Vampire Sequel Possible Depending on Vampire Resurrection’s Sales, According to Capcom

By on March 6, 2013 at 9:06 pm

Recently, Capcom held a press-related event for its upcoming titles, Capcom Arcade Cabinet and Vampire Resurrection (Darkstalkers Resurrection outside of Japan) at its Tokyo branch office. Producer Tomoaki Ayano was present to talk about Vampire Resurrection, the high-definition compilation of the two arcade classics Vampire Hunter and Vampire Savior.

Vampire Resurrection features two visual filters, smooth and crisp. The game also has a number of view types: Normal, Wide, Full, Arcade Cabinet, Retro, and Over-the-Shoulder. These view types can be changed at anytime within the game. Ayano’s personal favorite is the over-the-shoulder view, as it offers a similar feel to watching an actual match at an arcade.

To allow players from beginner to expert to enjoy the game, Resurrection features a tutorial for practicing battle techniques. This is broken into separate menus in Hunter and Savior for the characters. Each character has 5 chapters for a total of 145. Regarding online play, matchmaking can be customized by region, ranking and ping to find the proper player skill and connection strength. The title uses the adjustable GGPO system for processing input latency.

Ayano then explained how thoroughly Resurrection recreates the arcade versions. Capcom used actual arcade machines, high-speed cameras and CRT monitors to test the lag of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions in various situations. Hunter and Savior both replicate the arcade board versions currently used in arcade tournaments. Based on both hardware and software, the replication is very close to the technical limit, according to Ayano.

When asked about releasing a download version of Vampire Resurrection in Japan, as the title is being made available in other territories, Ayano responded that it is under consideration for Japan. In regards to releasing a Vampire compilation for all five titles in the series, Ayano explained that Capcom chose the especially popular titles for Resurrection. With five games, the user base is split into five parts, and with some choosing to play the arcade versions, the audience is split further. In order to prevent the fragmentation for matchmaking, Capcom went with two titles.

Continuing, Ayano stated that if the response to Resurrection is extremely positive, conversions of the original game, Savior 2 and Hunter 2 aren’t out of the question. Moreover, Capcom thinks with a positive response the number of voices crying “We want a new game!” might increase. This is also dependent on Resurrection’s sales.

Source: GAME Watch via Furious_blog

  • Louis Lam

    Everybody buy 20 copies.

    • Even if the FGC was big enough for that strategy to work, why would you want to reward this kind of marketing?  If they make Darkstalkers 4, and it’s good, then I’ll buy it. If they want anything more than that, they’re idiots.

      • $18011339

        I think you have a really narrow mind about business.

        •  If you want to buy 20 copies of Darkstalkers Resurrection, be my guest.  I’m just saying that people should buy games because they’re good games.  If you buy a game hoping they’ll make another game (without any reason to believe that game will be well-made), I’d call that a shitty investment.

          • ButtPlugs

            But Darkstalkers 3 is an amazing game. 

          • An amazing game that I already bought years ago and don’t plan on buying again. If they wanna make DS4, just do it and let your games quality sell the game instead of depending on oldschool fans. Give us a decent amount of content for once in your company history, and maybe then I’ll be interested in your game.

          • NYC_FacePlate


          • In order to prevent the fragmentation for matchmaking, Capcom went with two titles.

          • yuoma

            they’ve done this with all their new fighting games: sfHD before sf4; MvC2 before MvC3; 3rd strike before SFxT. Capcom would be stupid to move away from such a profitable formula. and we’re this much closer to a new DS. 

        • ButtPlugs

          as for the rest who ‘liked’ it

          •  Buying an extra 19 copies won’t make you enjoy that much more.

          • JasinWalraven

            19 awesome Christmas gifts

        • KubikiriTurkojin

          but you dont know shit about business, what gives you any right to open that shitpool you call a mouth? 

