Mane6 Receives Cease and Desist from Hasbro, My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic Development Shut Down

By on February 9, 2013 at 12:52 am

Mane6 updated their website earlier today with a bit of unfortunate news regarding the development of their My Little Pony fighter, Fighting is Magic. Hasbro, the property’s current trademark holders, sent the studio a cease and desist letter that effectively prohibits them from moving forward with the title. While Mane6 still hopes that some sort of agreement can be reached, their attempts to communicate with Hasbro have gone unanswered.

Their full statement has been included below. We would like to wish Mane6 luck as they move forward.

Hello, everyone.

We have what for most will be bad news, for us are terrible news, and for a selected few might actually be good news.

We have received a C&D letter from Hasbro’s Legal representatives, asking us to cease game development, remove any materials that might contain My Little Pony characters, names, locations or related elements from the sites we control (Our site, our youtube, our twitch), and “cease any further use of [their] MY LITTLE PONY property”.

Options have been considered, lawyers have been contacted, and resources have been (mostly) exhausted.

We have attempted negotiating with Hasbro for the continued use of the property in our non-profit, voluntary project, but so far we haven’t received an answer. As such, we’re complying with the contents of the C&D letter until we receive answer from their PR and/or Legal departments.

We also want to inform the general public of the final and irrevocable resignation of James Workman (Elosande) from the Mane6 DevTeam, effective February 6, 2013, as well as reminding of the final and irrevocable resignation of Prominence, effective January 30, 2012. The Mane6 DevTeam no longer represents their interest, nor do they represent ours.

We’ll keep everyone posted as the situation evolves, but be aware we might not be able to respond to comments and questions due to the delicate nature of the situation.

Thanks for following our project so far.

Source: Mane6, tips via Chris B., Rick, Phillip J.

  • sludgepuppy

    My Little Pony: Fighting is Tragic

  • lol, looks like all the haters reporting to Hasbro worked.

    • Timothy Ian McMillan

      Yup, our mission is accomplished.

      • anthonygamer

        Sieg heil!

        • heatEXTEND


        • Timothy Ian McMillan

          Heil Hasbro.

    • You had nothing to do with this, dumbass. It’s all in the legal guidelines, “haters” had no impact on this whatsoever. Stop patting yourself on the back for something you didn’t have a part in.

      • $18011339

        JOKU DESU ^_________________^

      • Robbie J

        fuck out of here pony pedo

        • someguy1234

          Hey, look! An actual pedophile!

    • OrehRatiug

       Remember that one guy in the Evo fundraiser article saying this game would never get a C&D? Lol.

    • just give it a palette swap and call it My Tiny Horsey 

  • so does this mean we can see skullgirls top 16 😀

    • metaXzero K

       MLP didn’t win the fundraiser, so it’s top 8 wasn’t going to be seen on the main stream in the first place.

    • This also means… Breast Cancer got free money???

  • Novril


  • Btw if they really wanted to continue their project they could just remake it as an encrypted mugen game.. Hasbro can’t do **** about it that way.

    • d3v

      FIM doesn’t run on MUGEN. They’re on 2DFM.

    •  The medium wouldn’t help.

      2DFM is just as much of a thing as MUGEN is

  • RaiiN

    Hasbro probably did that so they can take the idea, and make it themselves.

    • Timothy Ian McMillan

      Doubt it.  Little girls won’t be interested in fighting games.

      This game was developed explicitly for the male audience – good riddance.

      Also…you don’t just make an unauthorised game of a major intellectual property. Hasbro has every right to sue the fuck out of these people.

      • Andrew Espinoza

        You seem way to happy about the misfortune that has befallen the Mane6 DevTeam. Show some sympathy man.

        • Rahavic

          I have no opinions really on the game and Mane6, it was actually cool to see a game with community in mind, and they also did a great job raising money towards the Breast Cancer Research fund. That being said…..Timothy’s statement is correct. If Hasbro wanted they could sue these people for every hair on their nut sacks if they wanted to. I’m sure they are happy its just a C&D. I’m not UltraDavid or anything but I’m pretty sure they got off mostly easy especially due to the fact they (Mane6) really didn’t gain any money from this since it didn’t make it to a point where they were trying to sell it. 

          Hope they work something out though, think it would be cool to see their work not go to waste. Hate to see anyone’s work go to waste.

          • locazo87

            Actually fan games are being seen by many companies as part of the business. If Hasbro doesnt, is their problem.

          • At least you get it.  People were showing interest in this game, and then legal had to come in and kill it.  I don’t think a C&D is always appropriate, especially if there was an opportunity to make the most out of something.

          • $18011339

            “fan games are being seen by MANY companies”

            Citation needed. That sounds like bullshit. Listing 4 doujin games your brother’s girlfriend’s cousin brought over to your house when you were 13 doesn’t count either, because afaik there is no trend of major copyright holders just saying, “Oh you wanna make a game with these chars, go ahead bro LOL”

          • That’s completely false.  Fan games are only ignored by companies when they remain incognito.  When they try to get into the biggest fighting game tournament of the year and try to become part of the reason for said tournament’s registration income and prize distribution, there is going to be a problem.  The company always has the right to step in, they’re just waiting to be given a reason.

          • Sigh

             Gojira, you assume that Mane 6 asked to get into EVO. They didn’t, EVO put them in the running and Mane 6 found out at the same time as the rest of us.

          • John Doe

            >If Hasbro doesnt, is their problem.

            No, not really. Hasbro doesn’t lose anything. It’s Mane6’s problem.

          • Garrett: I didn’t say it was Mane 6.  The game tried to get into Evo, doesn’t matter who pushed it.  That’s what set off Hasbro’s radar.

          • It doesn’t have to be a fighter…is the point.

        • Timothy Ian McMillan


        • locazo87

           He wont, its obvious he is a fucking retard asshole hater, or at least a capcom FG.

          • Timothy Ian McMillan

            Just a retarded asshole hater.  I have no loyalty to Capcom.

          • Admitting it is the first step.

        • Hey_Sim


      • Rock Rockburgh

        It was a fan project developed by people who refused to accept any form of payment for it. I think it might be covered under parody law, or at the very least it would be if they labeled it as such.

        • locazo87


          • Nael

            Leaving the game alone could also backfire on Hasbro immensely for a number of reasons. The high quality of the game could give off the impression to the uninformed that it’s an officially licensed product, which would give Hasbro more headaches, mostly from outraged parents.

        • Icy_Black_Deep

          There’s no such thing as “parody law.”  *Satire* is constitutionally protected, but parody is not.  I don’t know that there’s a strong case that Fighting is Magic is a satirical work (but it’s probably more satire than parody), but regardless the only way to know if something is fair use or not is to go to court.

        • Art Salmons

          That sounds like a good defense for my “Care Bears Re-enact The Holocaust” fan game. I’m sure they’ll understand.

      • windsagio

        And more to the point, if you’re aware of a violation of your trademark, it’s my impression that you *have* to enforce, or you can lose your rights.

        (and that’s something that Hasbro already knows about too)

      •  Fuck fans, this is what they get for liking something enough to make something with it and not collect any profits for it.

        I could give a shit about this game, but fuck hasbro and fuck you.

      • Street fighter x megaman , fan game. instead of capcom slapping developers in the face, did bidness with him. like real bidness men do.

        • Fuzzy Bunny

          Not an American company.

          •  It was Capcom America that made the deal.

          • Shadoboxxer

             The guy who made the game showed it to CAPCOM FIRST… then gave him their blessing.

  • Alex Jebailey

    Grown Men can be Grown Men again. Thank You Habsro.

    • Right. Back to playing video games. You know. Like real men. 

      • Timothy Ian McMillan

        (Implying “real men” don’t enjoy video games)

        • Dynami

          There’s still a pretty common mindset out there that men who spend a ~considerable~ amount of time playing video games are childish/immature.

          • Timothy Ian McMillan

            Amongst people over the age of 50, and illiterate Fox-news following women, perhaps.

          • Riot

             And my 20something year old coworkers who say shit like “he look like he play videogames”

          • Timothy Ian McMillan

            My 20-year old coworkers ARE the ones playing video games.

