Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike – 50 Minutes of Y・S・B and His Amazing Hugo

By on February 17, 2013 at 10:08 am

TheShend recently posted this video of some amazing Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike play from Japan. Originally taken from KSK’s Gamer Vision arcade, the video showcases Y・S・B, who has a really mean Hugo. Now, anyone familiar with 3rd Strike would recognize the fact that Hugo is generally considered to be a lower tier character, however you wouldn’t be able to tell based on how well Y・S・B plays him.

Source: KSK via TheShend

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  • Mihail Palov

    BAAM!!! BAAuM!! BAAUM!!!!

  • But is he better than Hayao?  Gonna watch this.  

    • kn3ll

      i think so

      • Yan Paq

        hmm don’t think so. Hayao’s hugo is a monster with really strong parry skill and 720° in da face setup. 

  • Vandarkholme

    but hugo is mid tier now


     No, he isn’t.  Hugo is 2nd from the bottom.  The tier list on the SRK wiki is one top player’s personal tier list and is also HORRIBLY out of date (we’re talking 5+ years old here).  Here is the current tier list:

    • Deemo Kun

      No way is 12 above Hugo, who made that stinker of a tier list?

    • Vandarkholme


  • Kyle Hadfield

    this guys hugo is INSANE

  • Y.S.BEAST !

  • heatEXTEND