      • Grimbear13

         There aren’t many other ways to get an honest idea of how much interest is in a franchise.  I don’t wholely support this idea because maybe you didn’t like THIS particular version of the game but liked the others.  But you can put up a petition and ppl will sign it 10x or maybe half the people who sign don’t actually buy the game.  From this perspective you will know that you have xx number of people who are at least interested enough in the franchise to spend money on it.  I know it seems like a shady deal, especially given past situations like this (Megaman Legend 3 demo will dictate if the game will be made and then gets killed before demo) that CAPCOM have done were less than elegant but unless you have another solution I can’t really denounce this.

      • Emezie Okorafor

        If people don’t buy Resurrection, why the hell would Capcom release a new Darkstalkers game?  How is that an “idiotic” expectation from Capcom for people to support the franchise they supposedly WANT SO BAD?

        The word of the FGC means jack $#it.  You guys claimed TTT2 would be the end all be all, talked it up for months, Based Harada, DLC done right, etc, etc.  Game came out and BLAH.  Where you at?

        Same with Persona 4, Skullgirls, KOF13…you guys talk big, then YOU DON’T SUPPORT THE GAMES WHEN THEY COME OUT.

        “OMG KOF at EVO2012 was SOOOOOOOOOO hype!”

        Do you play the damn game?

        “Uhhh…no.  But, it’s hype to watch!”

        So, yeah.  Capcom has the right idea.  Put your money where your mouth is.

        You want a franchise to be supported?  Then support the franchise.

        • So let me get this straight: if I don’t feel like buying a dated fighter FROM THE 90’S, that is equated with “I don’t care about Darkstalkers”?

          That is clearly a red herring and horrible way to gauge fan demand.  This is NOT gauging fan demand, this is squeezing extra copies out of consumers by making false promises.  We’ve seen this song and dance before, and we know how it ends

          • NYC_FacePlate

             Pretty much what they are trying to tell you is that you are entitled to whatever capcom puts out. Because they feel capcom can do no wrong.

        • Legion

          Actually I’m still there TTT2 is the best fighting game in the history of the genre IMO. 
          Unfortunately the FGC is pretty faceplam awful at this point.. actually let me correct this, the video game community in general.

          It’s not TTT2 fault people flock to awful games.

        • Seriphx

           bought all of those other than KoF, never been a fan of that series.

      • chipsndips

        I’ma help you out here:

        1) He’s joking. He’s not REALLY telling everyone to buy 20 copies (I hope).

        2) It’s called “We need to make a quality game, but we have to test demand first”. If people don’t want Dark Stalkers, then why make a new game after all this time? They can save the money and make something people would actually want. That’s why they made this rerelease. If not enough people buy it, then what’s the point in making a new game, in which they’ll have to put in MUCH more money and effort?

        It’s not bad. It’s different. If anything, it’s actually really smart, so that they don’t waste money on a AAA product that no one wants to buy.

        • There’s a difference between gauging sells and blatantly advertising that “if our product sells well, we’ll THINK about making the game you’ve been requesting for years.”

          I’m not against measuring fan demand, and if you read my post, you’d know that.

          • chipsndips

            What else can ya do? Make a shitty, half-assed new DS game, then everyone gets mad? Capcom goes in as much as they can when they make fighting games. Huge rosters, new mechanics almost every time, so on and so forth. Now, how successful this works out varies from awesome (SF4) to omg wut (SFXTKN initial release). Still, as much as this might not be the ONLY way to gauge interest in a franchise, I can’t be mad at them for trying it. At least they’re being honest with the fans and “fans” alike.

      • Bijyu

        capcom says if the game does well they could make a sequel. fans go boo evil capcom.

        Skull girls says we will only release DLC if you give us a quarter of a million $ and the community throws money at them. 

        I for one will be buying the game twice. Once on my xbox and once on my ps3. Simply because I love the game. 

        • Smang


    • Joseph King

      Its just a marketing ploy. 

      • Emezie Okorafor

        Video games are a marketing ploy.


        •  everything is a marketing ploy to those who only give a shit about business and not supplying good products

    • TheAquacharger

      Look I’d buy it if it came out on Wii U.

      • Andjelo Makovic

        hey guys, we have a nintendo user here !!! hahahahaa

        • TheAquacharger


          • Masyws

            and …. ahahahahaahah

          • sb

            and more …. ahahahahaahah Nintendo lol

          • KubikiriTurkojin

            the company that hasnt made a good console since the snes, why wouldnt you be laughed at? 

