Skullgirls Indiegogo Fundraiser Now Live, More Squigly Gameplay Details Revealed

By on February 25, 2013 at 11:35 am

This morning, the folks over at Lab Zero Games officially opened their Skullgirls fundraising drive on Indiegogo. Now you can donate in the hopes that they will reach their goal of releasing Squigly and several other DLC characters for the indie fighter. The page divulges a ton of information, including more details on Squigly’s background and gameplay, personal reward tiers, a breakdown of the $150,000 goal, and more.

The page also contains a video featuring Alex Ahad and the newly-bald Mike Z explaining the project and Squigly’s playstyle. Though she utilizes stances, she will play more like Guilty Gear’s Johnny than Street Fighter’s Gen. She will enter a stance and pressing a button will then cause her to use a move from that stance, made more powerful with different properties based on how long she was in the stance. In addition, she has power over space and time, allowing her to do cool things like change the game camera’s focus, which shifts the boundaries of the stage and pushes characters who are attempting to run away closer to her. More details on her gameplay can be found on the fundraiser page.

As is common with fundraisers of this type, different donation amounts will net you different rewards. Donating $5 gets you Skullgirls PC wallpapers, $10 gets you a Skullgirls soundtrack, $30 gets you Skullgirls on PC complete with early beta access and a Leviathan Team Fortress 2 hat, and $50 gets you a poster, sketchbook, and a code for Half-Minute Hero on Steam. The rewards just get crazier from there, including an opportunity to have you or a character of your design put into a Skullgirls stage. Also, every contributor who gives $30 or more will have their name listed in the credits.

The fundraiser page also shows off a list of silhouettes for a possible third downloadable character. Many of these silhouettes are recognizable, including characters like Umbrella, Marie, Black Dhalia, Miss Victoria, D. Violet, Annie of the Stars, Stanley Whitefin: The Science Shark, Leduc, Hive, Braindrain, Andy Anvil, nearly every member of Cerebella’s Cirque de Cartes, Yuan, Minette, Beowulf and his folding chair THE HURTING!, Number 13 and Juju, Panzerfaust, Scythana, Venus Lovelace, Aeon, several members of Parasoul’s Black Egrets, and even the full demon form of Samson with Filia riding on his back!

At the time of writing, the fundraiser campaign has already raised over $33,000, setting them on a nice, brisk pace towards the $150,000 goal. If you’re in a charitable mood and want to see some more Skullgirls content, follow the link below for more information.

Source: Indiegogo, tips via Noah V. and Disco-Lemonade

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