Blanka/Ogre Capable of Glitching Kuma in Street Fighter x Tekken ver. 2013

By on February 20, 2013 at 1:04 pm

ENDZ510 recently sent in some footage of a glitch his friend discovered in Street Fighter x Tekken ver. 2013 that involves a team of Blanka and Ogre. Apparently, upon performing a Cross Art with that pairing, it’s possible to freeze Kuma in place. This appears to last indefinitely, and the uploader even mentions that it messes with timed rounds as well, allowing you to walk around a bit after they have reached zero.

Luckily, the glitch is only possible against Kuma at this point in time with that specific team order. Check out the video below and let us know what you think.

Source: ENDZ510

  • broken… you can charge a full Ogre’s super art with no cost of meter and kill the “recovery health bar” … Kuma praying to Ogre kkkk

    •  Super arts don’t drain recoverable health. Only throws and cross arts. Although they do drain health and not give any recoverable health. So if someone has 100 points of receverable health, and gets hit with a super art, at the end, they will lose 300+ hp from the super, but still have 100 hp of recoverable, but not any more as if they just got hit with a 300+ dmg combo.

  • Kyrie Hartmann

    Like a inverse bullet dodge from matrix.

    With Bears.

  • Diss Willie

    This reminds me of the worst movie death scene of all time…Just die Kuma!

  • Pablo Valls Arlandis

    Well, this is definitely something they need to patch, because now that it’s of public knowledge people will start using it online only for trolling against Kumas

  • GHNeko

    Is it just me, or is it just impossible for SFxT to NOT have game-breaking glitches.

    Every update so far has had at least ONE severe glitch like this, regardless of how obscure or unlikely it is to occur.

  • Dantarion

    Kuma has this SAME problem before.
    Certain combos wouldn’t work on him because of his reeling animation. His head moves WAAAAY back.
    If I remember correctly, my friend kept doing NIna -> St.MP and it work whiff every time against kuma

  • This works in the PC version too so it’s not 2013 specific.

  • pootnannies

    the fuck is wrong with game developers these days? the older sf games had stuff like these but nowhere near as easy. the only other one i can think of is in 3S where if you n.threw makoto to finish a round in would freeze the game in some boards.
    now there are like a fuck ton of obvious glitches in sfxt. how much is it going to cost to fix this with ANOTHER update? stop depending so much on fucking updates to stay on schedule and budget. FUCK.

    • windsagio

      they don’t expect to make much money off it, so they cut costs on playtesting.

  • Julian GameHead Irwin

    oh noez a once in a million gltich is gonna destroy sfxt. dead game again is dead,RIP sfxt,jabxtimeout, ResidentSleeper,month 1 hype is gone now…..Kappa

  • Hotaka Saika

    Bout time anti kuma tech came up.

  • yo let’s go Blanka/Ogre troll teams

  • Zachary K Sporn

    It looks like it’s the result of Ogre’s part of the cross arts not connecting with Kuma’s hurt box. Could this be repeated with other combinations of cross arts/characters where the second part doesn’t connect with the hurt box of the reeling character? Do all/any other supers make Kuma reel back like that?

    • Zachary K Sporn

      Or, alternatively, does this still work in the corner?

  • Michael Zaimont

    One of the basic lessons of fighting game design is “don’t allow any stun to last forever”.  I’d expect Capcom to have the top ten design rules engraved into the wall by now.

    It’s especially weird considering that in this case (the hitstun between two characters in a team super) there’s no need for an infinite stun at all – that stun doesn’t have to be longer than the longest 2nd-person startup, which can’t be more than like 20 frames…not to mention that there’s also no reason for the hits of a 2nd-person team super to be anything other than gigantic boxes that reach everywhere, since if you get to that part of the super it’s basically a cinematic.

    Not horribly game breaking, but it makes me wonder what else they didn’t do properly.

    • Joshua B

       What are the other top 9 design rules?

    • windsagio

      see the last example with Blanka 😉

  • $21192153

    Ono probably sneaked that glitch in there. lol

  • Garrett M. DeCrosta

    When will everyone realize that. . . . This Game Still Sucks? Good job Capcom once again. You finally fixed a game that we hated since day 1 a good 3-5 months later. Oh wait, you didn’t fix it.

    • Julian GameHead Irwin

      yes cuz everyone plays Blanka/Ogre……. try harder pl0x….

      • OrehRatiug

        So because not everyone plays the composition this isn’t a bad thing? If someone plays Kuma the other person cannot play Blanka/Ogre. Or vice versa, even if it is a rarity it is still retarded. 

        • ざくや けよ

           Because you can counter pick Blank/Ogre, when you run in a Kuma right?

  • NicolaAcoust

    Well… I was completely on board in the hating-this-game train, but now I know that the charm on this one doesn’t resides on it’s quality or balance, but in it’s vast and odd roster, and wierd gameplay mechanics… it’s borderline serius to me, and I like it that it takes risks, it’s an odd game, somewhat expansive… I don’t know, I feel weird about this game, and now I kinda like it again (not because of the glitch).

  • Andre Theriault

    Who plays with Kuma anyway? Everybody seems to play with Alisa and Juri.

  • Wulfsten

    Doesn’t seem any worse than an infinite to me. In fact, it seems less game-breaking. Infinites can often be executed by a single character, and on more than one opponent in the cast. This also doesn’t deal any damage – if you hit Kuma, he’s back out of stun state.  That said, it is embarrassing and it definitely does need to be patched. Doesn’t look like a complicated thing to patch, though.

  • Zonder88

    Wouldnt be SFxT without major game breaking glitches, hue

  • b2j135


  • drekerr

    Technically this is an infinite at the same time. Glitch once, then whiff a normal to build back the meter, and do it again.

  • Reginald Kelly

    Um, you cant counter pick online lol, doesnt let you see who your opponent picks lololol. and it cost all your meter, and its basically a stall tactic, if u dont have the life lead, its pretty much worthless. blanka is now the worst character in the game with yoshis buffs making him good, so what part of this is a problem? and im pretty sure kuma is better than both of these characters. so when will this ever matter? who cares about online trolling. all u gotta do is hit that big ole XBOX button in the middle and restart lol. or the ps3 button. itll get patched, but they dont need to rush it lol. 

  • Smokey Amp

    Did the video really need to show it seven times?