          • Glenn Vaughn


          • chipsndips

            There’s the stupid post of the day I needed.

          • venomryu

            i see you have not played tatsunoko vs capcom

    • sb

      Darkstalkers 4 is already being made sense over a year now their just using this to sell Darkstalkers Resurrection no need to buy that many 1 would be enough

      • Rahavic

        If it isn’t bein made already then it won’t be on this gen console. In which case we won’t see it till 2014 the earliest.

      • Emezie Okorafor

        Because games never get cancelled mid development, right?

        Megaman says hi…

    • Piccoro

       Well, I don’t have the cash for 20 copies, but I’m saving up right now to buy at least one. Pretty hard endeavor in a month where so many AAA’s are coming out, but I just gotta have this game.

    • Phil Wright

       So the hope of getting a brand new game is dependent upon the success of a cheap port with “HD” sprites? Yeah that doesn’t really make any sense.

      • JasinWalraven

        A very common and good way to fund a project. By having a track record of sales (we sold X amount of copies of the old Darkstalkers) That show the investment brokers there is a market for the game and they will get funding at a lower rate.

    • Joel Anderson

       I’ll buy it for ps3 and vita if ythey ever pull thier heads outta their asses and decide to make more vita games. If they won’t…oh, well, screw them. Psp Vampire Chronicles works just fine on vita.

    • Setsu Oh

       if only all the people who bought alien cm  had spent 60 bucks in psn xbla just to buy as many ds r copies as possible….

  • elreins

    Dead on!

  • windsagio

    Capcom loves to throw out that line, don’t they.

    Non-promises about ‘if you buy a WHOLE BUNCH OF THIS ONE maybe we’ll make a sequel!’

    Nice and non-bindingly put as well.

  • Trollolo You

    I hate Cashcom so much. 

  • Vector_C

    Not the first time I’ve heard something like that. GG, Capcom.

  • NYC_FacePlate

    After Sf4/mvc3/sfxTekken series, Capcom is dead to me.

    • sb

      Whatever helps you sleep at night we believe you

      • $35897352

         shut up capcom fanboy

        • Glenn Vaughn

          umvc3 and street fighter are horrible games.
          I’d rather have cancer than play them.

          • BlackThoughts

            That can be arranged!

          • JasinWalraven

            Cancer isn’t funny, Glenn

          • chipsndips

            I got a dude at my college that sounds just like this. He talks big when he can, but then he submits to playing SF games if he can get a free match. He’s pretty free though. It’s funny. 🙂

      • NYC_FacePlate

        Note: I own none of their titles from this new gen. Sorry, I’m not none of these morons that say fuck capcom, then buy/play their shitting games afterwards. If more people had some fucking balls and put their foot down instead of thinking they are entitle to fucking with games they hate……capcom would have no other choice but to make something relevant or gtfo, which I’,m okay with.

        • $35897352

          Exactly this.

        • Louis Lam

          How do you know you don’t like a game if you don’t play?

          A person who buys and complains makes ten times more sense than a shit talker whose done nothing but watch streams.

          • NYC_FacePlate

            It’s called renting and/or trying it out at a friends house. Gave it a shot, and got shit in return. So yea.

            “A person who buys and complains makes ten times more sense than a shit talker whose done nothing but watch streams.”

            ^ no, that person is retarded. And no I dont watch streams.

            edit: wait, your first post at the very top says “Everybody buy 20 copies.”

            ^ I rest my case.

    • JasinWalraven

      tttttttttttrrrrrooooooollllllllllll on troll

      • NYC_FacePlate

        damn, I have to give it to capcom. Their fanboys would die for their company. If someone say capcom suck, that person has to be trolling. Well, played capcom. You have some die hard dicksucking bitches.

        Whats sad is capcom can releasing a stick character with 1 button move, with no vs mode just 1 player, and that game is just based around watching that character do that one punch. Slap a 39.99 price tag on it. And the fanboys will still buy and/or defends capcom honor.

