Darkstalkers Resurrection – Capcom’s System Mechanics Tutorial

By on February 24, 2013 at 1:05 pm

The guys over at Capcom-Unity recently uploaded a beginners guide on how to play Darkstalkers in preparation for the upcoming release of the Darkstalkers Resurrection bundle. Narrated by Combofiend, it goes over the necessary tools you’ll need to learn system mechanics like dashing, push blocking, guard cancelling, chain combos and more.

Resurrection’s release date is set for March 12th (PSN) and March 13th (XBLA), so mark your calenders, check this video out, and prepare yourself for some great old-school action.

Source: Capcom

  • A lil late, aren’t we SRK?

    • Louis Lam

      Did you send a tip?

  • WeirdingWay

    “dashing, push blocking, guard cancelling, chain combos”

    Man you’ve gotta be new to fighters in general to not know this

    • 2Chep

      Push blocks work VERY different in Darkstalkers compared to other Vs games.

    • Justin Archer

      That doesn’t make sense. I don’t have to be new to fighters just Darkstalkers. SF4 doesn’t have a pushblock or guard cancels and only some characters have full chain combos. So yeah they are just informing you of which fighting game mechanics are in this game. it has nothing to do with not knowing what they are, necessarily.

  • Austin Davoren

    Uh, did Combofiend play Vsav?
    I don’t remember.

  • Didn’t know DS had push blocking…wow it was inb4 every thing else almost unless another game beat it to the punch. I learned something new