My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic Back in Production, Lauren Faust to Help Create Original Characters and New Setting

By on March 3, 2013 at 10:57 am
fighting is magic

For those of you who were following the production of Fighting is Magic, you know that they recently received a cease and desist via Hasbro, owners of the My Little Pony franchise. However, all is not lost. With the help of Lauren Faust, producer of the animated series, they are going to try their hands at creating new characters while keeping the original moves and mechanics of the previous version.

Be sure to head over to the Mane6 main page for more info. Here is what they had to say:

Hey everyone!

We have good news and bad news.

First, the bad news: We’ve tried a few different ways of talking to Hasbro about getting special permission to continue the game, but it seems that is officially a dead end, and it’s time for us to move on.

The good news is that the game is not dead!

Some even gooder news is that we have a new member in the Mane6 family…

We’d like you all to warmly welcome Lauren Faust to the team:

Hey folks! I’m so super psyched to be a part of this! I hope I can do my little part to help Mane6 finish up this game in a way that stays true to the spirit of the original—but in a way that can freely be shared! I hope you like what we come up with. -LF

She’ll be working with us (or is that the other way around?) to create all new characters for Fighting is Magic.

Yes, we know what you’re thinking, and yes, she is pretty kickass.

So what does this all mean? It means that with Lauren’s help, we are going to finish this game, but it will no longer be based on the MLP franchise. It will be all new characters in a new setting, while keeping the moves, mechanics, and style of the game we wanted to make from the start. This means a lot of work for us, and a bunch of new challenges, but we’re excited about the possibilities that come along with them.

We are still in the early concept stage and can’t wait to update everyone on what we come up with together. We will provide plenty of opportunities for you guys to get to know the characters and their world.

We know you guys will have a lot of questions, we’ll do our best to answer them, but at this early stage some might be a bit hard to tackle.

Thanks for sticking around for the ride. <3

– Mane6 team.

Source: Mane6, tips via Cameron M, Oreo W.

  • Alex Jebailey

    YES! Fairy Tale endings do exist. 

    • GCBill


    •  There is no god in this world ;_;

      • Jake Long

        The other explanation is that there IS a God, and that God is a Brony.

        Hold that.

        •  I’m not a Brony, but I love dedicated and talented teams. I really hope this turn into something that everyone in the FGC (and I guess Bronies) can be proud of.

          Also….holy crap that was funny.

    • said the guy telling everybody to grow the fuck up

      • Louis Lam

        Yeah, kinda a dick move to shit all over someone’s hard work when they get a C&D and then turn around and do a complete 180 when they come back big with celebrity support.

    • -FACEPALM-

    • Alvaro Garza

       Ever heard the one about all homophobes being repressed homosexuals?

    • Art Salmons

      One thing is for sure: there are a lot of fairies around here.

    • mutantmagnet

       Now we get to see how they continue.

  • Brad Hanasyk

    Misleading title.

    • fallen

       You can’t have a Dolan avatar and use words like “misleading”. Or “title”.

    • Jim Reinhart

      Oh dear, did you have to read the article?

  • Evu

    if it’s no longer ponies i see the popularity of this game taking such a big hit that they probably could just let it die in the first place…

    • metaXzero K

      The popularity will definitely take a hit, but Mane6 already said long ago that if they got a C&D, they would get to work on an original IP.

      At the very least, they’ll have more eyes looking at them if they had began not dealing with ponies at all.

      • SpongeJordan123

        To be completely honest, after seeing the love Skullgirls is getting just for being an indie fighter on the verge of death, I could see this angle being played quite well. FiM did NOT look like a bad fighter, truth be told. I enjoyed the streams, and I don’t even watch MLP (saw the first episode… thats it.) So it could go quite well.

        • windsagio

          certainly seems like the best indie fighters in like… ever

    • Jake Long

      Bronies will still take interest in this game due to its history.  That interest will only go up due to Lauren Faust’s involvement.

      • Eric Nguyen

        There are, however, a non-trivial amount of Bronies who will no longer be following this game, Faust or not.

        • RenaTurnip

          I am very sad for the amount of interest that is lost and gone forever simply due to this game no longer being Ponies. The game and the developers don’t really deserve the dropoff.

        • windsagio

          I still think that a lot of the bronie interest wouldn’t have converted to players anyways.  

    • windsagio

      I think the popularity will change.  Non-players will have a lot less interest, but there are also plenty of people who were turned off by the theme that might look at it again.

      Also on that, the good dramatic backstory and result will draw plenty of attention.

  • Still hoping they just change it to: My Little Kitty: Fighting is Meow

    • b2j135

      I would play that shit in a HEARTBEAT!