        Well, played capcom, Well, played,

        • $35897352

           Exactly, cashcom fanboys are the worst.

  • just6822

    Megaman Legends 3.

  • $17468069

    Damn, I thought they were already working on a sequel.

    • Ian Kirk

       who says they aren’t?

    • Grimbear13

       More than likely they are, but they don’t want to go public with it until after they get these numbers.  The last time they went public with a game that wasn’t fully approved was a disaster (Megaman Legend 3).

  • Jake Long

    So a business is trying to decide whether or not to make a certain product, and they’re basing that decision on whether there’s a significant demand for that product?


    • Joseph King

      The demand for DS4 has nothing to do with DSR.

      • TheAquacharger

        It’s solid numbers. You can use sales from DSR to project sales for DS4. If DSR sells 100 copies they know DS isn’t going to do well. However if they sell 50k copies then they know DS4 will get atleast 50k.

        •  because a completely independent rerelease = big major AAA project right?

          Nah, not really, it’s not an accurate gauge whatsoever

          • TheAquacharger

            It’s not the most accurate gauge they can do, but it’s somewhat all they can do. You can look at the NMH PS3 /360 port which hundreds of thousands of people signed a petition to buy the game if it came out on PS3/360 then when it did it flopped hard. This way just lets them know their “100%” guarantee. Like I said. If DSR sells 100 copies they “know” DS4 will sell atleast 100 where as if it sells 50k they “know” it’ll sell 50k.

          • $35897352

             Wrong all they know is that DSR sells 50k copies. They can not say shit about DS4.

          • Phil Wright

             It stands to reason that you can’t possibly base any logical numbers from a port of 10+year old games with the promotion and development of an enormous, expensive, top line title. If they ARE using the sales of DSR to gauge whether or not they should do DS4, then they are stupid and they already shouldn’t be doing DS4.

          • TheAquacharger

            That’s why I put “know” in quotes. It’s just how every company gauges interest. Like if they make a movie about a book and the book sells 1mil copies. They “know” the movie will sell 1mil tickets.

          • They might as well do nothing then.

            The sales of DSR isn’t going to tell them shit besides how good of a job Iron Galaxy did in porting the games.

            Keep in mind we literally have no reason to take what they say at face value either.

          • TheAquacharger

            You’re right. I’m sure the only way we’ll get DS4 is if the PS1 port on PSN or this one sells extreme ammounts. This is just them basically admitting what they were going to do no matter what to try to drum up extra sales for a game that’ll never meet their high sales expectations. Then they could put the blame on the fans when it doesn’t sell well. Which even if they didn’t announce this was their plan anyways. It’s what they did with MML3.

          • JasinWalraven

            very accurate gauge  and they can track what markets are buying the game so they can send more copies to that area. If Flint MI buys 2 downloads and  Columbus OH area sells 500 downloads, you send more copies to Columbus

        • $35897352

           Wrong. If they sell 50k copies of DSR then that’s all. Just look at SxT, that shitty game that sell nothing.

          • Joseph King

            What does SFxT have to do with anything?

          • chipsndips

            It sold a good amount tbh, plus dlc…

      • Grimbear13

         It does in the sense that they’re the same franchise.  It’s not going to be a direct correlation, however if you sell 50k copies of DSR you know there are 50k eyes looking at DS4 with interest.  No guarantee they’ll buy, but you can figure there is at least that much interest.

        • Joseph King

          Its just a ploy to sell more copies of DSR lol.

          • TheAquacharger

            with the way they’re announcing it, yes. But they would’ve done it anyways. It’s how most games are determined if they get a sequel or not.

          • Grimbear13

            I don’t disagree…I’m just trying to put out a plausible thought process on how the correlation could be made.

      • Emezie Okorafor

        Umm…yeah it does.

        “We want a new Darkstalkers game!”

        Did you buy the old ones?


        Then I don’t believe you.

      • chipsndips

        You’re an idiot if you think that…

        •  Why would anyone think that one product is an accurate gauge for a completely different project on a completely different scale

          • chipsndips

            It isn’t completely different, that’s why. It’s a brand. It’s an IP. It’s a set of characters in a set fictional time/place. This is their way of making sure people want Dark Stalkers AT ALL. I’m not saying it’s accurate. I’m just saying there’s at least some correlation.