            It’s a regional and cultural thing.  In my area of society, it’s a normal expectation for men to play games.  Y’know, since, we were RAISED on them.

          • Rigumantis

            There’s a rating system in video games specifically intended to keep away certain content in many games from children.

          • locazo87

            Actually most people thinks that way. So in their point of view, no matter if you play MLP FG or some really extreme gore game, you and I are growns childs who never get mature. 

          • Timothy Ian McMillan

            Citations required, thanks.

          • Too bad some people fit that stereotype. *cough*Timothy Ian McMillan*cough*

          • Timothy Ian McMillan

            OOOOHHHHH burn…

        • Glenn Vaughn

          Real men life weights and work all day.

          • Real men can’t spell ^ 

          • Timothy Ian McMillan

            You know more than half of all gamers undertake regular strength training, right?

            And that plenty of us work manual jobs/trades for a living?

          • someguy1234

            >You know more than half of all gamers undertake regular strength training, right?

            DDR doesn’t count.

            >And that plenty of us work manual jobs/trades for a living?

            Just because you lift boxes at the nightshift doesn’t mean everyone else does.

          • Timothy Ian McMillan

            Of course DDR doesn’t count, there’s no strength required.

            I don’t work nightshifts, I’m not that poor and desperate.

          • Razberryclownsac

            “More than half of all gamers undertake regular strength training”
            Citation required, thanks. Of all the gamers I know, I believe 2 work out. How are you gonna require citations for things like, “most people think gamers are immature,” but spit out shit like “over 50% weight train.”?

        • Yep.  Real men love cars, beer, sports, and women.

          • Kevin Giguere

            I’m not a real man, I only love 1 of those things and it’s just because of Top Gear UK.

          • I love beer, sports, women, flashy cars, train 3 times a week and I’m a hardcore gamer since 9years old… It as nothing to do with being “real men” or “immature”. 
            Video games promote creativity and stimulates the brain, some games even falicitate relaxation. Competition is what drives us to go onward in every thing and I tell ya there’s plenty in gaming.If you are living in north america i can understand why you would say that because we are behind 10-20 years socially from europe/asia so yeah, most people below average IQ from north america may have a biased view of gaming. (but then you see them watch fat people exercise on tv, or they just go numb over facebook) gg no re

        • (Implying “real men” can’t enjoy a cartoon)

          • Robbie J

             Pedos like little girls cartoons to lure them in

          • someguy1234

            Speaking from experience?

    • Futtock

      Were there some Grown Men that the existence of this game somehow prevented from being Grown Men? What Grown Manly things were they being held back from achieving?

      • Know_the_ledge

        Leaving their mothers’ breast milk.

    • xeleion

       You’re a role model in this community.  Shouldn’t you know better?

      • Rahavic

        He’s a role model in my community……..*cough cough* *sucking up some more* GET ME ON THE STAFF THIS YEAR JEBOSS!! **<

      • Not according to Triforce.

      • Who is this guy?

      • Robbie J

         role model in the fighting game community?!?!?!?!? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA –__–

    • locazo87

       Actually real mean can spell HASBRO correctly.

    • $18011339

      You’re fucking stupid. If you weren’t who you are then people would be bashing you for this. I don’t even play MLP but come on man, someone as “intelligent” and “established” as you can surely come up with a better comment. Laziness and complacency!!

    • Luke Rester

      lol grown men apparently have to enjoy what Alex Jebailey deems appropriate, not their own interests.

    •  That’s a pretty “not a grown ass man” thing for you to say.

      I’m disappointed.

    • someguy1234

      Edited and still full of grammatical and spelling errors. Good job, chief. 

    • Los Illuminados

      Well said Jebailey. justice has been served. thanks to Hasbro. mane6 DevTeam got off easy. Hasbro could have sue the fuck outta them if they wanted to. Now what to do with those abomination homosexuals that infest the FGC like a fucking plague.

  • I’m not anti-brony, but why start full-scale development on something when you know something like this is a huge possibility? 

    • Luisito

       I know right? It’s like that Chrono Trigger remake that never saw the day. It was obvious it wouldn’t be allowed by Square but somehow people wanted to believe.

    • locazo87

       Because this is america, the land of the freedom. Yeah right :S.

      • $18011339

        America, land of the free, free to freely steal intellectual property. locazo you have already commented enough in this thread time to go home bud

    • metaXzero K

       Because there is no guarantee you will be hit with a C&D before you finish your work. Alot of fangames manage to get finished and never have to deal with this.

      Doesn’t help that Hasbro waited until they were almost done before sending the letter.

    • Louis Lam

      How often do fangames get C&D’s? Like never.

      • Kevin Giguere

        You’re right.  Oh, except the Chrono Trigger 3d remake.  Oh, and the King’s Quest fan game,  C&Ds happen, and Hasbro is among companies who don’t really give a damn about customers, beyond their bottom line.  Show them that there’s a profit to be made and they’ll allow it.

      • Roxy

        Have you ever seen a mugen fan compilations get a cease a desist? No. Why? Because
        Mugen is a cesspool of copyright infringement that no one cares anymore.
        The only reason why Mane6 got one is because of their flagrant 
        advertising, magazine reviews, website coverage and insistence to use
        the 2K engine instead of mugen.  In other words they decided not to be
        lowkey about it and here are the consequences.  Don’t get me started with Card Saga Wars either.

    • Roxy

       Because intelligence

    •  Pretty much, you have to assume you’re going to get busted for doing a fan-game based on something owned by an American company- it’s not like Japan or China where unlicensed use isn’t as big of a thing. 

      It would be a little different if MLP was some long-neglected property that had been in the bin (not to say that Hasbro still probably wouldn’t pounce on them all the same) but the level of perceived entitlement that Mane6 are working under is completely unrealistic, and I don’t think anyone should be surprised or feel sorry for them.  The game would have likely been, even for those who could have stomached it, probably extremely one dimensional. 

  • MasterChibi

    Way to hate Fish man, atta boy. Show ’em how it’s done. Now go spew filth at those guys who play video games for fun in the corner over there, everybody hates them.

  • MasterChibi

    Dude you can hate on Bronies all you want but don’t treat it like it’s an epidemic. Fuck, you host tournaments for a bunch of ‘grown men’ to play video games, not exactly out of the woods lol

    • Rigumantis

      Question, if grown men playing video games is unorthodox, and grown men loving animated series intended for female children is too, what does that make grown men that like both rapped into one?

      • Timothy Ian McMillan

        Grown men playing video games is not unorthodox.

        • Rigumantis

           Well I know that, you know that, the question was for him up there.

        • locazo87

           Your mom don’t think the same.

          • Timothy Ian McMillan

            Actually, she does.

          • someguy1234

            “Actually, she does. And is deeply disappointed.”

          • Timothy Ian McMillan

            Alas, there’ s a limit to how far down you can reply in these threads.

            Oh well.

        • someguy1234

          You’re right. It’s not unorthodox. Grown men playing video games is commonly associated with slackers, stoners, frat boys, and all around losers.

          • Timothy Ian McMillan

            In other words, what the lawyers, police officers and other typical males of the world do in their spare time.

            Drink, fuck, get stoned, play games.

          • I REALLY want to know where you’re pulling these statistics from. I’d say your ass, but you’ve been too busy talking out of it.

        • Rigumantis

          It was rhetorical, I know its not unorthodox. 

      • Hotaka Saika

        Just unorthodox.  

      • MasterChibi

        I dunno, you’re the one saying it’s unorthodox on either end, answer the question yourself. It doesn’t bother me either way.

        • Rigumantis

          Then why “Fuck, you host tournaments for a bunch of ‘grown men’ to play video games” shouldn’t that comparison never have taken place if it was ‘normal’ behavior.    

          • Jose Emmanuel Argao

            Same reason the Puritans had tons of discussions about how “abnormal” masturbation was, even though it’s perfectly normal.

          • Rigumantis

            I’m out, learned a lessen never to enter MLP or the like threads or posts in the future. This community (SRK front page) is already odd enough, but oh how I’ve learned.   

