Skullgirls Currently the #1 Downloadable PlayStation 3 Title in Japan

By on February 21, 2013 at 11:31 am

Only a week after its release, Skullgirls has taken Japan by storm, quickly climbing to the #1 slot on the PlayStation Network’s list of top downloadable PlayStation 3 titles. The indie fighter saw a similar performance in the United States when it dropped in April of 2012. Hopefully this increased fan response overseas will aid Lab Zero in their quest to eventually expand the game with new downloadable content.

Source: PlayStation Network Japan Magazine via Skullheart, tip via James R.

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  • Raymond

    WOOT. Skullgirls.

  • James Reilly
  • James Reilly

    Congrats Lab Zero

  • OnDrawnWings

    Go Lab Zero! 32 characters for the sequel.

    • AriesWarlock

      and Frank Cho as the artist!

      • Gethoff Mahfacebuk

        And more characters that aren’t total sluts please!  Couldn’t make it work with solo Peacock, in the end.

        Was hype for Peacock/Big Band team, and then it never happened. Just lost interest.

        • Alex –

          how dare you call my waifu a slut

        • Ty Arnold



          Ms. Fortune? (debatably)

        • fiks

          “Oh no, Painwheel’s raggedy clothes show skin! What a total slut! Double’s amorphous blob transformations involve charas who “are sluts”! What a total slut! This means i can’t play other characters besides peacock at all because some sexual expression is horribbbblle!”


        • I agree, all female rosters tend to alienate the player base. Skullguys have been promised so I will give the game a second go around. I know that sounds dumb or sexist to some, but I just like contrast between characters (and not feeling like a total perv when my GF walks in the room).

  • smartkiller984

    Im happy skullgirls is getting the love it deserves.

  • Max Cancel

    Just make skullgirls 2 already

    • Gethoff Mahfacebuk

       YOU go make Skullgirls 2.  That shit takes a lot of work.

  • EA575


  • AriesWarlock

    I don’t doubt it. Go to Pixiv and see the amount of Skullgirls fanart there is.

  • Kendall Kildare


  • Kendall Kildare

     I know right.

  • Hays Kronke

    Can anybody stop this fighting machine?!

    • Daniel Song


  • Vaughn Anderson

    Yay! ^w^

  • costoms

    So i guess once the release it on PC that would be enough verification that we want MORE and the INEVITABLE SEQUEL. 

  • Oni Ishida

    I’ll be happier once they port this to more consoles. Just having it on the HD twins and PC isn’t enough. Port it to the DSi shop, the 3DS eshop, the U’s Eshop, Wiiware, and the PSVita, and I’ll be really happy for Lab Zero. They did some good work making a fighting game, and they did a good job on making it both technical for fighting vets, while still being fun for newcomers to the genre. But the fact that they lazily ported it to the PC, and left out other consoles, leaves me unable to actually care. They had Konami behind them for this, there was really no excuse.

    • CptPokerface

      Skullgirls doesn’t need to be ported to every single console to sell well. I don’t think the demand for fighters on nintendo systems are even close to being enough to warrant the effort of porting it to those systems.

      • Snow Loss

        In all seriousness the last decent fighter on a Nintendo system was Bleach Dark Souls.

        • CptPokerface

          Never played it personally but I heard it was broken in some regards but fun nonetheless.

    •  I like how you say lazily ported when the game hasn’t been ported yet and its even going to get added features that the console versions don’t have lol.

    • KoKuTanLuFi

      Dude are you serious? Get out of here if all your complaining about is the lack of the game being on 3DS, DSi and Wiiware. Better money up and get the systems you need or a PC. I’d rather see them work on new DLC then try to port it even more. One of the Major consoles and/or PC is all you need.

    • MasterScrub

      Please, tell my why in the actual fuck putting Skullgirls on a dead handheld’s e-shop and a dead console’s e-shop is a good idea. No, really, I’m curious. Your insane thought process leaves me extremely intrigued.

  • Zonder88

    They really should get to work on making more characters now that they got plenty of revenue. The small roster is really killing the game’s interest among many.

    It shouldnt take this long just to pump out a SQUIGLY.

    • Michael Zaimont

      Who says any of this means revenue for the dev team?  Idealism has nothing to do with business.

    • sb

      Just stick to playing games bro and let the devs do what they do

    • Eric Nguyen

      Last I heard, Lab Zero gets no cut of the revenue until Konami and Autumn Games gets through the lawsuit situation.

  • Nickolej Villiger

    Can’t wait to see some Japanese monsters dissect this game. I’m sure we will see some amazing play on Nico Video soon enough.

  • BeholdMyPower

    Wow, all the way back in April that Schoolgirls was launched? Time flies. Looking forward to that 360 patch…whenever it is.

    • Michael Zaimont

      Us too.  >.<

  • Know_the_ledge


  • Jose Emmanuel Argao

    These past few days SG online has been extremely active in Japan. The players are pretty good too. If SG can keep this momentum I can totally see a ton of monsters rising up from the east.

  • KoKuTanLuFi

    I want my PC game now please. 

  • Thats because Japan actually play fighting games, not only… You know.

  • Shikuru

    I knew they would love this game.

  • Shame it couldn’t come out on 360 too, otherwise it wouldn’t have had it’s thunder stolen by Fez like it’s US release.

  • *Breakfast Club fist raised in air*

  • meowklaski

    now if it will actually appear at a major or two…

    • GHNeko

       its appearing at quite a few tourneys now.

      • meowklaski

         not recently

        • Caleb Scottie Spicer

          i got announced a few months ago that skullgirls will be at CEO and ufgt9,its appearing in alot more locals now too

  • Kaihedgie
  • KubikiriTurkojin

    love the music, hate the art, like the fighting mechanics, but not a fan of the gameplay style. 

  • heatEXTEND

    good shit