            Edit: The guy that responded to this is a total idiot that can’t read.

          • TheAquacharger

            yeah it’s not like saying “Oh you want DS4? Then buy the new DmC. We’ll gauge DS4 interest based on DmC”.

    • Know_the_ledge

      I wonder what made them decide to make a SF4?

      • sb

        Ono then releasing it in arcades first

        • Wil Hart

          …What… How does an arcade release of a game that hasn’t been made yet determine whether or not to make the game. 

      • chipsndips

        Ono begged A LOT.

  • I find this to be a very questionable gauge for demand of a sequel IMO.

    I feel like they’re either doing it or not at this point. With how much they’ve been talking about it plus the teaser trailers, they’re doing it.

    How about instead of throwing out a bunch of empty shit that they give us a goddamn reason for us to trust them on anything?

  • BeholdMyPower

    I’ll be picking this up regardless as I’ve always enjoyed watching VSav gameplay. However, basing a new DS on the success of this seems silly. The FGC isn’t huge, and even then we’re fragmented all over the place. It’s an understatement to say that not everyone will be buying this.

  • Alirio Mendez

     Another reason to fill Capcom’s wallets.

  • Ian Kirk

    While I get the “logic” (if you can call it back) behind gauging interest as they are, this is a VERY poor way to go about it. #1 Marketing, has anyone else seen this place marketed ANYWHERE in the real world? I mean billboards, posters, magazine and comic book ads, commercials… anything at all? cause I haven’t… without proper marketing few will know of the games existence (for those millions of gamers that do NOT check PSN/XBL on every update day.) #2 Trophies/Achievements, online play, and “HD” visuals aside, why the hell would the masses looking for an UPDATE to the series be expected to gladly go back and purchase ports of games that are essentially 2 generations old? (PS1 era) How the hell do the sales numbers of a game made in 1997 (DS3) a full 16 years after release reflect, in any meaningful way, the demands for a BRAND NEW game in the series? Correct me if I’m wrong but DS never attained the success of SF and I’m pretty sure HDR did not sell NEAR as much as SFIV. (including super & AE) Imho what they should do if they wanna conduct meaningful market research is show the trailers more and check the hits on youtube (currently at 123k from an off-screen vid at nycc) and gauge reaction… but also, the game has NOT been shown at major events that most ppl watch… the VGAs would have been good, as would E3 or GDC… but since the game is due out next week there is really no time to build any sort of anticipation for it… So, those 2 pts listed, in conjunction with Ono’s desire and the presented trailer, I’d say we can make a pretty safe bet that the game is underway despite what they may have presented here.

    • JELIFISH19

      MvC2, SF2HF, and SSF2THRD are in the top 60 best-selling games XBLA games of all time. The games being old didn’t stop people from buying those games. Many even bought SF2 twice. That seems like a pretty good gauge of interest to me.

    • If you dont like it dont buy it, simple as that 

  • Langdon Herrick

    They’re already working on DS4 and it’s going to be on PS4/Nextbox. If I am wrong I will eat my hat, which is actually made out of cake. So I’m good either way.

  • I’ve played and bought copies of these games before, I never want to buy them again, even with a fresh coat of paint. I want a new darkstalkers with new content and characters, terrible bait on the part of capcom. I had to buy all of my umvc3 dlc twice, i dont mind supporting new games but at some point, the message will be sent and heard.

  • Austin Davoren

    Yo, fuck you, Capcom.

    Either it sells okay and you release the new game because you’re already working on it, or it sells well and you give me sprites.
    This series deserves sprites,

  • Yperion10000BC

    Show us some love and appreciation for all these years of loyal and continuous support and then we can talk about sales…

  • martin rush

    ohh you, capcom.

  • Hayama_Akito

    I am probably the only one here who doesn’t want AT ALL a new Darkstalkers with polygons… Darkstalkers and the sequels are one of the most beautiful bitmap series ever created by Capcom with Third Strike, but oh well.