    • sibarraz

      only if horror the cat is the protagonist

    • masang_lion

       with guest characters Toro, Kuro, Nyan Cat, Keyboard Cat, and OreoHipster

  • NyuBomber

     While I’m no fan of the particular show, I am a fan of fighting games and independent projects being well-executed by passionate fandoms, so I am extremely happy for this development. Good going, guys!

  • Snow Loss

    So they’re doing what I said they should have started doing once they got the C&D… Except they now have the creator of the series reboot they originally based the game on. Pretty cool for them I guess?
    I doubt Frost would have jumped on if there wasn’t some monetary gain to be had here, but I’m interested to see where this goes even if ponies and their fanbase are a constant source of irritation for me.

    • metaXzero K

      They didn’t ask Faust. She came to them. She was already a fan of Fighting Is Magic and was very sad to learn that Hasbro shut it down. So she offered them some assistance in some new character designs.

  • Pandamanana

    Mane6 should make it all about ex-pro wrestlers. The complete opposite of Skullgirls. Let’s call it Skullfuck Lads

  • Troy Dalton

    What’s the point? If DC hit us with a C&D, then Gotham Knights would be shut down. We wouldn’t rework it into a Bluntman and Chronic fighter, and the work involved in redoing all the sprites would represent 75% of the work down the drain. Kudos to them for getting Faust’s attention, but… overall? Bad news for peeps who wanted to play that game.

    • You would be right if Faust wasn’t on board. The chance to work with Faust’s original characters, however, is a big deal and lends a lot of merit to restarting the project where there would be little point before.

      Imagine if Frank Miller hopped on after a DC C&D and offered his services pro-bono for new characters. Anyone would be all over that in a heartbeat. :S

      • Ty Arnold

        Frank Miller? Get ready for Super Whore Fighter II.

        • Luke Rester

          I’d play a Sin City fighting game.

      • someguy1234

        Too bad Frank Miller is a huge asshole IRL

    • windsagio

      good news for people who want to play *that* game, bad news for MLP fans.

      A lot of work was lost yes, but you can have the look and feel without it being those ponies.

    • Jose Galapagos

      I would play a Bluntman and Chronic fighter.  Just sayin.

  • metaXzero K

     With that logic, you might as well never work on something new again if your fanwork gets shut down..

    They are going to lose a bunch of fans who were just there for the ponies, but that doesn’t mean they should give up on making an indie fighter period. Especially for those fans who were interested in the game itself as well as the ponies.

  • Jake Long

    Obviously it’s a bit disappointing that they won’t be able to complete their original project, but I’m so damn happy for the Mane6 team. It’s one thing to be inspired by a work and try to put your own spin on it, but it’s another to make that take of the work so good that the creator of that work not only likes it, but wants to take time out of their own lives to help you see it through to the end.  Pretty damn cool.

  • metaXzero K

    Finishing the game would imply it would be released in it’s familiar form. What they are doing now is making an original IP.  Faust or no Faust, it’s no longer related to MLP.

    I am glad that they are making something of the situation, but still. It sucks for  those who wanted a fighting game with the familiar characters. Once again, another harmless fanwork gets put down due to questionable laws and a lack of care by the original owner.

  • windsagio

    Finally some good news!

    I’m utterly indifferent to MLP, but those guys had what looked like an interesting project going.  I’m glad they’re in good shape for it now.

    PS:  Evo should totally give them their demo deal back!  (yeah good luck I know :p)

  • Keon Misterr

    Well it’s still going to be a four-legged fighter, so maybe that will be enough to keep the brony’s interested. At the very least Faust is on board and those guys in that community love her, so it should still get a good amount of attention.

  • RenaTurnip

    Now comes the part where we’re not sure if they’re playable alpacas or not.

  • b2j135

  • Still feel these guys should receive at least the support that SG gets,with its 2 million+ budget. The mechanics and art were superior,even if I could care less about ponies really.

  • Zzzz

    funny that the old game is being re-made as we speak by some anons:

  • SpongeJordan123

    And inb4 Pony character swaps. The community is BOUND to make a mod for it if this drops on PC 😛 Hell, there’s a pony mod for Skyrim.

  • Yo, contact MikeZ he said he’d let them use the Skullgirls engine

    • Teveran

       They’ve still got their engine. Switching to the SG engine would be “let’s restart the whole project” instead of “let’s continue with our coding but new art”.

      • windsagio

        for a bad engine*

        *especially for PC, and especially especially for a non-tag game.

        The whole ‘streaming assets off of the hard drive instead of storing them in memory’ bit is entirely worthless and in fact worse for just about any project that wasn’t in the specific situation skullgirls was in.

        • Mr. X

           Damn, you never tire of your vendetta against Mike do you?

