Evo 2013 Intros, We Need Your Help!

By on February 15, 2013 at 9:09 am

Have you ever wanted to help out with our awesome EVO game intro videos?

Well here is your chance. We are looking for community members who love to make music, and would be interesting in submitting music for our intro trailers. These intros will be seen by millions, so this could be your chance to shine!

We are looking for up-tempo, fast paced music that can be used in a 60 second trailer to get the crowd going. The music must be composed or written by yourself, and you must be the copyright holder. Please, do not submit copyrighted music from video game franchises, as we are looking for original pieces only.

Please send a link to your file or a small sample MP3 to evomusic@shoryuken.com, using only a valid email address that you check regularly. All submissions are due on March 29, 2013.

Thanks, and Good Luck!

  • NyuBomber

    Well first, you have the sound of glass shattering, and then a heavy rock guitar riff starts up, something along the lines of Disturbed, and the Justin Wong walks out and down the ramp, all tough and roughneck, and when he gets to the ring, he goes to all four corners throwing up middle fingers.

    …Oh, wait. Well, good luck to the music makers, can’t wait to see what’s produced!

    • HombreGranJefe

       Only thing missing is a man with a half-paralyzed face screaming “OH MY GOD THAT’S JWONG’S MUSIC!”, and Diago attacking him with a fightstick from behind.


         Bah god! Bah god James didcha see that? Infiltration just hit Daigo over the back of the head with a steel Hori while Mr. Wizard was distracted by Kayo! Dirtiest player in the game I tell you what!  – Ultrachen evo 2013.

  • Umm, why not just buy the rights to the NBA on NBC theme… problem solved forever!

  • J.D SRK

    I hope EVO intros this year don’t have any lyrics.
    Intros full of crowd sounds and hype moments are what hype me the most.
    This UMVC3 intro gets me really hype until the lyrics start.
    I only like them with lyrics if they’re FGC related like Redrapper’s

  • soakrates

    Do the songs have to be no longer than 60 seconds? 

  • Novril

    Just not dubstep please!

  • TheStarryKnight

    ^^ an awesome original song about video games, hmm maybe just as an instrumental?

  • DigiWing

    ProjectDolphin I summon thee

    • GCBill

       All of my “yes!”

  • Angry Joshua

    Hire Red Rapper….Done

  • Lorance Carroll

    I may shoot some beats. Hope they like spacey stuff!

  • I seriously want to make it happen this year.  I hope the deadline will be extended by a bit, though.

  • Thomas Hansen

    Stop taking advantage of hard-working artists and just PAY someone for the use of their music.  Having contests like this does nothing but hurt artists everywhere.

    • Rahavic

      I’m fine with making a track for this. I don’t need anyone to pay me to do this lol

      • Thomas Hansen

         And by doing so you are contributing to the cultural lack of respect for artists.  Contests like this do nothing but harm.  Imagine if every industry worked this way.  Imagine that whenever someone’s toilet gets screwed up, they decide they’re going to call all the plumbers within a 20 mile radius, have each and every one of them work on fixing the toilet, and then only pay the one who you liked the best, or, like in this case, pay none of them at all.

  • Rahavic

    I’m in there! Expect something soon.

    Multiple entries ok? I crap 60 second tracks for breakfast. Been doin this 14 years lol

    • Milton O’Bannon

       Good luck!

  • NDLT


    KoF Intro right there ^

    • Los Illuminados


    • Jahmere Durham

      When it first came out i listend to it 25 times straight…..SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!!

    • Kr1spness

       So you can use in game character sfx so long as it’s an original beat?

  • Well Said Thomas Hansen, This is why FGC will never progress & will always be a shadow to other major competitive E-Sports. I love EVO & go every year for the past 3 Years & also donated to Super Arcade & Pay Subscription fees for chatting because the hard truth is that all Streaming/Tournaments/FGC Events operate on budgets (They have to make a profit to exist . For me it’s a Win/Win because your contributing to something that you love & Supporting the community because at the end of the day, it’s our wallets that speak what we like & don’t like. SOOOO “EVO ORGANIZERS” like the other FGC Commented, it’s a shame that you guys can’t hire some talented Artists from our FGC Community that would be a Win/Win situation for the FGC & the Event as well & Don’t try to make any excuses because I know EVO has a big operating budget & there are plenty of talented FGC Artists out there, I can even refer you to 1 if it need be. The Bottom line is if we don’t support our community one day it will die & of all the people “EVO Organizers” should know this better than “us”.

  • sibarraz

    KOF should have some techno music mixed with some mariachis

  • Gaute Vist Grong

    Fuck, I’ll give it a shot! Fighting Game-related music is kinda my shtick anyways, so this should be a good experience anyway. 😀