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FINALROUNDBATS in Japan celebrates Valentine’s Day with its February event! As usual, FRB will have tournaments for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Tekken Tag Tournament 2. The winner of the ranbat season for UMvC3 will win a trip to FINAL ROUND XVI in Atlanta this March.

FRB★07 is also the first qualifier for KVO 2013 x GODSGARDEN x a-cho (KGA 2013) The two finalists for today’s UMvC3 tournament will qualify for UMvC3 at the April 27-28 KGA 2013.

TTT2 Challonge Bracket
UMvC3 Challonge Bracket

G.X, VX, ABEGEN, Udateras, niceboy, Tonosama, Shimada, OGTY, tenboss and Y-sk are among the players attend this month’s FRB, so the UMvC3 tournament should be quite exciting. Watch below!

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11PM EST, 8PM PST – Open/Registration, Free Play / Practice
1AM EST, 10PM PST Tekken Tag Tournament 2
1:30 AM EST, 10:30PM PST – Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 (64 Players Max!)
7AM EST, 4AM PST – Girl’s Only! ¥10,000 Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Tournament
8:30AM EST, 5:30AM PST – Free Play Matches / Grudge Matches / Dessert Cups


Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

1. Sio (X-23/Vergil/Rocket Raccoon)
2. VX (Dante/Doctor Doom/Phoenix)
3. Tonosama (Morrigan/Rocket Raccoon/Shuma-Gorath, Shuma-Gorath/Rocket Raccoon/Amaterasu)
4. Manjuu (Magneto/Doctor Doom/Vergil, Nova/Doctor Doom/Vergil)
5. Udaterasu (Amaterasu/Red Arremer/Vergil) 5. Moonwalker (Spencer/Doctor Strange/Hawkeye)
5. OGTY (Nova/Doctor Doom/Super-Skrull, Nova/Doctor Doom/Deadpool)
5. CAT DRUGS (Spider-Man/Wesker/Phoenix)
9. G.X (Spencer/Hulk/Doctor Doom)
9. TACK (Gouki/Taskmaster/Hawkeye)
9. Jama Joe (Viewtiful Joe/Dante/Iron Man)
9. Shimada (Taskmaster/Doctor Doom/Rocket Raccoon, Haggar/Doctor Doom/Dormammu)
9. tenboss (X-23/Vergil/Doctor Strange)
9. OTGY (M.O.D.O.K./Vergil/Rocket Raccoon)
9. Kei
9. Heartslink

VX wins the FINALROUNDBATS 2o12-2013 season, earning a trip to FINAL ROUND XVI.

Grand Finals

VX (Dante/Doctor Doom/Phoenix) vs. Sio (X-23/Vergil/Rocket Raccoon) – 0-3

3rd Place Match

Manjuu (Magneto/Doctor Doom/Vergil, Nova/Doctor Doom/Vergil) vs. Tonosama (Shuma-Gorath/Rocket Raccoon/Amaterasu) – 0-2


VX (Dante/Doctor Doom/Phoenix) vs. Manjuu (Magneto/Doctor Doom/Vergil) – 2-0
Sio (X-23/Vergil/Rocket Raccoon) vs. Tonosama (Rocket Raccoon/Morrigan/Amaterasu) – 0-2

Top 8

Udaterasu (Amaterasu/Red Arremer/Vergil) vs. Manjuu (Magneto/Doctor Doom/Vergil) – 0-2
Moonwalker (Spencer/Doctor Strange/Hawkeye) vs. VX (Dante/Doctor Doom/Phoenix) – 1-2
OGTY (Nova/Doctor Doom/Super-Skrull) vs. Tonosama (Morrigan/Rocket Raccoon/Amaterasu) – 0- 2
CAT DRUGS (Spider-Man/Wesker/Phoenix) vs. Sio (X-23/Vergil/Rocket Raccoon) – 0-2

Top 16

VX (Dante/Doctor Doom/Phoenix) vs. G.X (Spencer/Hulk/Doctor Doom) – 2-0
TACK (Gouki/Taskmaster/Hawkeye) vs. Tonosama (Shuma-Gorath/Rocket Raccoon/Amaterasu) – 0-2
Moonwalker (Spencer/Doctor Strange/Hawkeye) vs. Jama Joe (Viewtiful Joe/Dante/Iron Man) – 2-0
OGTY (Nova/Doctor Doom/Deadpool, Nova/Doctor Doom/Super-Skrull) vs. Shimada (Taskmaster/Doctor Doom/Rocket Raccoon, Haggar/Doctor Doom/Dormammu) – 2-1
CAT DRUGS (Spider-Man/Wesker/Phoenix) vs. tenboss (X-23/Vergil/Doctor Strange) – 2-1
OTGY vs. Manjuuoff-stream
Udaterasu vs. Kei – off-stream
Heartslink vs. Sio – off-stream

