Republican Double, Robo-Fortune and Salty Sailor Parasoul Voice Set Rewards Announced for Skullgirls

By on March 1, 2013 at 10:59 pm

At last nights Salty Cupcakes stream, Mike Z had a special announcement for all the Skullgirls fans.  To celebrate the success of their crowd funding drive, they’re creating two special voice sets based on memes from the community.

The first of these is the “Republican Double” voice set is a reward for the drive reaching $250,000. It’s a play on the hilarious voiceover during this video (NSFW language) when the VAs were playing the game.

In addition to this, if the drive reaches $350,000, the team will release the Robo-Fortune voice pack. This pack is based on a joke made by Ms. Fortune voice actress Kimlinh Tran during one of the Salty Cupcakes streams. In addition to this, a Robo-Fortune palette will also be made available.

Finally, if the drive reaches $450,000, Parasoul will get a “Salty Sailor” voice pack which features voice actress Erin Fitzgerald voicing the character with a comically dirty mouth.

These voice packs will be available for free in the near future. Mike Z is also looking to see if he can implement them in a way that people can hear them online if their opponents select the voices, whether or not they’ve downloaded them.

Source: Salty Cupcakes via SkullHeart

Art from the Ask Ms. Fortune Tumblr

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  • James Reilly

    The Robo Ky of SG…

    My god

  • MasterChibi

    <3 <3 Beep Boop Meow <3 <3

    • samael789

       Kimlinh is so adorable 😀

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  • Mr. X

     Keep Skullgirls Going crowdfunding link

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    • Snow Loss

      Oh and anyone have a timestamp on when robofortune shenanigans start in the stream archive? I can’t remember when it happened and 4 hours is a crapload of video to try and scrub through.

  • Milton O’Bannon

    ROBO FORTUNE! Please…..just please take my money for the love of god.

    • d3v

      You can give your money to their crowd fund drive.

  • “We need $4,000 for voice recording per character, better waste $12,000 that could be used on new characters doing nothing instead.”

    •  I support and respect the Lab Zero crew but that is a good point.  I am assuming those particular voices will be done free by the current VA’s when you consider they’ll already have the recording equipment for Squigly and the VA’s have done other things for free regarding skullgirls (such as the Evo donation drive).

    • Mwisk

       But those DLC packs were agreements with the Voice Actors to help with the crowdfunding. I think they won’t charge anything, the cost will just be the rental of the studio, which I think they’ll use in the same session they record Squigly, BigBand and the third character.

    • sb

      Who said that money was being used for these extra voice packs

    • Alexis A. Rivera-Montalvo

      They need $4k mostly for studio rental.  Who is to say you can’t use the same day to add a few voices?

    • OrehRatiug

      Better watch out, your ignorance is showing.

  • Asaid AieezyOle Falah

    I could do without tat Republican Double, that video wasnt uhh…….all that funny. Wasnt funny at all actually.

    • DukeMagus

       kinda weird…. but double is already as weird as it can get so… a REPUBLICAN CAAAAAAHHHHR looks funny in the whole “what the hell am i seeing hire” conetxt

  • it’s not a fetus it’s a baby!!!

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    “Marijuana is a gateway drug!”

  • Snow Loss

    New donation tiers have been added.

  • JasonWalraven

    The cast should get a hold of Rush Limbaugh to to the voice. he has a history of doing stuff like this, when he voiced a parody of himself on Family Guy, bet he would even donate a huge wad of cash as well