    • chipsndips

      Actually, it is. Grown men playing games is normal enough. Liking pink ponies isn’t. Football is a game. Basketball is a game. Chess is a game. Street Fighter is a GAME. MLP is a LITTLE GIRL’S SHOW. Now, FIM was a game, and in that regard, I am sorry for the loss Mane6 had. Still, MLP as a franchise needs to go back to 4-fking-Chan.

      • rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaggggeeeeeeee. why you so mad bro? and there is nothing wrong with someone liking something that you don’t like. assuming you are a man, other Grown men like the d In their b, and other men don’t like anything at all. doesn’t make them less of a man, just means they have different interests. and if you decide to say something about gay people not being real men, my GF has a few friends who would gladly rip your legs off and assfuck you with the stumps. enjoy your hateful American life that started with your parents beating you because nobody loves you. have a happy, Grown man day mr negative.

        • SupremeSantos

          HAHAHhahaha the hypocrisy. Why you so mad bro? Oh and talk is cheap internet tough guy who’s sister’s gay friends is gonna beat me up. I need your pink stuffed animal to hold I’m so scared.<(kappa)

        • chipsndips

          So you think you’re clever? Grown men being gay is a new norm coming up in modern societies, and even they would be of the majority of straight and/or gay men that’d be straight up confused by a dude stunting with a pink/blue/yellow pony on their shirt. I’m just calling it how I see it, and you saying that I’m raging, then insulting a good 2-3 times, just shows how insecure you are in your little fandom of yours.

          Just goes to show: Anything from 4chan needs to be burned with fire.

  • MasterChibi


    • Rahavic


  • Almeson Hoku James

    Make like a fish and drown


  • Timothy Ian McMillan

    Cannot say I’m upset in the slightest. Job well done, Hasbro.

    • bigtaz504


    • locazo87

      No matters how many Capcom FG are outthere thinking they are the real deal just cause they play crap like UMVC3, this will continue, cause bronies actually have more courage than ten idiots like you. Want a Fact? Who actually uses a fucking pony in their forum sign or avatar? Who actually will make a pony game without being payed for that? Just a person with a lot of courage who likes ponies. If “GROWN MAN” like you only hate for hating, Im think I will stay on my childish grown age. 

      • RiverboatGrambler

         yes we understand, adult males who go around with little girl pony avatars are such brave, soulful people. a 17+ male who is an ardent fan of My Little Pony is totally the same thing as being a fan of Street Fighter. no obvious differences there at all

        the only fact here is, everyone knew this was coming. the devs knew it was coming. all the fans did. EVO did. Hasbro isn’t going to let some unknown entity take it’s little girls show and have all the cute little ponies beat each other up.

        why put this much effort into a project that was dead at the start?

        • metaXzero K

           Because there is never a guarantee these companies will put fangames down like this. For every fan project put down, 10 reach completion.

          More or less.

          • RiverboatGrambler

            true, but this isn’t like MMXSF, which was basically just another MM game. this was taking a television show directed at little girls, the main theme being friendship, and turning it into a fighting game directed at males in their teens and up. this turn of events is something that these devs should have at least looked into before undertaking such a project.

            it just showcases the disconnect between the MLP fanbase and the group the show was actually made for.

          • metaXzero K

            If anything, MMxSF had MORE reason to be shutdown than this game since it was fan made knock-off of games that Capcom already makes. Meanwhile, Hasbro will never make a pony fighting game. Of course, Capcom’s cooler with fan stuff than Hasbro is sometimes.

            And the developers already considered this happening and what they would do afterwards. They knew they were never safe from a C&D and have said as such in interviews. They simply hoped they could be part of the group of completed fangames that never get C&D’d (vs. the club of games that DO get shutdown). The only people who convinced themselves that Mane6 were safe were some fans.

      • Robbie J

         lol so a grown man who likes a little girls show is brave? So im guessing you you think a man who likes little girls must be one of the bravest man on the planet.

        • I can tell by the way you have been commenting that you are a closet pedo who preys on your own family. Admitting you like MLP as a male is braver than openly saying you are gay. now, go lay down, take the strapon out of your bum and go to sleep.

          • Robbie J

             lol i bet you have a mlp shirt so all the little girls stare at you. does it make you feel cool

          • someguy1234

            Does talking shit to a bunch of strangers behind a computer screen make you feel cool? Go back to your racist tweets that no one reads,

          • Robbie J

             why dont you give me your name and address, so then this convo doesnt have to be behind a computer screen

          • someguy1234

            Are you coming on to me? 

        • someguy1234

          Jersey Shore called. They want their shithead back.

          • Robbie J

             get the fuck off my dick bro

          • someguy1234

            Come at me, bro.

  • Triox

    This is really sad news as I’ve been following this game since it’s inception, and have been a HUGE support of it.  I mostly feel sorry for Mane6, who have put damn near 2 years worth of work into this game (“every free time we have” – a dev), and get so close to completing it only to have it shut down now.  I am sure they are devastated.


  • Sanger Zonvolt

     That’s a dam shame, I hope they can work it out with Hasbro.

    • locazo87

       Better remake all the stuff, and lauch the game as a standalone version.

  • wow, can you IMAGINE if mlp wasn’t pulled for the race to evo and won and THEN this happened?

    my word, it would have been TRULY an awesome yet horrible sight.

    • sb

      Ah man now i wished that happened then we would have Skullgirls on stream more

  • What an understanding and unified community this is.

    • Timothy Ian McMillan

      What community?

    • Riot

      Anyone can post here. This is not the FGC for the most part. This is people who play fighting games, which obviously has a wider scope. Take into account that most people are practically posting anonymously. There are fighting game threads on 4chan. Would you say they are the FGC? The majority of these people are what would be stream monsters during a tournament.

      • sb

        Dont know why stream monsters and couch monsters and casual players think there a part of the FGC posting on SRK doesnt make you a part of the FGC lol

        • StunningBiceps

          Yeah dude, you gotta go to tourneys and make at least top 16 and be able to say, ‘Yo, sup J. Wong?’ in order to consider yourself as part of a community that is based on a common interest.

          Sb, you’re an idiot.

          Ps, *they’re*

          • Robbie J

             no but considering the most vocal part of the community( in terms of nerfs, buffs, and what is considered a good game) are the ones who dont even play these games competitively, I would want them to not be in the community.

          • someguy1234

            Yeah. This community needs more bigot, douchebag bros. GG. 

        • ragnarok954

          Didn’t know there were special requirements in order to be part of the FGC. I thought it was just loving and playing fighting games.

          • Riot

            Going to tournaments.

    • locazo87

      Actually the only thing that this community has in common is the hate. If its not SSFIV AE or UMVC3, then is a shit.

      • Duck Strong

        Lots of us have always thought SF4 was shit. We don’t discriminate.

    • Glenn Vaughn

      Understanding why grown men like a girl’s children show.

      •  I don’t know, why do grown women like Transformers or Power Rangers?

        •  Watching it as a kid and liking it for Nostalgia vs Just plain getting into a little girls show at the age for 30.
          Is not equal to.
          I watch neither and I know whats up.

    • Know_the_ledge

      Yeah, because having a difference in opinion is pure evil.

      • Yeah, because having a different interest is pure evil.

        • Know_the_ledge

          Not at all. If you want to play with MLP or Barbie or Teletubbies, or whatever that’s your God-given right. Knock yourself out. But people shouldn’t have to smile in your face and pretend to accept it either.

  • anthonygamer

    LMFAO! R.I.P.

  • Trekiros

    Shutting down your biggest fans ? I know that feel, bronies. /smashplayer

  • HombreGranJefe

    Fucking called it.

    Oh, and two more team developers have resigned. In that kind of statement? This project is a corpse.

  • ReoAyanami

    Time for a donation drive. Just because.

    • Timothy Ian McMillan

      How about you donate to an actually charitable cause instead?

      • GC001

         You can stop being an ass now…  Everybody get’s the point.

        You’re soulless and have no sense of humor…

        In other words, you’re a condescending prick…

        •  A person suggests using money to help with serious issues in our world, gets called soulless. Sure.

          • bigtaz504

            Really, some people forget whats important in the world.

          • MarLonLonMilk

            I’m assuming GC0001’s comment was in reference to ALL of Timothy’s posts on this thread.

          • correct

        • Timothy Ian McMillan

          Thank you.

