NorCal Battle Royale Presented by SRK Live – AE 2012 Regional 3v3 Finals and Singles Tournament Streaming Live

By on March 3, 2013 at 1:17 pm

NorCal Battle Royale is the culmination of a series of regional round robin Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition ver. 2012 tournaments, to determine the best region of players in Northern California. Each region is represented by two teams of players based on their round robin scores. Team A consists of the three highest scoring players (1st-3rd placings), followed by Team B with the next set of highest scores (4th-6th placings). Wildcard teams are composed of 7th and 8th placing players from the various regions.

NorCal Battle Royale’s grand finals format will be a 3v3 waseda style team tournament using a blind draw double-elimination bracket. The winning team will take home a $500+ prize pot. With so many great players in one location, a singles tournament will also take place concurrently. If you’re interested in seeing the best of the best in Northern California battle it out, tune into to the SRK Live stream below.

Further information regarding teams, brackets, and scheduling follow directly after the stream.

SRK Live Stream

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East Bay

  • A: SCE.RZR|LPN (Cammy)
  • A: SCE|J Sze (Ken)
  • A: Sikwidit (Bison)
  • B: Lunchbox (El Fuerte)
  • B: Hiro (Blanka)
  • B: J L3G3ND (Guy)


  • A: AC|Xsk_Samurai (Ryu)
  • A: Tommy Duong (Abel)
  • A: Demonik (Seth)
  • B: Ryan (Cammy)
  • B: AC|Jared Wong (Rose)
  • B: Jakositt (Zangief)

North Bay

  • A: Hoodaman (E. Honda)
  • A: SBA Harrison (Cody)
  • A: Doug (Guy)
  • B: Patrick (Rufus)
  • B: Demon Los (Balrog)
  • B: Makara (Bison)

Peninsula/San Francisco

  • A: Kineda (Akuma)
  • A: Will Power (Deejay)
  • A: Kurokiba (Deejay)
  • B: USF Don (Fei Long)
  • B: Hargi (Ryu)
  • B: SF Gief (Zangief)


  • A: Ranelle (Chun- Li)
  • A: Brandon (Juri)
  • A: Majesticstylez (Abel)
  • B: Le (Ken) *
  • B: Bsida (Ken) *
  • B: Sudden BlackOut (E. Honda) *

South Bay

  • A: Mak Daddy (Makoto)
  • A: Julio (Yun)
  • A: Crackfiend (Balrog)
  • B: El Cubano Loco (Vega)
  • B: Lamerboi (Guile)
  • B: Scunsion (Fei Long)

Wild Cards

  • A: Kimo (Hakan)
  • A: Jacob K (Ryu)
  • A: Alex Free (Rose)
  • B: Boba Tapioca (Fei Long)
  • B: Martij (Zangief)
  • B: Onetimehero (Balrog)

* Unable to participate


Teams –
Singles –


12:00pm – Teams Pools
3:00pm – Singles Pools
5:00pm – Teams Top 8
7:00pm – Singles Top 8
8:30pm – Teams Grand Finals Top 3