Big Band Story and Thematic Details Added to Skullgirls Fundraising Page

By on February 27, 2013 at 12:50 pm

Remaining true to their promise of more Big Band details should their Squigly goals be reached, the folks at Lab Zero Games recently updated the Skullgirls fundraiser on Indiegogo with information regarding his background and thematic elements. We’ve included a short excerpt below, but be sure to visit the fundraiser’s official page for more.

Ben Birdland has seen a lot in his time, including the worst of the Grand War. But nothing was worse than what he saw as a beat cop in New Meridian. When he ran afoul of his crooked unit he was given a violent early retirement, and his broken body was left to spend the rest of its days in an iron lung.

We’re preparing to start work on Big Band, but here’s what we can tell you about him so far.

Big Band’s massive mechanical body is heavily armed with pneumatic weapons capable of generating powerful blasts of pressurized air. As his name implies, woodwinds, brass and percussion instruments are his forte, so expect him to produce variously-sized horns, flutes and drums for his attacks. Defensively, you can expect him to make good use of that dusty coat.

For example, he might open his coat to fire a barrage of mute missiles from trumpet cannons, or do an elbow drop using a giant saxophone. We’d also like to experiment with the idea of making his combos musical, perhaps sounding like improvisational jazz as you chain his attacks together.

We’ll begin concepting out some of Big Band’s attacks soon, and will be sharing progress with everyone as he develops! 

Lab Zero CEO Peter Bartholow also mentioned that they have restarted Squigly’s development and are currently in the pre-production stages for Big Band. Feel free to follow the link below to the fundraiser and see what you can do to help them achieve their stretch goals.

Source: Skullgirls Indiegogo