        • Hey, now. He’s obviously speaking on behalf of all gamers. More than half of the gaming community agrees with him. And polls show that Timothy Ian McMillan is 100% right 99.9% of the time.

      •  There are about a bajillion reasons why this is a terrible thing for you to say.

        Do you even think before you speak?

        • Timothy Ian McMillan

          Generally, no, I don’t.

          And I can’t think of a single one.

  • Dynami

    I’ve got no interest in the show or this game, but my deepest sympathies go out to the team. I’m aware enough to not only know how much effort and time was put into the game itself, but in its promotion at various events for both fighting and pony communities. This has to be absolutely crushing for them. Best wishes, I hope they manage to salvage something out of this.

    •  I have a huge dislike for anything MLP, but that said I’m right there with you. Clearly the dev team was passionate about the thing they were making and it’s got to hurt to have it shunted right out from under you that way.

  • IrregularHunterX

    Well, they can make a parody of MLP and turn it to a fighting game then.

  • Josh

    HELL YES!!!!!!!


  • Andrew Espinoza

    The amount of hate and ignorance from some of the fellow FGC member is appalling. 

    • RenaTurnip

      If you feel like gauging your eyes out even more, find any given group of comments where Kayo Police is the subject.

    • Gravitys_Naoto

       Absolutely. Completely disgusted, these people sank months of their life into this game, doesn’t matter if you hate the series or the game or anything, you just can’t deny that it was at least well put together for a fangame. People taking pleasure in these people having their stuff shut down are just disgusting.

      • RenaTurnip

        That is the most important part of this entire thing. It sucks that we lost a game, and it sucks that we may never get our hands or eyes on it, and it sucks that EVO lost a cool event, and it sucks that the Pony community lost something they’ve been looking forward to for a long time…

        But nothing can -ever- compare to the amount of life and time that is stolen and taken away from people when this sort of thing happens. You are literally taking away a piece of that person’s life. Thousands of hours? All gone, as if you’d just done nothing whatsoever with that time. Hard work and effort and resources and time that are all essentially removed from a person’s life, turning all of them into a “waste”. It was all for literally nothing.

        Anyone who can be happy for something like that needs to get a serious clue. And a smack in the face.

      • sb

        Thats what happens when you do stuff without permission its nobodys fault but there own feeling sorry for just plain stupidity NO

        • Louis Lam

          kill yourself

          • Know_the_ledge

            Why? Because he’s right?

      • supersonicspear64

        perhaps the devs should have thought about using someone else’s IP to make a fighting game off it, free or otherwise.

    • butthurt much?

      • Andrew Espinoza

        I took a massive dump earlier and it hurt like hell but I don’t think that has anything to do with MLP so why are you commenting on it?

        • Robbie J

           you mean you took a massive cawk in the ass and it hurt fag

          • someguy1234

            WE GET IT. YOU’RE GAY. SHIT.

          • Robbie J

            Im not gay. How about you test me out pussy boy

          • someguy1234

            >Im not gay. How about you test me out pussy boy

            That was the gayest reply ever.

  • GO4PRO

    and all was right with the world

  • blackavengre

    Once again I’m reminded of Streets of Rage Remake… 8 years of hard work would’ve  been for nothing, instead SEGA let them finish what they had started and worked on so painstakingly for so long, before they finally shut them down (its still widely available online). It just makes you wonder, if these companies weren’t so hasty in protecting their properties, they’d stop missing out on all these potentially money-spinning opportunities (heres looking at you AGAIN, SEGA :P)

    • $18114340

      Here’s the thing though — by starting a project based on a property you don’t own, you should already understand from the outset that there is the high possibility that you will be shut down by the people who actually have the rights.

      I’m not saying that it’s not a shame that both projects got the shaft, it is; but anybody acting surprised is kidding themselves.

  • Maybe the game will be saved somehow?  Though I can’t remember the last time a game that got a C&D ended up being an official product later (probably never).  It just sucks to put so much work into something only to get shut down. 

    I guess the next time someone decides to make a game based on a popular show/game/whatever, they should just make it a parody.

    Here’s my question: why did Hasbro wait until now to stop the project?  Is it standard procedure for a company to wait until a product gains steam before shutting it down?  Streets of Rage Remake got shut down after it was completed.  I assume the Chrono Trigger remake was halfway done before it got canned.

    You know what sucks the most?  Companies hold certain IPs but they sit on them (excluding Hasbro here).  I can’t make an Ogre Battle fan game because it’ll get shut down, yet I don’t see a new game in the works from the IP owners.  When companies see how popular a game is before shutting it down, can they not run with the momentum and create something official, or at least endorse the fan work?  Look at what Capcom did with SFxMM…I’d like to see more of that from other companies.

    • highlulu

      Most likely the late C&D is firstly that if the game doesn’t look like it will ever come out why pay the lawyers fees to write up and follow through with a C&D. The other factor is probably just Hasbro not knowing about the project as early… at this point though not having approached hasbro for licensing up front the project is pretty much dead

  • CobbleCake

    That’s a shame. I’m not really into the whole My Little Pony thing, but the game itself was actually shaping up to be a decent looking fighter.

  • bigtaz504

    Oh thank god! But i will say this though. The studio behind this has made a good fighter, now try again with a Original Concept, and move past the pony bullshit. Use the same engine but with their own characters and story. I would love to see that.

  • $17468069

    Ah, well… they accomplished a lot. It sucks but they would be better off developing their own IP that no one can take away from them and that they can actually make a profit from.

  • Eric Nguyen

    I’ve been following the game since fall 2011, and my sympathies go out to the dev team. It has been speculated that Hasbro’s act of shutting down the game when it was near completion is a terror tactic. Nobody wants to work on something for 2+ years and see the work go down the drain. It’s a shame that Mane6 had to be the example that discourages anyone else from trying to make a fan game of similar scale.   

    The team has been receiving overwhelming support from their fans. Additionally, Lauren Faust offered original IP/art assets to the team in case they want to work on a new game, and Mike Z is (or at least was at some point, I can’t speak for him) open to the possibility of letting Mane6 play around with the Skullgirls engine. If the team pulls really, really hard, they could have a product worth selling, given the experience they gained from working on MLP. 

    I can’t wait until the forums are back up. I really don’t know what we’re gonna do with the MLP thread now that there’s no more game.
    Mr. Wizard and the Cannons need to at least make a statement that MLP is no longer going to be a part of the Indie Game Corner.

    • You know what man, it’s not a case of terror tactics. 

      It’s a case of don’t be an ass and think you can just rip off someone else’s IP and go shouting all over the net about it. 

      Ask yourself this: how would you feel if someone started making a fighting game with Street Fighter characters, without Capcom’s permission?

      Because there is no real difference with the My Little Pony game.

      • Eric Nguyen

        I completely agree that Hasbro, Capcom and anyone else  is completely within their rights to shut down a game that uses their IP without permission.
        The issue here is the timing. Nipping the project in the bud at its inception (maybe at the first gameplay video that got 1,000,000 views, I can’t check the numbers anymore) is completely different than stringing the developers along for over a year, lulling them into a false sense of security, THEN killing the project.

        It’s interesting because another possible reason for the delay is that Hasbro was hoping the project would fail on its own so that legal action and bad PR wouldn’t be necessary. After all, a takedown costs employees time and money, and it’s not worth chasing every random startup project when most of them might collapse anyway. I guess Hasbro was forced to intervene when it was clear that the project’s completion and release was a certainty. As I type this, this makes a lot more sense than a terror-based motivation.

  • Johnathon Otero

    well that is just is wonderful.

  • I’m sad it’s getting shut down. I played it when they showed it off at Evo. It had wonderful feel and was pretty fun to play. Their hard work really showed. Don’t look down at it because it was ponies, but look at it as a fighting game.

    • Eric Nguyen

      That’s why we need to take out the ponies but keep the game. It won’t be the same without ponies, but still.

      • Narcowski

        Honestly it could stay ponies and work under parody law with very minor name and art changes. “My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic” → “Little Ponies: Fighting is Magic”, etc. plus minor alterations to characters (perhaps as simple as removing the current “default” palettes).