          • windsagio

            its a specific technical issue with a specific technical complaint. Do you understand why their method (the one I mentioned above) would be terrible in this circumstance?

            there are actually at least 2:

            1)the weird properties of the engine (again streaming media from the HDD instead of storing it in memory)
            2)having to do essentially all your engineering over to make your game fit the new engine.

            All they have to redo is assets.  Changing engines is 1000 miles of trouble for essentially no gain.~~the issue is that I like this project and I’d rather not have to think about the inevitable delay and issues if they wanted to do that.

            (believe me if one wanted to be all negative there are plenty of places this news could go, everybody’s showing pretty cool restraint)

          • Michael Zaimont

            Stop talking as if you have experience either with their game or with the SG engine.  Streaming of the assets off the hard drive only happens when you switch characters, and at that only if the new character didn’t fit in memory in the first place, which isn’t the case in 1v1 ever…and it doesn’t happen AT ALL on PC.

            It’s not “essentially no gain”, either.  Even if you think the SG engine doesn’t do anything new over Fighter Maker, which is spectacularly wrong, it has a working PS3/360 port (which may benefit users who care about that sort of thing) as well as proper joystick support and support for HD resolutions.

            This is your grudge, plain and simple.  I’d believe it wasn’t if you ever said anything positive about SG…and no, neutral-with-a-negative-slant doesn’t count as positive.

      • Mr. X

         Their engine is fighter maker which is really limited in what you could do. The only notable game made with it is Vanguard Princess.

  • Nathanial P Connor

    This is really cool that Lauren Faust herself signed up to help them finish it.  Really cool stuff.

  • Alvaro Garza

    Now that there are no legal issues surrounding the project, I am guessing that they are going to go the Skullgirls route and try selling whatever they made. I’m not against this but wonder what the legality of selling something made with Fighter Maker is – has this ever been done?

    Also I’m probably an even bigger Lauren Faust fan than pony fan – I hope we get characters that look as good as Gilda and Spike in addition to at least one cute horse. 

    • windsagio

      For a number of reasons doing what Skullgirls did is exceptionally unlikely.

      Among other things, the magic time for getting a publisher for an indie fighter has probably passed.  Also,console (which was the primary development direction of skullgirls) is a ‘start all over from scratch’.

      It’s always been a product of love, doubt it would change now.

    • Eric Nguyen

      One bit from the TOS is that anything made with FM2K cannot be sold commercially. Last I heard Faust and Mane6 intend to make the game free.

      Donations aren’t out of the question though.

  • I do love it when creative people come together and  get it done. Respect to Mane 6 and L. Faust.

  • IrregularHunterX

    It’s probably a parody.  Hasbro can’t do shit on that if that’s the case.

  • Pooh Hardy

    but in all seriousness i disapprove of this news

  • Brand new characters?  That doesn’t sound good.  Does anyone remember the what happened when “Balance of Power” couldn’t use DBZ characters anymore?

    • Eric Nguyen

      “Bid for Power” for Quake III Arena was released and played successfully. Once the game’s popularity died out, the developers moved on.

  • TabbyNat

    I had to comment to support this. Kudos to Laura, good job to the MANE6 team! 

  • $17468069

    Without the real characters it’s lost it’s appeal, for me anyway. Where’s the satire? now it’s just no name ponies fighting… meh, better off take a bit more time and make it something really unique.

    • Mr. X

       They won’t be ponies at all.

      • $17468069

        If that’s the case, that’s pretty cool.

  • Funky Bottoms

    this just means Rule 34 on a whole new set of characters

  • RunningWild1984

    This reminds me of back when Quake 3 was the shit and there was a Mod called DragonBall Z:Bid For Power. They got a C&D order, and ended up making original characters for the mod with the same moves as the DBZ characters.

    Yeah… wasn’t popular, although people still continued to mod it un-officially and add more shit to it or something.

  • Joeri Pelgrims

    This situation reminds me of that old fighter Rage of the Dragons that was going to be based on Double Dragon but they lost the rights to it well into the production phase. They did some interesting things with their old character concepts though. I liked what came of that.

  • Amadeus Alexander

    fuck yeah Bronies…thank you Based God. my prayers were answered.

  • Lance Joseph Levito Salamanca

    Well If it’s not going to be based on the Mane6 ponies. I wonder if Lauren is going to make a new story line with these new ponies?

    • Eric Nguyen

      The current goal is to make a new setting with original characters, none of which are related to ponies. This goal includes a new story line.

      I trust Faust’s judgement on this one because she’s shown herself to be good – real good – at building original worlds.

  • come on Hasbro! be cool for once. IT’S CALLED FREE ADVERTISEMENT!