Big Band Story and Thematic Details Added to Skullgirls Fundraising Page

By on February 27, 2013 at 12:50 pm

Remaining true to their promise of more Big Band details should their Squigly goals be reached, the folks at Lab Zero Games recently updated the Skullgirls fundraiser on Indiegogo with information regarding his background and thematic elements. We’ve included a short excerpt below, but be sure to visit the fundraiser’s official page for more.

Ben Birdland has seen a lot in his time, including the worst of the Grand War. But nothing was worse than what he saw as a beat cop in New Meridian. When he ran afoul of his crooked unit he was given a violent early retirement, and his broken body was left to spend the rest of its days in an iron lung.

We’re preparing to start work on Big Band, but here’s what we can tell you about him so far.

Big Band’s massive mechanical body is heavily armed with pneumatic weapons capable of generating powerful blasts of pressurized air. As his name implies, woodwinds, brass and percussion instruments are his forte, so expect him to produce variously-sized horns, flutes and drums for his attacks. Defensively, you can expect him to make good use of that dusty coat.

For example, he might open his coat to fire a barrage of mute missiles from trumpet cannons, or do an elbow drop using a giant saxophone. We’d also like to experiment with the idea of making his combos musical, perhaps sounding like improvisational jazz as you chain his attacks together.

We’ll begin concepting out some of Big Band’s attacks soon, and will be sharing progress with everyone as he develops! 

Lab Zero CEO Peter Bartholow also mentioned that they have restarted Squigly’s development and are currently in the pre-production stages for Big Band. Feel free to follow the link below to the fundraiser and see what you can do to help them achieve their stretch goals.

Source: Skullgirls Indiegogo

  • “As his name implies, woodwinds, brass and percussion instruments are his forte”

    THE PUN <3

  • Justin Brown

    free the fatman!!!

  • James Reilly

    Making combos to align to a jazzy tune…

    Take my money that I didn’t already give.

    Also heads up, they are about to add much more higher incentive tiers shortly. 

    • Snow Loss

      I couldn’t even fathom what else they could give players. Already they have 20+ people to plug into stages (I’d just make a brand new one and have all of them as audience members or something). Only thing I can think of is flying them to the studio for lunch and a tour or something since voice acting or creating your own character is out of the question.

      • I’m almost certain that the people will be inserted as audience members in some sort of concert hall that will be Squigly’s stage. 

        • Snow Loss

          That’s exactly what I was thinking would happen if Squiggly got her stage. Characters fight on the flood of an opera hall, and the background has the funders filling the seats.

  • Nick Nobriga

    It’s really awesome to see the pace the donations are coming in at seems to not be dwindling at all.

  • Sir0Slick

    Please don’t make him a charge character.

    • GO4PRO


    • James Reilly

      He is. Think Q, but good. Maybe if your lucky he might turn out partial charge like Alex. Also besides Parasoul, very little emphasis on charge characters currently.

      • Sir0Slick

        Parasoul was actually the first character I tried in SG, and charging just felt off in this game. This coming from someone who mained Boxer in SFIV until AE2012, and Urien in 3S.

        •  That’s because Skullgirls uses SNK charging, which takes 35 frames compared to Capcom’s 56. I’m not 100% sure about the numbers, but I think they’re in the right ballpark.

    • Exy

      But isn’t that basically what playing woodwind is? Breath control is basically charging.

      • Sir0Slick

        Depends on what you want to do. There’s also circular breathing, which enables you to inhale and exhale at the same time, creating a continuous airflow through the instrument.

        Besides, given the speed and technique of some saxophonist, charge characters would slow it right the fuck down. I wants ta get my bepop on, son.

        • Exy

          Well, I’m more into smooth jazz myself.

    • I’m sad too, but he is…

    • but if he’s charge in the way Q is a charge character, then that’s awesome

    • Snow Loss

      Charge characters are my least favorite archetypes in fighters (mainly because I can never ever seem to get the timing down and efficient), but I trust in Mike and the team to make it work.
      Also if memory serves correctly they described him as “Q, but good.”

      • Rahavic

        When everyone learned how to do Hadouken input in ST, my cousins taught me how to charge cuz thats all they played. I learned how to charge and then I learned how to do the other motions in the game lol

    • a real ghost

      charging is easy mode, especially in skullgirls. try playing parasoul and you’ll see how little charge time is.

      • Disco-lemonade


        I used to hate charge characters just because they were hard as hell for me to play, but I’ve mained Parasoul day one and she has really made me enjoy charge characters. I’ve started picking them up in other games too.

