles, Capcom Arcade Cabinet and Vampire Resurrection (Darkstalkers Resurrection outside of Japan) at its Tokyo branch office. Producer Tomoaki Ayano was present to talk about Vampire Resurrection, the high-definition compilation of the two arcade classics Vampire Hunter and Vampire Savior.

Vampire Resurrection features two visual filters, smooth and crisp. The game also has a number of view types: Normal, Wide, Full, Arcade Cabinet, Retro, and Over-the-Shoulder. These view types can be changed at anytime within the game. Ayano’s personal favorite is the over-the-shoulder view, as it offers a similar feel to watching an actual match at an arcade.

To allow players from beginner to expert to enjoy the game, Resurrection features a tutorial for practicing battle techniques. This is broken into separate menus in Hunter and Savior for the characters. Each character has 5 chapters for a total of 145. Regarding online play, matchmaking can be customized by region, ranking and ping to find the proper player skill and connection strength. The title uses the adjustable GGPO system for processing input latency.

Ayano then explained how thoroughly Resurrection recreates the arcade versions. Capcom used actual arcade machines, high-speed cameras and CRT monitors to test the lag of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions in various situations. Hunter and Savior both replicate the arcade board versions currently used in arcade tournaments. Based on both hardware and software, the replication is very close to the technical limit, according to Ayano.

When asked about releasing a download version of Vampire Resurrection in Japan, as the title is being made available in other territories, Ayano responded that it is under consideration for Japan. In regards to releasing a Vampire compilation for all five titles in the series, Ayano explained that Capcom chose the especially popular titles for Resurrection. With five games, the user base is split into five parts, and with some choosing to play the arcade versions, the audience is split further. In order to prevent the fragmentation for matchmaking, Capcom went with two titles.

Continuing, Ayano stated that if the response to Resurrection is extremely positive, conversions of the original game, Savior 2 and Hunter 2 aren’t out of the question. Moreover, Capcom thinks with a positive response the number of voices crying “We want a new game!” might increase. This is also dependent on Resurrection’s sales.

Source: GAME Watch via Furious_blog