Road to EVO 2013 International – Bolivian Battleground Footage and Top 8 Results

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Bolivian Battleground, part of the international Road to EVO series, was held in Paz City, Bolivia a couple weeks ago. While the tournament didn’t have stream coverage, Jose Andres Guzman (who helped organize the tournament) was kind enough to send us some footage from the event as well as the top 8 results for every game.

Official Tournaments

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

1. José “JAGTxelUM” Guzmán (Magneto/Dormammu/Wesker, Wesker/Haggar/Phoenix)
2. Boris Erquicia (Wolverine/Iron Man/Wesker, Wolverine/Doctor Strange/Wesker)
3. Jorge Flores (Spencer/Vergil/Wesker)
4. Erick Jo (Trish/Captain America/Dr. Doom)
5. Gustavo Sánchez (Wesker/Amaterasu/Hulk)
5. George Carpio (Spencer/Vergil/Wesker)
7. Gabriel Mena (Spencer/Vergil/Wesker)
7. Daniel Fernández (Wolverine/Hulk/Task Master)

Grand Finals

José “JAGTxelUM” Guzmán (Wesker/Haggar/Phoenix) vs. Boris Erquicia (Wolverine/Iron Man/Wesker, Wolverine/Doctor Strange/Wesker) – 3-0

Losers Finals

Jorge Flores (Spencer/Vergil/Wesker) vs. Boris Erquicia (Wolverine/Iron Man/Wesker) – 0-2

Winners Finals

José “JAGTxelUM” Guzmán (Wesker/Haggar/Phoenix) vs. Jorge Flores (Spencer/Vergil/Wesker) – 2-0


Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition ver. 2012

1. Alberto “VGM_Pimple” Diaz (M. Bison)
2. Nelson “VGM_ReX” Chaparro (Dhalsim)
3. Edmar Yana (Blanka)
4. Boris Erquicia (Ryu)
5. Jorge Hurtado
5. Alejandro Cáceres
7. Raúl Nogales
7. Oliver Camacho


Tekken Tag Tournament 2

1. Bryan Segales
2. Marcos cantalicio
3. Juan Banda
4. Joseph Ramírez
5. Elmer vargas
5. Alejandro Valdivia
7. Ronald Vergara
7. Marco Rospigliosi


Mortal Kombat

1. Ariel Achá
2. George Carpio
3. Pablo Gutiérrez
4. Edmar Yana
5. Edil Quispe
5. Victor Olmos
7. Boris Erquicia
7. Gustavo Mollinedo


Street Fighter x Tekken ver. 2013

1. Adolfo Gómez
2. Edil Quispe
3. George Carpio
4. Walker Peñaloza
5. Marco Mercado
5. Elmer Mérida
7. Alberto “VGM_Pimple” Diaz
7. Alvaro Zambrana


Super Smash Bros. Melee

1. Pablo Gutiérrez
2. José “JAGTxelUM” Guzmán
3. Iván Castro
4. Andrés Castro
5. Edmar Yana
5. Ronald Villarroel
7. Gabriel Villarroel
7. Pedro Calle

Side Tournaments

Marvel vs. Capcom 2

1. Carlos Bustamante
2. Gabriel Aguilar
3. Adolfo Soliz
4. Carlos Pocoaca
5. Gabriel Alegre
5. Roy Nacho
7. Jorge Morales
7. Daniel Aranda

Tekken 6

1. Marcos Cantalicio
2. Juan Banda
3. Joseph Ramírez
4. Juan Manuel Ignacio
5. Alessandro Galopo
5. Washington Conde
7. Elmer Vargas
7. José Quispe

Tekken Tag Tournament

1. Alexis Baldivieso
2. Erick Charaja
3. Sergio Meruvia
4. Alvaro Cáceres
5. Alexander Flores
5. Rubén Choque
7. Reynaldo Apasa
7. Roberto Yujra

Source: Bolivian Battlegrounds Facebook

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