  • Art Salmons

    Wow that was a totally incredible story. I was enthralled. That’s worth $30,000 dollars right there by itself.

    • KingofTheT2ill

      His backstory actually is surprisingly sick lol.

      • Snow Loss

        Pretty robocop like as far as origins go.

        • KingofTheT2ill

          ah I suppose you’re right. Haven’t seen those in a long one.

  • Nevflinn

    I hope that they get the money to put Big Band into the game. Skullgirls is a game that is desperately in need of some sax diversity.

    • Mr. X

      I hope the puns never end. They’re all so sharp.

      • Nate Bratcher

        I don’t know I think that one felt kind of flat.

        • Exy

          Sax puns are alto easy to make these days.

          • Rahavic

            I’m sure even though he might end up a slow character with the right reeds he’s still gonna be dangerous.

          • Exy

            At least someone here getz it.

    • Oh ho ho ho.

  • Snow Loss

    Not really bog on the whole sprouting instruments thing, but I absolutely love the idea that each of his attacks will make a different musical note when it hits. The Sound of Combos, coming to a tourney near you.
    Also for the record I totally thought he had arms from his sprite and small concept art pictures due to the seems in the coat.

  • Johnson Nguyen

    “We’d also like to experiment with the idea of making his combos musical,
    perhaps sounding like improvisational jazz as you chain his attacks

    If this is implemented, I won’t even care if Big Band is the worst character in the game, even if it’s by a long shot.

  • Kurow Akutenshi

    Is General Ivan doing his voice?

  • windsagio

    Holy disproportionate coverage, Batman!

    Next post: “Hey guys, they fixed a typo on their fundraising page!”

    • Mr. X

      Stop starting treble, give it a rest.

    • good lord, you haven’t killed yourself yet

      • windsagio

        you still haven’t told me about that cognitive dissonance a few days back.  Once you explain that, I’m dead meat.

        • I can’t tell you until you kill yourself, it’s just how that works

          • windsagio

            As a cognitive theory scientist, you should know why that’s a really unfair deal.

          • life is cruel. if you killed yourself, you’d no longer have to suffer from it.

          • windsagio

            I dunno marv, my life is awesome.

            How could you want to leave something so groovy?

          • because killing yourself would be for the greater good

            also, your life isn’t as good as you pretend it to be

          • windsagio

            I wanted to focus on you to respect X’s pretty-good joke down below, but your humorlessness is giving me a hard time 🙁

  • Sir0Slick

    Also, this: The Saxophone man (Midvalley the HornFreak) from Trigun.

  • His last name is Birdland.

    This is one of my favorite references ever.

    • Dan H Kim

       He needs to have a “lullaby” super.

  • Andre Theriault

    I’m glad that SkullGirls are starting to get serious. I’m looking forward to see what they do in the future.

  • Lawrence Ohh

    why is there a guy char in a game called “Skullgirls”. Just wondering.

    • Snow Loss

      the same reason there are girls in a game called “King of Fighters”.

      • sb

        And women in X-Men humans in Aliens & Transformers i can on but he probably still dont get the point

    • Razberryclownsac

      Mike said the title, “Skullgirls,” is a reference to the story of the Skullheart and the girls that possess it. He always planned on having male characters in the game.

    • Cellsai

       This is exactly why I don’t play Smash Bros.

    • Ty Arnold

      There’s only one Skullgirl in the game anyway, and she’s not even playable.

      • sb

        Whatever female character they put in the game is a Skullgirl Marie the boss character is just the Skullgirl that has the Skullheart for now but there all SKULLGIRLS

  • Musical combos sound awesome.  Please do it!

  • I always wondered if living and working in California; Los Angeles no less, contributes to the cost of a game.  Either way, I am happy SkullGirls is not dead.  The debut game just felt more like a Tech demo.  I always wanted the game to grow.  I will contribute to this crowdfund for that PC release.  

  • Dan_Y

     I really don’t care for Skullgirls and think most of the characters are pretty bland and boring, but even I have to admit that this guy looks awesome. Describing him as Q but good only seals the deal. If they end up putting him into the game, I may strongly consider actually buying the game just for this guy.

    A buddy of mine also showed me another character who is apparently a boxing anvil I guess? (I think his name was Two-Ton Tony or something similar) I know they probably wouldn’t have been as popular as the characters they went with, but more stuff like that would’ve sold me in an instant.