    • After watching last night Lab Zero stream doing animation live, I
      understand why capcom will never release a real 2d fighter anymore. 

      • $35897352

         Yes, they are lazy and if they can cut their costs they will do, then they will send their fanboys to tell us: “the game is fine, the important thing is the gameplay, graphics are nothing.”

    • $35897352

       You are not the only one. Cashcom will ruin Darkstalkers if they greedy lazy managers decide to cut costs and follow the polygon path instead of the great 2d sprites.

      • chipsndips

        You make no sense. 3D character models are way more popular than sprites. Besides, going 2D again puts them in KOF’s ball park, which doesn’t help the game stick out. 3D models are probably the best thing Capcom did for their games. Those that bitch about it are in the minority.

        • $35897352

          False, they are cheaper, they are popular for publishing companies, not for the consumers.

          • ReoAyanami

            False, all the best selling fighting games have 3D graphics. It’s very popular with the consumers.

          • Cat Astrophy

            That’s because the franchises that are the most popular CHOSE to switch to 3D graphics…with no evidence that their game would do better as a result. In fact the first time SF went 3D it was SF EX3 and that game sold like crap.

            Right now all that’s left for new 2D games are niche anime fighters which will never ever be as popular overseas compared to the big hitters (which all chose to go 3D).

          • chipsndips

            False again. 3D models are more popular to consumers, period. Especially casuals. I know, you hate that word, but they’re the ones that are gonna keep this genre relevant, along with the hardcore. Sprites CAN do fine, and I’m not saying they can’t, but it’s not the bees knees like you pretend it is. Hell, tbh, I’d rather keep the 3D models. Makes Capcom stand out when all the other 2D fighters use sprites.

  • Danny Craig

    Translation:  We’re already in the process of developing DS4 but we’d appriciate it if you suckers (fgc) would buy DSR anyway for the side profit, thanks.

    • RazingPhoenix

       Let’s say that the 09’s are as large and influential group as people make them out to be. That would mean that there are a lot of people that never played ANY DS game. This would be hitting an untapped audience, especially since this is really close to the arcade versions, not PSX.

    • ReoAyanami

      Translation: We will cancel DS4 quietly we feel that there isn’t enough interest to spend money on the franchise. You won’t know about it like you did MML

  • CompetentFGC

    Sorry, not buying it.  I couldn’t care less about the Vampire series.  Start making Street Fighter for advanced players, stop pandering to scrubs with your easy execution, and simple minded gameplay, and start having the oldschool, skilled players in mind.  The FGC didn’t start because of the love of Money, Capcom.  Most of these 09er kids might be prime consumer minded dollar signs for you, but the OGs know why we supported your games.  It definitely wasn’t for the garbage mechanics you implement now to pander to the scrubs.

    • undamned

       “I couldn’t care less about the Vampire series.”
      Then why did you click on the article?

      • CompetentFGC

        To see what kind of scam Capcom is cooking up.  If you read the title, you can easily see why I was interested.  Are you and 4 others this simple minded?

    • RiverboatGrambler

       the sneering, condescending elitism is strong with this one. with attitudes like this, is truly is a mystery why fighting games fell out of popularity for years

      • CompetentFGC

        Actually, Fighting games ever fell out of popularity.  We just didn’t have as many scrubs like you in the scene, and we were underground, and we were mostly talented.  Since 09, all we have gotten are 98IQ, internet meme using, ignorant scrubs who wouldn’t be able to play 3s at a high level if their lives depended on it.

        • Justin Archer

          It’s a video game.

        • chipsndips

          Sneering, condescending elitist is sneering and condescending, I guess. Look, fighting games DID fall out of popularity, hence why it took A DECADE to go from SF3 to SF4. In fact, in an interview, I remember Ono having to beg Capcom to get it made since they thought it’d be a bad investment. Stop lying to yourself. In this day and age, games cost MORE to make, and have higher expectations to make a PROFIT. It’s either they get a wider audience or fall by the wayside. So, at the end of it all, are you gonna keep whining, or are you gonna be pro at these new games, just like you apparently were at the older ones? Your call.

          • Um, you do realize that the “death of the genre” was a gigantic myth right?

            If somebody could be a bro and post the thread that I’m obviously referring to, but don’t have on hand, that would be much appreciated.

          • chipsndips

            I said “fell out of popularity”. They still had a lil bit of the dumb DBZ and Naruto games coming out, and I think Guilty Gear was still going at it, but for the most part, fighters weren’t popular from early 2k to 2009. That’s a fact.

            I didn’t say they died completely. Still, arcade fighters weren’t popular for a while.

          • $35897352

             What? Begging capcom? do you have shit in your brain? Please stop posting bullshit. You definitely are a cahscom fanboy, now GTFO.

          • chipsndips

            You’re clearly a Capcom hater. Why are you even here? Go play Weaboo-Blue or something.

    • Louis Lam

      Bitch about SF4 elsewhere, VS is a damn good game.

    • Cat Astrophy

      You forgot #Kappa

  • shamelesstub

    Man they can do darkstalkers and MVC compilations why the hell are we still waiting for an XBOX 360 version of SFA3

  • Buying this for xbl and psn, since its only like 15 or 20 dollars one of the best fighting games ever imo

  • wBENDERw

    hope it does well.

  • KubikiriTurkojin

    fuck these cashcum faggots. if you wanna make the fucking game, make the fucking game. trying to make people buy 15+ year old games to maybe make a new one. you can shove both up your asses, fucking bitchass motherfuckers.  

  • KubikiriTurkojin

    that you can play for free with online and that its still a better version than what they will be releasing. the same applies to sf3tsoe, the rom is better than the game released on psn/live. so yeah, fuck cashcum. 

  • ButtPlugs

    > Complaining about revamp of series that hasn’t had a release since the late 90’s
    > Demands new one 
    > Don’t even know how to play Darkstalkers.

    You kids make my day. 

    • KubikiriTurkojin

      wanting a rerelease of a game most older fighting game players have played to death in the 90’s. and that the real fans can play for free better than the version that these guys will be rel4easing.

      yeah you sure know how to make som1’s day. 

      • ButtPlugs

        Yeah cause everyone has access to ggpo. 
        Everyone would rather play it from the comfort of their home system to their PC,, etc. 

      • windsagio

        replying to buttplugs == win?

  • As a player of these game since 05, I have yet to accomplish the feat of picking any character I could identify with and playing them to a competitive level like the vampire series. It is damn near criminal how this series gets overlooked just because they are not street fighter games. 

    Makes me sick thinking about how these games are yet again going to get passed up because people have a grudge with capcom, people have a mancrush with Donovan/Phobos/Pyron in Darkstalkers 3 (refusing to call it Vampire Savior cause that psx port is shit garbage.), or the fact that people actually think that the following games: Vampire Savior 2/Hunter 2/Chronicle/Vampire 1 are good games. 

    FYI, Savior 2/Hunter 2/Chronicles all use the same shit battle mechanics and are not regarded as good Savior 1 or Hunter 1 because of those reasons. Some examples of these games list of fail include: 

    – No dashing link combos in savior 2/hunter 2/chronicle (no sako combo for you sorry.). 

    – characters are not accurate at all in chronicles to the game series they represent. This is caused by the modified savior 2 engine allowing characters to do things that they either can or can’t do in the former engine that each character used to be in.

    – No air chains in savior 2 and hunter 2.

    – Boring universal darkforce system in savior 2/hunter 2. 

    – Vampire Hunter 1 is what Vampire 1 should have been, hell it even has the same endings from the first game so I guess capcom thinks so too. 

    I could go on but grow very tiresome of some of these petty reasons to not get a game with exception being the grudge against capcom due to the recent antics of the company.

    TL:DR- If you actually like Vampire Savior or Vampire Hunter then buy those games for that reason. Do not waste your time buying the game if you are set on seeing a new game that may or may not happen and do not pass up the game for petty reasons other then your utter dislike for the games or if you detest Capcom as of late.

    • windsagio

      good lord that’s a pile of hipsterism.

    • KubikiriTurkojin

      the one thing vh has over ds is better background colors, it reminds me of ms 2which has better colors than msx, but msx is the better game and is basically what ms2 should have been. 

      that being said, they could have just used the better colors in the sequel that should have been the prequel. 

  • Roy Bromwell

    I was gonna but this anyway, cuz VSav is my favorite fighter. Don’t care too much for a DS4, tho.

  • Why would they post this and not what was originally posted at Unity? The guys responsible for posting this, pretty much turned the original event into a pathetic plea to buy this game and that wasn’t what the event was about. 

    The true story of what actually went down at that place is posted here.

    It had nothing to do with a Vampire sequel. That question NEVER even came up.

  • Mr. X

    How come Capcom Japan didn’t put that effort in for 3S? :'[

  • Raymond Jolt Green

    Capcom just want’s too make more sells on this disk! Just make the game don’t make it just because of sales from this title …… I still play Vampire Savior ROM sure alot of people do!

  • gigantor21

    That’s right, Capcom, keep acting like you haven’t made up your mind already. We believe you. :p

  • Sanger Zonvolt

     Buy Skullgirls with that money instead.

  • O. G. King Haggard

    Shouldn’t development of “DS4” depend on more factors than simply the sales of Resurrection? I just think it’s a really bad indication of whether people want a new game or not. There are plenty of newer gamers who aren’t interested in ports of fifteen year old games, but would be interested in a new game…

  • Rahavic

    If their making a new game it’s already in development, if its not then it won’t even be for this gen of consoles. I ain’t buying the fact that the outcome will be based off the sales of this port. How long was SF4 in development? Please Capcom, gimme a break.

    • windsagio

      That’s the thing, the decision is independent and already made.

      The only  exception would be if DSR had truly absurd sales (like say 2000000+) something nuts like that would change some minds at Capcom

  • wBENDERw

    I kinda want the game they will make after this… and money is tight this year 

  • Justin Archer

    What a bunch of crybaby psychos.

  • Josshu

    I think alot of people are missing the point here. If capcom is making D4 anyway and this is just a ploy to sell more it doesn’t matter. If D4 sucks (like i assume it will) then we STILL get the good Darkstalkers.

  • windsagio

    By the way, I’d bet real money (payable at evo) that they’re not currently developing DS4 and have no intention to do so.

    Hard to prove who wins that bet of course.

  • Riot

    Who thought Capcom wasn’t going to pull this shit? I figured it was so obvious at this point that they wouldn’t even bother saying it this time. They could have just stayed quiet until after VRes sales figures came in. They couldn’t be blamed for saying poor VRes sales shows that not enough people are interested in a Vampire sequel. But dangling Vampire 4 over our heads like this is so fucking insulting and very Capcom-like.

  • Seriphx

     Could really care less than if the sales of this game have anything to do with DS4. I’m gonna get the game anyway because I enjoy playing VSav. If they end up making DS4 cool, if not..meh.

  • ZaFuuru

    The development of DarkStalkers 4 is already started, they are going to announce it

  • ZaFuuru

    The development of DarkStalkers 4 is already started, they are going to announce it

  • Petran79

    I’ll buy 20 MK Trilogy games for PC on Steam, I want MK9 there too.

  • Zonder88

    No thank you Capcom. Make DS4 and if its a good game I’ll buy it. I’m not tossing ANY money at you, especially not after the SFxT DLC fiasco, and I’m certainly not gona toss money at decade old games I can play on GGPO or MAME.

    Nice try. No wonder your company is so hated.

  • samirerre

    im starting to miss those days where capcom would put a fighting game every 5 years

  • Cat Astrophy

    That’s BS. They’re comparing OLD games to a NEW game. I didn’t buy this because I don’t care about online play and have copies of all the old Darkstalkers games. I will glady pick up the new one.

  • windsagio

    You know its weird.  Reading all the coverage of this stuff, the Darkstalkers series was one of my 2 absolute favorite fighters throught most of the ’90s, and I still love it (especially the first one), but goddamn is it overrated.

  • FUCK U Capcom I STOP support  ur games after you tell ur fan to go & fuck ur self after baying UMVC3