King of Fighters XIII – Leftovers Combo Exhibition by the Combonauts

By on March 5, 2013 at 4:31 am

The Combonauts are back with another King of Fighters XIII exclusive, and this time, I was there to help. These guys are no rookies when it comes to the combo business. The kind of videos that they release are always fun to watch, good to learn from and the type you’ll always want to brag about.

The style of the Combonauts is somewhat different than most. Thinking outside the box, they were able to come up with some pretty godlike videos like the SSFIV Zero Damage! combo video. Seriously, who does a combo video with no combos? Let’s not forget that they were the ones that made Capcom patch Dante in MvC3 Vanilla, and the ones that gave us a different view on how to look at MvC3.

However, this is about KOF XIII Leftovers and it doesn’t fall short of any of the videos before it. This video consists entirely of leftover combos that didn’t make it into either chapter 1, chapter 2, or chapter 3 of their KOF series. I had a lot of fun editing this video, seeing that it’s my first time exploring how the combo engine works. If you’re not already, please subscribe to the Combonauts and check out all of their videos.

Source: COMBONAUTS, Wolverine Master