  • Hotaka Saika

    *blinks* Not that I like MLP, not a fan of it, nor anything to really do with it, but HOW can you call yourself competent when you’re a judgmental person?

    • Know_the_ledge

      He’s competent at being judgemental.

  • J.D SRK

    So MLP won’t be allowed at the indie showcase? what a bummer

    • Eric Nguyen

      At first, I was certain I was going to my first EVO this year. I was looking forward to trying the latest MLP build myself. Now I’m not so sure I’m going anymore.

  • Hotaka Saika

    We play a hell of a lot of games that involve muscular men that show off a lot of muscles, and over half the time they are at least shirtless (and in the case of Gief, pants-less all the time too) or wear tight fitting clothing.

    So, the fact fans of a show made a fan driven, non-profit project that also raised money towards breast cancer research that involves a show mainly aimed at kids (genders not withstanding) makes them gay?

    Good job, here’s your bribery cookie from your peers.

    • correction: YOU play gay games
      i play DoA, TTT2, considering getting skullgirls, heck even some sonic games and shit

      don’t try and justify being a brony because it makes you sound gay

      • Riot

         I remember when the SRK article comments switched from requiring an SRK account to post. Some guy was like “maybe now the quality of posts will improve”

        What a LOOOOAD of bullshit

      • MarLonLonMilk

         Your original comment said “Now the FIGHTING GAME COMMUNITY isn’t gay.” It doesn’t matter what YOU personally play because you originally made this about what the “FGC” plays.

        And so what if Hotaka were gay? What about anybody else in the “FGC” (forever in quotation marks because it has no meaning anymore) who is (or might be) gay? Does it void their love for fighting games?

      • Brandon Riley Burnthorn

         I would just like to say that you sir, are full of manure. Here’s why:

        A) You give no defense as to why being gay is a bad thing, from my experience, gay men are more physically fit, happier and live longer lives. We should all aspire to be as such if that’s the case.

        B) You give no defense as to why your games are not garbage. Which, here’s a little bit of a shocker for ya, some of them are.

        C) The brony fandom is just that, a fandom. You have no right to criticize them lest you be criticized yourself. You hate spewing, ignorant homophobe.

        D) Last and not least, no one cares about what you think is an insulting word, and what insulting words you call things. You and every other 7 year old knows how to say naughty words and apparently your mother, like the 7 year old’s mothers, never taught you how to be a respectable human being.

        • supersonicspear64

           Gay people are fine.  Ignore everyone that says otherwise.  People wanting to be a pony, or wanting to fuck a pony are not fine.

          and in regards to B:  people might not like all or any of the current games, but how can you say that they’re garbage compared to a game that you either haven’t played, or have played a very early version?  I mean, at least the games that you’re criticizing are out and have been released.

          For everyone lamenting over the C&D, I ask this:  If you were going to make a fighting game based off of IP that has been crazily popular over the past couple of years (for some reason) , wouldn’t the first step be to find out if it was possible to use the IP?  I know that I wouldn’t want to put months/years’ worth of effort into a project that could be canned at any minute.

        • Know_the_ledge

          Wait are you saying that swallowing another man’s semen is the best way to live a long and happy life? lol.

      • someguy1234

        Sonic? Furry.

  • Moral of the story is that fanmade crap is fun, but it’s extremely dangerous to do this kind of thing in the mainstream.   Some companies like Duke Nukem company or Capcom might be easy on the legal hammer, but most companies totally have the right to stop you from making this game.

    There is absolutely nothing Mane6 can do other than start from scratch.    Making a new IP is hard, and getting the attention for it is harder but at least you don’t need to put up with this nonsense.

  • highlulu

    they put all that work into the project without ever going out and handling licensing discussions with hasbro? are they retarded? i’m sorry but that is just really poor planning.

    • But here’s the thing: the game was never intended to be made for profit.  Licensing costs money.  People create content based on existing works all the time, and companies turn a blind eye to them.  What made MLP so special to deserve the C&D?

      In addition, instead of the C&D, why couldn’t Hasbro run with the interest that was generated? Seems like a wasted opportunity.

      • sb

        Profit or not no permission Hasbro has the right maybe thats the reason why NO PROFIT in it lol plus a dumb idea

        • I’m not arguing whether Hasbro has the right to shut it down; that is their right.  I’m questioning whether that’s always the correct response to every piece of fan-made content.  I’m also questioning the timing of the C&D; no doubt Hasbro knew about this game long before it showed up on sites like GameSpot.

      • Nael

        “What made MLP so special to deserve the C&D?”

        A number of reasons:
        – Covering themselves legally for the next C&D to an MLP fan project. Many a copyright case has been won by an infringer because they could argue that they were unfairly targeted for a lawsuit by pointing out that the copyright holder let other unlicensed products off the hook. If FiM is left alone, that’s a wide-open legal hole another MLP fan-project could use to defend themselves if they were C&D’d by Hasbro.
        – As I mentioned above, the high quality of the game could have it mistaken for an officially licensed product. Given the image of the brand, the project is something Hasbro probably doesn’t want associated with it – nor would they want the headaches when a little girl stumbles upon clips of the game on YouTube and their uninformed parents get outraged and complain to Hasbro for “making” a game like that.

        • So going by what you’re saying, the reason that games like Streets of Rage Remake and Chrono Resurrection got shut down was because someone might not be able to tell the difference, even though such content usually states that it’s not official or licensed?

          The first point makes sense…but then why simply shut it down given the reactions the game was getting?  Hasbro could capitalize on the excitement.  I wish more companies would follow Capcom’s example.

          • Nael

            My second point only really applies to MLP because of a contrast between the game and the cartoon it takes inspiration from, as well as the audience the series is targeted for. Fighting is something that wouldn’t be expected to be seen in a property like MLP and parents of young children are usually not the kind of people doing full research about products like this – they’ll just see this well-done game about their daughter’s favorite cartoon characters beating each other up and get angry that Hasbro allowed it to happen at all.

          • G.F. Ahrun


          • GHNeko

            IIRC Copyright Law dictates that if you don’t protect your trademark, you can lose it.

          • Michael Zaimont

            That’s accurate, but you can “protect” it by allowing others to use it with your permission.  I doubt the huge MLP spread would be lost by allowing one game to finish if it isn’t already lost by BronyCon etc.

      • Keon Misterr

        Dude Hasbro is the same company that puts out C&D’s on people that make their own plushies of these ponies. It was only a matter of time before mane6 got hit with one. What pisses me off is how long they waited before doing this. If anything Hasbro should have nipped it in the bud the moment this got underway, before these guys put all the work in. I thought this fell under fair use law, but I guess I was wrong. 

        The only thing they can reasonably do now is re skin the characters and ditch the backgrounds for something new. I hear that Lauren Faust herself offered to create them some original characters. But I doubt these guys even have the motivation or drive any longer to continue in any form after this.

  • Patrick Carr

    If it wasn’t licensed they never should have released anything till the game was finished and out in the wild.

    That’s just plain stupid on their part. 

  • That’s what the hell you get for making a fighting game based on some little kid BS (regardless of existing parodies) without contacting the original creators before you start. And on top of that they actually advertised the crap!

    Hell the Bombergames team contacted Sega before starting any work on Streets of Rage Remake and they STILL took it down. Thank god it was after the release of a near final version.

  • Riot

    I was upset at the possibility of this being the 8th game and I worked against that. But any fighting game being canceled sticks in my craw. I’m not the type of guy that delights in people not being able to enjoy something they like even if I myself don’t like it.

  • $18114340

    show me the citation for this “distinct high percentage of bronies are pedophiles.”

    I want to see surveys, scientific papers on this shit, because unless you can actually prove it, you have zero credibility in telling someone “facts prove you wrong.”

  • Futtock

    Regarding your comment below, you seem to be confusing “facts” with “comments I’ve read on online forums”. Just to clarify, they are not the same thing.

  • Rothion

    Your tears are delicious, pony-kids.


  • Nazareth Gabriel

    I knew this would happen. Now, I despise MLP and I’m sure as hell didn’t want it to be at Evo, but it’s still sad to see decent work going down the drain. US copyright laws are really stupid.

    I hope the remainder of the team does an original work with the experience they gained from developing this.

  • locazo87

    Obviously as many people around here are console users, most of you dont know what a
    fan game is. Many people makes their own fan games to release them for
    free. I think mane6 final product was gonna be free. How many chrono
    trigger remakes has been shut down cause squenix is a fuckin shit
    company? One of this remakes was a snes rom hack and the beta was much
    better than that crappy CT remake for the DS. Another CT remake was
    shutdown were on UT engine, imagine CT on 3d!!!. Squenix never will do
    it but they like to shutdown every CT fan game out there. Its obvious that Mane was doing a merely fan game with no profit goals, just to pay tribute to the entire series. The only idiot here is hasbro itself. Many companies uses and actually supports fan games to keep interest in their franchises. Black mesa, a Half Life 1 remake, far from being seen as a competitor for any Valve game, Its being used to make people demand a possible Half Life sequel.
    And theres a lot of good fan games out there on PC, one is Super Mario Bros X, much better that many official mario games. Want more?
    This kind of “Cease and Desist” stuff are just being carried by stupid lawyers who doesnt know a shit about gaming.

    • Nael

      Or by lawyers who are hired by a company looking to protect its copyright. As I mentioned above, not coming down on this product can open legal loopholes other MLP fan-projects can exploit if Hasbro C&Ds them, or cause confusing among the average consumer who could think it’s an officially licensed product when it’s not.

  • locazo87

    You call yourself a competentFGC? You are an Idiot. You call for “facts” but dont explain a thing, cause that facts does not exist.

  • Matt W

    I just can’t believe they’d put a bunch of resources towards making a game they didn’t have the IP for.

    Boggles the mind

    • windsagio

      that’s like so many doujin games.

  • sb

    those guys shoulda got the ok before they decided to make a game off of a cartoon not owned by them so they can only blame themselves for doing all that work for nothing this game almost made it to EVO we now got Smash at EVO WTF is going on we know we dont have to play the games but its interfering with EVO and this is BS THANKS HASBRO

  • Ty Arnold

    As someone who despises bronies and most everything that they do, I have to say that this really sucks. My sympathies.


    • Eric Nguyen


  • What an absolute bunch of idiots. How can you even think you can develop a game with a stolen IP??!!

    • Nazareth Gabriel

      A fan game for non-profit isn’t stealing anything.

  • chrismoke

    masculinize the pony spritework, pallette swaps, boom “horsin around”.. if they dont figure out a way around a c&d they are not trying hard enough.

    edit: as mike pointed out it seems to be too late now, but here are some hints when working on unlicensed fan projects, take down all game assets from your sites, dont publicize your identity, finish it BEFORE promoting it, and have it released/distributed anonymously. wishful thinking and stumbling into massive media coverage screwed them in the end.

    • Michael Zaimont

      If they finished it/released it anonymously and any similarities were proven between the final product and the widely-available leaked beta, they’d be opening themselves up for a massive lawsuit.

      • chrismoke

        you are absolutely right, more like i was prescribing what they should have done from the beginning.. but.. still.. license aside its a shame all that work is going to waste.. in your opinion what is the minimum that needs to be done to change/genericize the assets so they are safe from a suit? is it even worth bothering to try to do anything at this point or do you think the scrutiny they are getting now makes it all moot?

  • ragnarok954

    Take out the pony theme and replace it with some fan made anime characters or somethin. Done.

    • G.F. Ahrun

      In that Gamespot Article, MANE6 stated they already have a new game project using their own IP if FiM get C&D’ed. But if they’re going to do it, it’ll take at least one year to show their new game.

      Then again there’s the Petition asking for Hasbro to lift the C&D and Lauren Faust offering help to them.

  • Justin Richardson

    I feel like this is kinda wrong. I mean, if they weren’t making any money off of it, then why kill the project? Like, here’s the thing, dudes. I’m in school to be a cartoonist one day and if I made a cool show or something that fans eventually try to make a fighting game out of for the community at large to have fun with, I wouldn’t have any problem at all as long as they weren’t trying to make money off of it. As a creator of things, it should be fun to see the audience get together and enjoy the product in all kinds of awesome ways. Like, wouldn’t it be cool to see somebody make an non-profit fan game of your favorite movies, shows, or comics? I think it would be epic and show how much love people have for that IP.

  • Quan Chi

    GOOD! This was stupid anyway. Grown men and My Little Pony. WTF was wrong with you in the first place xD

  • windsagio

    Should have seen this coming but somehow didn’t.

    I have this sad feeling it was their early success in the cancer drive that got Hasbro’s attention.

    Still sad, whether you liked MLP or not, the game looked so nice, and was another wonderful ‘this is what we can do if we care to’ moment.

  • Chooch

     This is exactly why I was so against this being an EVO game.

    Even if it won the donation drive there was still the very likely possibility that the development team would receive a cease and desist letter. It really shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that this happened.

  • metaXzero K

     There actually is a difference. Hasbro has no pony fighting game nor do they ever have any plans of making such a game. So unlike your Street Fighter example, this would not be threatening revenue of something Hasbro owns.

    Hasbro is within their rights, but waiting this long after the project started making headlines is just bad PR. Though they probably don’t care and won’t make a statement.

    • supersonicspear64

      It’s possible the C&D came because the idea of cartoon characters with a friendship theme are beating each other up.  Maybe Hasbro doesn’t want that association with their show, especially since this is geared toward children?

  • metaXzero K

     It was a fan work done out of love for the series. You might as well be asking why people draw fanart or write fanfics.

  • metaXzero K

     It was a little fangame that wasn’t even intended to get this big with EVO and video game media coverage. Alot of fan games get completed without a C&D.

    And Mane6 already considered that they may get C&D and even their plans if it happened. THEY aren’t the ones crying fool. It’s the fans of the game who are bummed.

  • metaXzero K

     The same way every single other fan game is made without authorization? Are you really this surprised?

  • metaXzero K

     Unless Hasbro went and waited until like the week before EVO to send the letter, it wouldn’t have been that bad.

  • Phoenix FalconPunch OchocincoW


  • Oerba

    I dislike ponies as much as the next guy, but man, you fuckers glad about the closing of this are the worst. I hate how the “FGC” is full of ignorant bigots, and I’m glad to never associate myself with this term.

  •  well, here’s the thing. when you look at these kinds of projects they still for the most part use other people’s hard work as a means of gaining attention to their project.  MLP (whether you like the show or not) is very deliberately designed.  The character designs, the environment that those characters inhabit, hell even down to the personality of these characters that are conveyed in the animation is the result of an entire staff of visual artist, animators, writers, directors and voice actors. 

    So if you make derivative work that takes quite a bit from the source material and simply moves it to another medium or art form, you really haven’t done much.  The distinction between homage, parody or commentary is not a fine as people like to think.  And when you look at the MLP fighting game it’s very clear they lift heavily from the source material.  And to me this is unethical.  Never mind that Hasbro has the copyright for MLP, there were many people that worked very hard to create that show and make it fairly unique.  Infact, I’d probably guess that it greatly improves on the original show that debuted in the 80’s.  The developers of the MLP fighting game would have done themselves a tremendous favor if some effort was made to simply reference MLP instead of appropriating all significant aspects of the source material as fodder for their fighting game engine.  

    • metaXzero K

       Dude. This isn’t about the hard work people put into making FiM. Those people don’t have any stake in the ownership of the franchise and their words mean nothing (especially Lauren Faust who while being the person mainly responsible for FiM’s characters and world, she isn’t the owner of the property). This is just about Hasbro establishing that they own FiM and no one can make derivative work without their authorization.

      As for Mane6, the game was a labor of love towards the fandom who loves the show. Making a whole new fighter would be missing the point of why they all gathered together to make the game.

      All fangames run the risk of getting shutdown, but the fact is not all of them do. Alot get completed and are allowed to exist comfortably on the Internet for seemingly all time. Mane6 just hoped that they would be one of those games instead of joining the ranks of other shutdown projects like Chrono Trigger: Ressurection

      •  You seem to be missing the point.  The MLP fighting game would not exist if it weren’t for the people that made the show.  The devs for this game take tremendous liberties with the works of others.  How the creative team for the show feels about it has no bearing on what the dev team did.  Which was borrow heavily from the source material.  To me this isn’t about the legal standings of Hasbro or Mane6 but the deliberate theft of ideas and work of other people.  Mane6 did not create the design, character themes, character personalities, or overall aesthetics of MLP.  All of that work is the result of the creative team for the actual show.  Appropriating that content and calling hard work is preposterous.  Simply moving said content to a different medium or art form does not excuse this.

        I’m just at a loss at how anyone can look at the MLP fighting game and not see how Mane6 created virtually none of it.  The only thing they did was say “hey lets take the characters from this show we like and put them in a fighting game engine.”  And if you think that’s all that matters then you really don’t understand how difficult the creative process is and what it demands to make things that are distinctive and unique.

        • metaXzero K

          Do you have something against fans expressing their love for a property? Because you’re really coming off as saying that no fan work should ever exist and the only thing people should do with their free time is make new properties. Because if you do something out of love for an existing property, you’re really just a disrespectful hack who can’t make something on your own.

          Is that what you’re saying? Because if it is, I highly disagree. People shouldn’t stick to a derivative rut, but what is so bad about fans being fans?

          And just because they didn’t create the universe doesn’t suddenly mean what they were doing was easy. They weren’t just taking images of the show to make the movesets. They had copy everything by hand while working with an engine they were initially unfamiliar with. All while doing this just because they love MLP and want to give something to their fellow fans.

          •  Well I suppose it depends on having a working definition of what is acceptable as fan art.  Personally, I don’t think it’s ok to take preexisting work and simply reproduce it(even rudimentary fan art) with your own hand. If you look at most fan art almost no distinction can be made from the fan artist and the author of the original material other than its level of quality.  So, yes I’d much prefer it if people at the very least reinterpret the source material.

              It takes creative effort to develop characters with personalities through a visual medium that attempts conveys those attributes, while simultaneously being apart from the mountains of creative work out there.  Taking bits and pieces or fairly broad characterizations and incorporating them into your own is one thing.  But what Mane6 did was not that.   None of the artwork in Mane6’s game would exist without MLP.  Infact you say it yourself, that they had to copy everything by hand.  But they envisioned none of it.  No ideas outside of the fighting engine and maybe some added moveset animations(which are heavily influenced by the characters from the show) are their own.  But doing this alone doesn’t justify standing on the work of others, whether you’re a fan or not.

          • metaXzero K

             If it’s not being made with malicious intent (like to make money, defame the original property, or as a plot to steal it from it’s current owners) I oan’t see why it’s not ok. It’s literally just expression of how much they love a property.  Yeah, one could be doing something better with their time. But then, why are we sitting here talking about video games when we could be researching a cure for AIDS or something?

            No one denies that creating something like a new universe full of characters with unique designs takes effort. I’m just saying what Mane6 was doing DID involve effort. Nearly 2 years of work putting characters not made for a fighting game into one and making all the movesets and such (all while insuring it’s done in a painstakingly quality fashion instead of just half-assing it) isn’t what I’d call lacking effort.

  • Kenneth Gardner

    How would this not be the case? The show is marketed at children, and a sizable population of the target audience is obviously small girls (regardless of bronies). From a corporate perspective, this could hurt their product. Why wouldn’t they try to stop it? There will never be a MLP fighting.

    • metaXzero K

      Because the majority of fangames DON’T get shutdown.

      FiM was never safe, but all fangames have grounds for being taken down. But in truth, the majority get made while only a few catch enough eye of companies to get killed off.

  • GHNeko

    Lauren Faust @Fyre_flye@ManeSix want some original characters to make a new game with?

    Lauren Faust =  person who pretty much create Friendship is Magic.

    I don’t care for the brony community, nor do I care for the show. But god damn it, It’s really awesome to see the creator of FiM reach out to the team, state her own feelings on the matter, AND offer her hand for her fanbase.


    snippet from elsewhere.

    “Trademark rights can also be lost through improper licensing or
    assignment. Where the use of a trademark is licensed (for example, to a
    franchisee) without adequate quality control or supervision by the
    trademark owner, that trademark will be canceled. Similarly, where the
    rights to a trademark are assigned to another party in gross, without
    the corresponding sale of any assets, the trademark will be canceled.
    The rationale for these rules is that, under these situations, the
    trademark no longer serves its purpose of identifying the goods of a
    particular provider.” —


    “Not exactly. To cut through the legalese, it is basically saying, if you
    do not protect your IP, it can become generic and thus no longer a
    Trademark of the company.If Hasbro allows the image of their ponies to
    be replicated, eventually they cannot come to protect it, because it
    will be GENERIC. It is the exact next paragraph of that section. That is
    why people say you need to protect Trademarks. Simple as that. Imagine
    for a minute that the image of MLP is used EVERYWHERE without the
    consent of Hasbro. In the minds of the public the depiction of those
    ponies, become synonymous with children’s toy ponies. And Hasbro can no
    longer claim trademark over it.” – Someone else.

    if this shit can be interpreted as such, than this has less to do with Hasbro hating Bronies (Which seems to not be the case, because hasbro has done some really nice things for the Brony community.) and more of a case of protecting their trademark, which is a lot more plausible than them wanting to alienate their unintended community, of whom provides viewer counts and spends a lot of money on their product.

    Just some food for thought.

  • Yan Paq

    why did they chose those damn poney anyway???? their desing is so poor they could have make better stuff by themselves. People really enjoy fighting with PONEY?
    now their work is out just because of those stupid poneys…  

    • metaXzero K

       Because poney is what brought them together working on the project in the first place.

  • Jake Loredo

    It was really only a matter of time before this happened, especially with all the attention it has been getting lately for Evo. The Evo directors were playing with fire by considering this as a main title too since it was an unlicensed title and there would have been money involved. To a degree, everyone should be happy it didn’t make it to Evo, and got shut down now because if anything happened where money was being paid for this game in any way, Hasbro could have potentially shut Evo down for a long time. Although I have no idea why there is such large appeal to MLP, I am not happy this happened. I understand the hard work that goes into developing a game and I hope they can work something out with Hasbro.

  • Despite my dislike for “bronies,” I have huge respect for fighting game devs, and this is sad to hear.

  • rootbeer1


  • The people who hate bronies are about a million times more obnoxious than bronies themselves.

    Go fuck off every single one of you.

  • Aburnflags

     Yo where UltraDavid at? Fight this shit!

  • Aburnflags

     Where’s Ultradavid at? Fight this shit!

    • windsagio

      yes he’s gonna take a losing case for no pay :p

    • Robbie J

      I dont think ultra david is a pedophile

  • Zonder88

    Just change every pony’s colors and change their names. Problem solved.

  • Duck Strong

    So wait, they never actually had permission to do this? I don’t see how this is coming as a surprise.

    • Nazareth Gabriel

      Sending a C&D to a non-profit tribute game made by passionate fans, after two years of development should be considered a dick move by anyone. 

      • Robbie J

         Making an unlicensed game, without contacting the creators would be seen as a stupid move

  • LOL. All those people who tried to ruin evo must be mad as hell. “They promised it would be done by evo”

  • someguy1234

    Calling other people homosexuals when you have this asshole’s dick in your mouth. Nice.

    • Louis Lam

      I think he was being sarcastic, but you can never be too sure with the SRK front page.

      • The lack of sarcasm detection in general on these front pages is disturbing. I thought we were better than that, FGC…

  • someguy1234

    And I thought rabid bronies were whiny. The haters are twice as obnoxious.

  • Angelpalm

    Another lose for the pedophile animal rapist

  • David Wilson

    this is great news! now we fighting game enthusiasts can be taken seriously again without worry of being made a mockery of…

    (sarcasm alert)

    • Where’s CompetentFGC to make a five paragraph rant about how all the old fighters were for intelligent people and how everything new is dumb?

  • pandemlc

    Couldn’t they just take what they can and make their own fighting game out of it? Remove all traces of my little pony and keep at it. 

    • Trying to be nice

       They would lose all the art and music assets, and would have to reconstruct hitboxes (Unless they make a game about some other type of quadruped cartoon animals… Cows?). That’s at least half the game right there.

      As much as I really don’t care about My Little Pony, the fighting game community (Or any fan community) really shouldn’t be happy about this sort of corporate behavior. It discourages effort on non-profit fan content, which encourages worse quality on fan content in general. Things like that “Balrog: Behind the Glory” fan movie would never be made if fans were worried about Capcom telling them to scrap all their work.

    • G.F. Ahrun

       Well… Other than the petition asking Hasbro to lift the C&D, Lauren Faust (who was MLP producer) seems to be interested in help MANE6 with their project.

  • chipsndips

    Lemme get this straight:

    Capcom sees a fan game. Makes it legit and adds new content and updates to it.
    Hasbro sees a fan game. C&D.

    Crapcom, am I right guys?

    • RenaTurnip

      This is unfortunately one of the more funny things I’ve seen in this thread. But not really “haha” funny, in the end.

    • Know_the_ledge

      I see where you’re going but crapcom is crapcom for different reasons.

      • chipsndips

        Capcom gets a lot of crapcom for things that may/may not be so deserving.

        Super versions: Marvel fans are begging for another update. Their tears for another version of MVC3 are so moving that it actually got Capcom to HELP THEM bug Marvel to see if they can’t get some work done. What happened to not doing super versions?

        Milking with remakes: CvS2 dudes crying their asses off for a CvS2 remake to go along with 3S and MvC: Origins. It may not have online, but Capcom’s doing what they can to get some sort of CvS2 out to those that want it. People like nostalgia sometimes.

        SF X TKN: They could have let their mistakes ruin the IP forever, cut their losses, and let the greatest concept of all fighting game history be left in shambles. They didn’t drop it. They put in the time to listen to fans and polish the game-play. A few chars are kind of too strong, but the overall balance of the game is quite impressive, and if you can get the haters out of the stream with their ResidentSleeper bs, people actually enjoy watching it. They fked up on the payed gems and disk-locked content (even though a ton of dudes use disk-locked content…so wtf was with the massive outrage?), but imo, they did good rebounding the game.

        Community milking: They finally joined IPL, they flew dudes out to Brazil, they’re bringing fighters to PC users (as in current fighters, not moldy oldies…even though SF X TKN’s net-code is apparently ass + Microsoft is also ass), and they held 3 events (one in their own building). Even Ono came out to hang at the SF X BAIT event. Also, this story proves that Capcom could’ve been the “Crapcom” they’re accused of being by using that good old C&D on SF X Mega Man.

        I don’t expect any company to be on top of their game 100% of the time. Sonic’s been bad for TEN YEARS. Nintendo won’t cut out the “Family Fun Minigames” styled games. Square Enix has been pushing FF XIII’s welcome for far too long, and Versus XIII is STILL nowhere to be seen. Still, it doesn’t mean they’re just crap automatically. I believe Capcom’s putting in the effort this time around.

  • To be one hundred percent legit my wife and daughter were excited for this game. So to say it was made for brony’s isn’t quite right. It is unfortunate that this has happened to Mane6. Hopefully they can work something out. Though hasbro will probably refuse any cooperation since they didn’t get any money out of it.

  • dart nugent


  • @Wilson Hall
    You seem like a very smart guy. That’s why I am completely baffled at how you are missing the real point of most fan-made work.

    Bottom line is that a fan-made work brings awareness to the ORIGINAL creators. You keep talking about theft, but theft and “fan-made” do not co-exist. Theft would be passing off the ideas as your own, while fan-made work is done for the sake of the IP, not in opposition to it. It’s a symbiotic relationship.

    In the case of MLP, any and everything attributed to that game leads to further awareness of the source from which it was taken. I can guarantee you that many fighting game fans didn’t even know about the re-creation of MLP before they stumbled upon FiM.

    It’s pretty safe to say FiM got shut down because of mis-representation, not an intent to undermine or steal.

  • PJ

    Not surprised in the least. What did they think was going to happen, specially with all the exposure this game was getting, Hasbro was sure to catch on eventually. While I do feel bad these guys worked very hard on their project, I have no sympathy whatsoever being they should have seen this coming. I mean seriously… what did they expect was going to happen? Specially being Hasbro has it’s OWN video game division (Hasbro Interactive). 

  • Dr. Claw

    And stacks of aluminum cans the world over were spared.

  • Dion Johnson

  • Kevin Wark

    They can still work on it in secret. 

  • got outlogiced, and now you are mad, resorting to calling regular people pedos to hide your own sick fetish. leave your cousins alone

  • This is the single most retarded thing I have ever heard.  Lucky the forums are down or I would rage.

    1) I fucking hated every idea about this game
    2) I respected the legality of it.

    It was a non profit title, Hasbro has zero fucking rights to tell somebody to stop working on something for personal use.  If I decide to create my own Mario Bros. board game for my friends and family to play, and document my thought process and idea’s and steps, can Nintendo sue me? Get the fuck out of here with that retarded nonsense.  A random corporation needs to be burned down franchise by franchises, just to remind the rest of the corporate fucks who really should be making the rules around here.

    • Robbie J

       You’re right, Hasbro has 0 rights to tell someone to stop making things with their copyrighted product………. -_______________________________-

    • PROTIP: Don’t act retarded while calling something else retarded. It makes you look like a fucking retard.

      Yes, Nintendo can. More than likely though they’d send you a cease and desist, and you’d have to comply. Because, both legally and morally, you’re using *shit that isn’t yours.*

      If I make something and you write a fanfic of it, and I tell you to pull it down, you have to. And the thing you wrote is a derivative of the thing I own, making it mine. If you don’t like that, make an original IP.

      It sucks that Hasbro fails to realize the positive PR this game would be — especially for this inexplicably popular show and its inexplicably devoted fanbase — but they own My Little Pony, and if they say “take it down,” you gotta comply.

      Whatever rules that exist in your head you think apply here, well, they don’t.

  • someguy1234

    Look. I’m sorry you’re dad beat the shit out of you and disowned you for coming out of the closet, but that’s no reason to lash out against everyone else.

  • someguy1234

    For being so anti-gay, you seem to have a huge stick up your ass.

  • Koochy

    Fuck the bronies

  • Angry Joshua

    I came for comments….I wasn’t disappointed

    Bronies Butthurt
    FGC laughing hard 

    • Actually, it’s quite the opposite.
      There’s very little “Butthurt” coming from the Bronies.

      And the so-called FGC is just a bunch of trolls who have nothing better to do than hate on something that doesn’t concern them. 

      • Know_the_ledge

        Your comment sounds like butthurt. Ijs.

        • Oh, boy. Another.

          • Know_the_ledge


  • nutzilla13

    Can we talk about an awesome MK fan game?

    MK: Outworld

    It’s based off Mugen but looks solid.

  • they should leak the current build

  • Know_the_ledge

    I love this shit. All the fighting, hurt, rage and tears feed me well.

  • xShonuffx

    I have a feeling that fundraiser killed it. yeah it was non profit but they probably seen this as soemthing that worked againts their best intrest for their IP. For all we know Hasbro probably wants to make a game themselves and felt this would distract from it or whatever.

  • RomanceHD

    So… what did I miss? (Kappa)

  • Hasbro knew about the project all through it’s year and a half development cycle.

  • Gemakai

    I’m a bit saddened to see this as I was definitely curious to see how it would play and all the time and effort put into it, essentially wasted. If I was developing this, yea, I’d be devastated if only because it took them this long to send a C&D. If it were like… 2 years ago back when the project first started and was in gaming magazines, then it probably wouldn’t be so much a deal, but yea, it wasn’t.

  • A moment of silence for bronies everywhere.

  • Kristian Mentor

    Thank you based god.

  • RIP

  • b2j135

    So much hate…my god…I’m starting to get sick of the comments on this site.

  • Spabobin

    “Finally, certain parodies of trademarks may be permissible if they are not too directly tied to commercial use. The basic idea here is that artistic and editorial parodies of trademarks serve a valuable critical function, and that this critical function is entitled to some degree of First Amendment protection. The courts have adopted different ways of incorporating such First Amendment interests into the analysis. For example, some courts have applied the general “likelihood of confusion” analysis, using the First Amendment as a factor in the analysis. