Republican Double, Robo-Fortune and Salty Sailor Parasoul Voice Set Rewards Announced for Skullgirls

By on March 1, 2013 at 10:59 pm

At last nights Salty Cupcakes stream, Mike Z had a special announcement for all the Skullgirls fans.  To celebrate the success of their crowd funding drive, they’re creating two special voice sets based on memes from the community.

The first of these is the “Republican Double” voice set is a reward for the drive reaching $250,000. It’s a play on the hilarious voiceover during this video (NSFW language) when the VAs were playing the game.

In addition to this, if the drive reaches $350,000, the team will release the Robo-Fortune voice pack. This pack is based on a joke made by Ms. Fortune voice actress Kimlinh Tran during one of the Salty Cupcakes streams. In addition to this, a Robo-Fortune palette will also be made available.

Finally, if the drive reaches $450,000, Parasoul will get a “Salty Sailor” voice pack which features voice actress Erin Fitzgerald voicing the character with a comically dirty mouth.

These voice packs will be available for free in the near future. Mike Z is also looking to see if he can implement them in a way that people can hear them online if their opponents select the voices, whether or not they’ve downloaded them.

Source: Salty Cupcakes via SkullHeart

Art from the Ask Ms. Fortune Tumblr

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