Early Round Match Log

Chikurin (Wesker/Hawkeye/Super-Skrull) vs. G.X (Spencer/Hulk/Doctor Doom) – 0-2
Jonsf (C.Viper/Doctor Doom/Strider Hiryu) vs. MGN (Zero/Dante/Sentinel) – 0-2
Kan (Vergil/Lei-Lei/Ghost Rider) vs. Jama Joe (Viewtiful Joe/Dante/Iron Man) – 0-2
KSK (Frank West/Vergil/Dante) vs. Iron (Nova/Iron Man/Vergil) – 2-1
OTGY (M.O.D.O.K./Vergil/Rocket Raccoon) vs. PacP (Nova/Doctor Doom/Vergil) – 2-1
Udaterasu (Amaterasu/Red Arremer/Vergil) vs. Professor (Zero/Haggar/Sentinel) – 2-0
ABEGEN (Tron/Thor/She-Hulk) vs. Peko Max (Wolverine/Magneto/Sentinel) – 2-0
Sentence (Captain America/Vergil/Hawkeye) vs. Anyhow (Morrigan/Doctor Doom/Vergil) – 1-2
BZGaga (Ryu/Wesker/Hawkeye) vs. TACK (Gouki/Taskmaster/Hawkeye) – 0-2
Shun (Ghost Rider/Taskmaster/Vergil) vs. Tonosama (Morrigan/Rocket Raccoon/Amaterasu) – 0-2
Uhiaha (Nova/Doctor Doom/Vergil) vs. Wakame (Frank West/Thor/Dormammu) – 2-1
Ieyu (Viewtiful Joe/Vergil/Rocket Raccoon) vs. Shimada (Taskmaster/Doctor Doom/Rocket Raccoon, Haggar/Doctor Doom/Dormammu) – 1-2
Chikuwa (Arthur/Doctor Strange/Super-Skrull) vs. Bireleys (Nova/Doctor Strange/Spencer) – 2-0
Tjima (Wolverine/Captain America/Doctor Doom) vs. Y-sk (Taskmaster/Dante/Vergil) – 0-2
 Sio (X-23/Vergil/Rocket Raccoon) vs. Sasami (Nova/Doctor Doom/Vergil) – 2-0
LIBRA (Zero/Magneto/Vergil) vs. Moritika Kamelard (Rocket Raccoon/Frank West/Haggar) – 0-2
CAT DRUGS (Spider-Man/Wesker/Phoenix) vs. Noyashi (Wolverine/Iron Fist/Vergil) – 2-0
Mulciber113 (Thor/X-23/Taskmaster) vs. G.X (Spencer/Hulk/Doctor Doom) – 0-2
KSK (Frank West/Vergil/Dante, Frank West/Dante/Haggar) vs. Jama Joe (Viewtiful Joe/Dante/Iron Man) – 1-2
VX (Dante/Doctor Doom/Phoenix) vs. Hirojya (Spencer/Super-Skrull/Ryu) – 2-0
Qnel (Red Arremer/Doctor Strange/Magneto) vs. OTGY (M.O.D.O.K./Vergil/Rocket Raccoon) – 1-2
ABEGEN (Tron/Thor/She-Hulk) vs. Manjuu (Magneto/Doctor Doom/Vergil) – 1-2
Gottsu (Nova/Doctor Doom/Amaterasu) vs. TACK (Gouki/Taskmaster/Hawkeye) – 0-2
Udaterasu (Amaterasu/Red Arremer/Vergil) vs. niceboy (Viewtiful Joe/Rocket Raccoon/Hawkeye, Captain America/Thor/Hawkeye) – 2-0
OGTY (Nova/Doctor Doom/Super-Skrull) vs. Rottomen (Spencer/Doctor Doom/Super-Skrull) – 2-1
Uhiaha (Nova/Doctor Doom/Vergil) vs. Tonosama (Shuma-Gorath/Rocket Raccoon/Amaterasu, Morrigan/Rocket Raccoon/Amaterasu) – 1-2
Y-sk (Vergil/Dante/Taskmaster) vs. tenboss (X-23/Doctor Strange/Vergil) – 0-2
CAT DRUGS (Spider-Man/Wesker/Phoenix) vs. Moritika Kamelard (Rocket Raccoon/Frank West/Haggar) – 2-1


Tekken Tag Tournament 2

1. AO (Violet/Lars, P.JACK/JACK-6, Bob/Lars, Lars/Alisa, Alisa/Miguel
2. Hirojya (Roger Jr./Ganryu)
3. Ieyu (Xiaoyu/Bob)
4. Doriden (Xiaoyu/Leo, Bryan/Bob)
5. niceboy (Paul)
5. G.X (Alisa/Yoshimitsu)
5. Jonsf
9. Taitsu (King
9. Chikurin (Anna/Lili)
9. Professor (Bob/Ganryu)
9. Achan (Nina)

Grand Finals

AO (Lars/Alisa, Alisa/Miguel) vs. Hirojya (Roger Jr./Ganryu) – 3-1

3rd Place Match

Ieyu (Xiaoyu/Bob) vs. Doriden (Bryan/Bob) – 2-0


Doriden (Xiaoyu/Leo) vs. AO (Bob/Lars) – 0-2
Ieyu (Xiaoyu/Bob) vs. Hirojya (Roger Jr./Ganryu) – 0-2

Top 8

niceboy (Paul) vs. Doriden (Xiaoyu/Leo) – 0-2
AO (P.JACK/JACK-6) vs. G.X (Alisa/Yoshimitsu) – 2-0
Ieyu (Xiaoyu/Bob) vs. SCOTT★POPULAR (Marduk) – 2-0
Jonsf vs. Hirojyaoff-stream

First Round

Taitsu (King) vs. Doriden (Leo/Xiaoyu) – 0-2
AO (Violet/Lars) vs. Chikurin (Anna/Lili) – 2-0
Ieyu (Xiaoyu/Bob) vs. Professor (Bob/Ganryu) – 2-0
Achan (Nina) vs. Hirojya (Dr. Bosconovitch/Yoshimitsu) – 0-2