Super Turbo Revival Announces The ST Games for Evolution 2013

By on February 11, 2013 at 1:01 pm

Following the success of Evolution 2012’s Super Street Fighter II Turbo tournament series, TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS, Kuroppi and the Super Turbo Revival team are putting together another series for EVO 2013, THE ST GAMES. Like TOL, THE ST GAMES consists of a series of events held at major fighting game tournaments, culminating in the finals at Evolution 2013.

THE ST GAMES at EVO will be comprised of four tournaments:

Event #1: RATIO TOURNAMENT: Spend your points carefully to create the perfect team from the entire ST cast.

Event #2: 3 VS 3 TEAM TOURNAMENT: The quintessential, classic ST team event!

Event #3: CHARACTER LOCK TOURNAMENT: Choose your one true World Warrior, through thick and thin, in good times and in bad, in 9-1 matchups and 2-8’s!

Event #4: THE GRAND FINALE: Win 3/5 matches to advance, double elimination, no holds barred (although Akuma is)!

Each ST GAMES tournament awards points for the top 8 finishers as follows:

1st Place – 10 points
2nd Place – 7 points
3rd Place – 5 points
4th Place – 3 points
5th Place – 2 points
7th Place – 1 point

Players will also be able to earn a limited amount of points at the following tournaments:

  • So Cal Regionals – January 19th – Irvine, CA
  • Winter Brawl – February 23rd – 24th – Philadelphia, PA
  • Texas Showdown – April 12th – 14th – Houston, TX
  • Civil War – April 19th – 21st – Richmond, VA
  • East Coast Throwdown – May 18th – 19th – Morristown, NJ
  • Northwest Majors – TBA – Seattle, WA
  • Super Arcade – TBA – Walnut, CA

Each tournament awards points for the top 8 finishers as follows:

  • 1st Place – 5 points
  • 2nd Place – 4 points
  • 3rd Place – 3 points
  • 4th Place – 2 points
  • 5th – 8th Place – 1 point

The player with the overall highest score will become the 2013 ST GAMES Champion. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Players will be able to earn a maximum of 5 points prior to EVO.
If a player who has already earned 5 points places at a future tournament, those points will not be awarded. (Example: Player A wins 1st place and 5 points at Tournament A. Player A then goes on to win 1st place at Tournament B. Player A will not be awarded any points and those five points will not be awarded. The 2nd place finisher will be awarded 4 points as normal.)

Special Events

In addition to THE ST GAMES, two special events are planned for EVO 2013. One is the East vs. West (Versus-Gamestop style) 64-man Team Battle exhibition, played out Versus Game Stop-style, with the players broken into two teams of 32. The other is the AfroLegends (West Coast) vs Damdai (East Coast) 5 vs 5 Team Battle exhibition.

 Ratio Tournament

– You have a limited number of points to spend when choosing your characters. POINTS AND RATIOS TO BE ANNOUNCED.
– Characters must be chosen before the tournament begins.
– Character order may be switched between matches.
– The same character may be chosen multiple times but there will be a character limit of four.
– Double elimination.
– Akuma is banned.

3 vs 3 Team Tournament

– Winner stays on until he/she loses.
– Players must choose their character before the tournament begins.
– Player order may be switched between games.
– Each player on a team that places in the top 8 will receive points.
– One game per match. Double elimination.
– Akuma is banned.

Character Lock Tournament

– Players must choose their characters before the tournament begins.
– Each match is 3 out of 5 games.
– Double elimination.
– Akuma is banned.

  The Grand Finale

– Standard 3/5 Double Elimination ST tournament.
– Loser may switch characters.
– Each match is 3 out of 5 games.
– Double elimination.
– Akuma is banned.

Source: ST Revival

  • SovietGrammar

    atleast call DSP this time, just for funn

    •  this isn’t the PS1 ST he won’t be interested

      • SovietGrammar

        but still ST

  • TwitchyGuy

    F*cking awesome news!


    Poor Akuma Q_Q.

  • heatEXTEND

    o.o ratio 

  • Louis Lam

    Pretty sick how all top three donation drive games got huge tournaments anyways.

    • Jake Long

      Would’ve been Top 4 had Hasbro not cancelled Ignoring into Cease and Desist.

  • Nazareth Gabriel

    Holy shit, this is MUCH bigger in scope than TOL. I hope there are lots of foreign players too.

  • Art Salmons

    Come on, you have to get Chicago included in this!

  • kuroppi

    The tournament list isn’t completely finalized yet.

  • Why don’t we have this for 3S…  Where are those 3S revival heads at T___T

  • Natat

    ST? We can’t have that, we should have more tournaments for -quality- games like Marvel 3 and MK9!

  • Klimax

    nigga you cray

  • Eric Nguyen

    Did they already have this at SCR? Are we supposed to go back in time?

  • The game that provided the basis for 90% of 2D games and at least a part of Tekken is an ”  overrated, washed-up scrub game”?

    • GuyWithHands

      I dunno why people keep giving that kind of credit to ST.  To my knowledge, ST didn’t even predate the first Virtua Fighter. ST is a great game, of course, but the real hero to me, will always be the original SF2.  It was a sequel so good, you had to remind people that the first one even existed. 

      And let’s not forget, it only took 8 playable characters to change the face of gaming!

  • LunaSlave

    ST and KOF 98 (and its variants like 98 UM) are, in my opinion the all-time peak of fighting games. Both are close to perfection. Happy to see ST getting love – even though I can’t exactly say it’s getting the level of love it deserves compared to many newer titles.

    • superturbo

      Well said, couldn’t have said it any better. ST, KOF 98 (UM), KOF 2k2, SF: EX, VF5 FS, MK2, Garou: Mark Of The Wolves, “Real Bout: Fatal Fury Special”, and Tekken Tag (classic) are perhaps the best fighting games of all time in my book.

      “even though I can’t exactly say it’s getting the level of love it deserves compared to many newer titles.”

      ^Sadly agreed with that sentiment as well unfortunately. Perhaps its because the CPU is incredibly hard for scrubs to play on in this day and age. Compared to the easier options gamers are more use to receiving with other fighting games titles etc.

  • Liam Conlon

    super turbo classic or hd remix? I have honestly been out of the loop for a long time– the community doesn’t play hd at all anymore? I know sirlin super failed at balancing akuma, but everything else seemed to jive with everyone for a while at least.

    • HombreGranJefe

      I don’t know why HDR died, but I suspect it had something to do with Sirlin’s piss-poor attitude towards feedback.

      Also, I think Ken’s Fierce DP is a bit too fierce, seeing how it travels pretty much the entire screen.

  • Antonio Silva


  • godfist314

    Wow, this is insanely awesome! Not only is the Tournament of Legends returning but there will be a 64 man East vs West and…4 other competitions?! This is so ambitious that I’m a little scared.

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    oh yeah!

  • Jon Nitti

    win points at SCR?   too bad that already happened before this was announced.

    • kuroppi

      We had announced prior to SCR that those results would be tied in to EVO.

  • Love the love for ST.

    Not enough love for HF, which is arguably just as much the definitive SF2 game as ST is.

    • undamned

       Just game my nephew a HF cab, this last Christmas.  Not even joking.

  • Definitely going to be in ST at Winter Brawl…