BT|Viscant’s Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Team Tutorials Volume 1 – Zero/Doctor Doom/Vergil

By on February 27, 2013 at 3:59 pm

Brokentier’s Viscant recently began a brand new Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 tutorial series on the team’s official blog that focuses on breaking down the positives and negatives of a particular team before taking them online to demonstrate the key points made and analyze match footage. This opening volume covers a team made up of Zero, Doctor Doom, and Vergil, a strong composition that Viscant thinks we may see more of in 2013.

Below, you’ll find an excerpt from the first article, which covers the main strengths and weaknesses of this team as well as matchups that may give it some trouble. We’ve also included the first video from his second article showcasing an online set he played against Tuboware and a bit of the back and forth they exchanged for a little more insight into their thought processes during the matches.

Be sure to visit the official Brokentier blog for more information regarding the Zero/Doctor Doom/Vergil grouping and Viscant’s thoughts on the games he played with Tuboware and OMG Itz Andre.


I’m surprised that this team isn’t more popular because one of the pros of this team is that this is the Zero team that requires the least amount of execution.  Vergil assist gives you an easy mid-screen combo extension meaning you don’t have to master the difficult sentsuizen, buster, teleport down, relaunch extension.  And Doom gives you a couple of alternatives to the lightning loop.  You can TAC to Doom and kill basically anything you touch even without the infinite.  Justin Wong had some nice success playing the team this way without even learning the lightning loop.

You can also end the fully extended combo with rekkoha into sphere flame which does over 1 million damage from a low B or a jumpin, giving you a much less taxing ToD compared to lightning loop at the extra cost of less than 1 meter.  Obviously all Zero players should work on mastering the lightning loop and all the combo extensions but this team is a good starter team for people who are just getting into the character.


The most obvious downside to this team is that the zoning with Zero on point is not as good as people think it is.  A lot of people fight Zero under the belief that a fully charged buster is a trump card.  It is not.  The red buster only has 3×3 low priority points of durability.  So when you get into a battle against dedicated zoning teams, it is strongly in your best interests to not play a zoning game and to be very careful about how and when you call out missiles.  In a lot of fights vs. zoners it can be difficult to find a time and place to call Doom out and establish your offense.  In fights vs. zoners with strong projectile assists it can be almost impossible.

(Tuboware’s thoughts are in bold)

0:00-5:30:  The first two games of this set are a feeling out process, just trying to figure out how I’m going to fight this match.  Obviously the first thing I notice was that in both cases when a melee exchange was initiated in the Zero vs. Wolverine fight I immediately started taking damage (0:40 off a drop and 3:30 when I never fully escaped the opening gambit) so I want to avoid close combat from this point on at all costs.

5:45:  So here I’m making a conscious decision to zone more given that my previous neutral strategy is not working.  If Wolverine touches me there’s about a 66% chance I’ll lose Zero AND have to fight a level 4 Frank which is a recipe for disaster.  I was lucky to win game 1 thanks to a random foot dive and happy birthday helm breaker and deserved to lose game 2 because I was a little too reckless with Zero so I’m making the decision to zone a bit just to give my opponent a different look and to see if it worked out.  For the most part it did although I got a little sloppy and got hit at 6:25 when I got baited into a melee exchange.  But since the zoning strategy worked I decided to keep doing it.

“Third game, you saw that I was being a nut with Wolverine, and started to zone me out with Hangeki/Missiles. This is something I struggle with in general. I played my two main teams against you, the Wolvie one first (obviously) and I always have trouble getting in with him against a point character that has fast/good projectiles being backed by hidden missiles assist. What am I doing wrong? I see players like Noel Brown get in on missiles and I can’t seem to do it properly. I try to remain patient and pick my spots, but it seems like there are no holes to get into. Am I missing something?”

The way I see it your team is going to struggle against missiles just because no assist on your team can challenge the missiles.  Generally Zero/Doom struggles against quick projectile assists because if someone like Magneto is coming out I’ll have to use my buster to overpower or cancel his beam giving your point character time to jump away and then start to attack.  On your team with Frank assist, this only really applies from half screen or closer.  If you call him out from full screen I have time to line up both Wolverine and Frank and blast them both.

Source: Brokentier (Part 1, Part 2)