Infiltration Announces Departure from Western Wolves

By on February 21, 2013 at 12:06 pm

After convincing victories at EVO 2012 and Capcom’s Street Fighter 25th Anniversary grand finals, Seonwoo “Infiltration” Lee was without a doubt the player of the year and one many competitors had their eyes on entering 2013. But, in an interesting move, he announced earlier this morning that he will be parting ways with sponsor Western Wolves.

While there’s no clear indication where Infiltration will land after leaving the competitive gaming organization, he undoubtedly has something lined up that sparked this drastic move. We’ve reached out to Infiltration and Western Wolves for a comment on this situation, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated as this story progresses. For now, we would like to wish both good luck in their future endeavors.

Source: Infiltration

  • gonna lol like hell if it’s madcatz

    • Brett (ブレット)

      They still have Daigo

    • Ravepulse

       WW is a branch of Mad Catz.

      • Guest

        I wouldn’t call them a branch of Madcatz since MCZ is just one of the many sponsors WW has. It’s like saying EG is a branch of Intel.

    • darkitan .

      Daigo and infiltration in the same team, Holy shit!

      MCZ , they would be the best! with that comp.

  • wBENDERw

    wow but im sure he will end up somewhere

  • Pikazuya

    He’s already part of MCZ. FailFish

    Also, you can see the MCZ symbol on his shirt.

    • lol thats because western wolves is sponsored by madcatz, he was never “in MCZ”

  • RobertEspaillat

    EG Infiltration Or Just MCZ Infiltration

    • SohoX

      Probably reading into it too much, but Justin and Ricky both replied to his tweet in an odd manner.  I wouldn’t be shocked if it was EG.  As a whole organization, they’re quite big.

  • gigaxbuster

    inb4 emp jokes. I could see just MCZ Infiltration

    • SpecDotSign

       Dammit you beat me to it! Good one!

  • Is Laugh coming with him?>

    • RenaTurnip

      This is my main concern. I am rather fond of Laugh.

  • Zonder88

    Hope this doesnt mean he’s quitting competitive fighting games. He’s to beastly to quit on us.

    • SohoX

       Considering the money he has been raking in, I don’t think you have to worry about that.

  • chances are that EG offered him a way better deal, and EMP cant afford infiltration.

  • darkitan .

    MCZ Infiltration Incoming.

    holy shit, daigo and infiltration in the same team? thats would be grea

  • Alex Cintron

    EG or Razer.
    He was technically a part of MadCatz already. So he might still be with MadCatz, but not representing WW.

  • Capcom I Infiltration

  • xanderglz

    Triforce must NOT lose this one. EMP|Infiltration incoming

  • TwitchyGuy

    BRZ | Infiltration. Kappa

    • xanderglz

      The best idea I’ve read in this post. Go Infil, win ‘yo money, get some pussy. Win-win situation.

  • Mitchell Clarke

    EG.Infiltration, duh

  • Andrew Espinoza

    Haha. That’s me behind him in that picture.

  • Lawrence Ohh

    what? Why did WW drop Infiltration. He’s like the #1 mascot player in Korea. Oh well, hopefully, another huge sponsor picks him up.

    • RenaTurnip

      I have doubts that they dropped him, over him leaving of his own accord. I’d be surprised to learn otherwise, though.

    • sb

      Learn to read better


    Mike Ross Infiltration

    • Otherwise known as MR | Infiltration? They should get team shirts that say “Imma do it” on the back.

  • Michael Gacillos O’Hair

    Victory is victory; convincing others is not part of the equation.
    May Seonwoo continue kick ass no matter what banner he flies.

  • joe

    BT Infiltration


    I’m sure infiltration got offered a better deal by a larger organization than WW. He stayed with them for quite sometime and brought them a lot of good press so I hope there are no hard feelings from WW. I would guess EG over MCZ because the 3 american top players in EG all seem to be good friends with him while I don’t think he has the same rapport with Daigo, Tokido and Mago. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if many Japanese top players do not like him at all because Japan and Korea have had a long history as rivals.

  • Rizhall

    Korea | Infiltration

  • SlayerS_Infiltration

  • XaviIniesta

    Cafe ID Infiltration