CURLEH MUSTACHE BATTLE ROYAL – A Special Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Regional 5v5 Tournament at FINAL ROUND 16

By on February 25, 2013 at 8:53 pm

Earlier today, Sp00ky of Team Sp00ky hosted a stream with IFC YipeS of BROKENTIER, Larry “ShinBlanka” Dixon, organizer of FINAL ROUND, and John “SweetJohnnyCage” Gallagher, co-organizer of East Coast Throwdown, to discuss some of the details for the upcoming FINAL ROUND 16. One subject that came up in the discussion was CURLEH MUSTACHE BATTLE ROYAL, which was briefly teased in the second FR16 trailer.

CURLEH MUSTACHE BATTLE ROYAL is an Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 regional 5v5 tournament, a collaboration of IFC YipeS’ Curleh Mustache invitational series, Team SP00ky and FINAL ROUND. The tournament is capped at 16 teams, each approved by YipeS, and will be played out in standard winner-stays-on team format. With a double-elimination bracket, this special tournament seeks to prove just which region is the strongest.

Larry also mentioned there will be be a regional 5v5 at FR16 for Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

FINAL ROUND 16 is set for March 29-31 in Atlanta, Georgia. Only 16 days remain to prepay for FINAL ROUND 16, though online registration remains available until March 15. To register online, check the FR website at

Below are a list of the teams currently confirmed for the tournament. Note that some of the individual team members may be uncertain.

Team Latin America
Neo Karsh

Team NorCal
Filipino Champ
CJ Showstopper
PR Balrog
ShadyK (?)

Team SoCal
Justin Wong, plus his selections

Team NYC
IFC Yipes
Noel Brown

Team Georgia
Roach King
Some Brown Kid

Team Mid-Atlantic
DJ Huoshen
RyRy (?)

Team Midwest
OmG iTz Andre

Source: Team Sp00ky

  • AkaeSilence

    Wish Marlin Pie instead of Moons

    • MarlinPie is New Jeresy

  • itsmayho

    Team GA —
    FR RoachKing, FR TooMuchDamage, FR SumBrwnKid, Drugged Fox, DapVip

  • IivingIegend

  • Andy Garron

    Where is team FL?

  • IivingIegend

    and the winner is…
    team nyc

  • jakdripr

    5v5 double elim with a 16 team cap? Oooooooh boy, this could take a while.

  • Team NYC takes this free

  • Jake Long

    I want the remainder of Justin’s team to be known as “his selections” throughout the tournament, no matter who he picks.   I want to see Combofiend not be called Combofiend all weekend, just “His Selections #2.”

  • liam maps

    I count only 7 teams. There should be a wild card team like EVO 2009.
    We can get Marlin Pie and some of the Norcal 2nd stringers on there.
    Calling them 2nd stingers doesn’t do them justice but yeah.

  • Juan Torres

    Let´s go Latin America!!! 

  • lordrockman

    Lets go! Latin America!!!

  • Chris G and Yipes on the same team = game over for everyone else

    • are you kidding me, look at FChamp and PRBalrog, Balrogs been playing like a beast lately.

      • Zachary K Sporn

        If by lately you mean prior to WB 7, this past weekend. 

        • sb

          LOL thats cold man

        • Legendary DVDA

           yes a devastating second place to probably the best player atm Chris G

          • Thesimpleway

             he was close to losing to Yipes too. very close.

  • Seriphx

    Team NYC is a problem…don’t really any of the other teams are really seeing them in this.

  • Zachary K Sporn

    Oh please Dear Gods of Marvel let Team Japan with Kusoru, Mame Spider, Abegen, Nemo, etc. be a thing. Fuck it, I’d support a donation drive just to fly Kusoru back over for the runback. 

    • Jake Long


    • Johnny Donuts

       dude Kusoru is free, he knows it, thats why he doesnt come back.

      • yamato101ps

        Best username on DISQUS/SRK.

  • Zonder88

    Team NYC is the most stacked team so far, with Team NorCal being the 2nd. It all depends on who’s in Team SoCal now.

  • Jdeep Singh

    hmm who will Justin pick? Marn? Fanatiq+knives? Infrint? Visant? It is depressing down there now

    • Zachary K Sporn

      My guess: Someone who can do lightning loops, someone with nova/spencer, someone from AGE, and someone weird like Royal Flush or LLND. 

  • I should be on team nyc naw’m sayin??

  • BeholdMyPower

    This will take an age to finish.

  • Jason Knapich

    NYC team is easily the strongest team.  They takin this free, I’d say put Dieminion on it though instead of Noel Brown or maybe BUM but doubt he’s goin to Georgia heh

  • Team FR is strong

  • Sage

    Why the fuck would they put Noel Brown and Moonz over Flux and Fooblat?

    • yamato101ps

      I’m pretty sure anyone would put a black guy and a Mexican guy on a Marvel team instead of two white guys any day of the week.

      White people suck at fighting games.

      •  Didn’t Viscant win EVO 2011?

        Didn’t Apologyman make an awesome showing at SCR and beat the EVO 2012 Champion?

        Didn’t Warahk beat Mr.KOF at SCR?

        Your racism has no backing.

        • Joy Omar

          apology man is white?!!!!!!!

  • Is that supposed to be “Battle Royal” or “Battle Royale”?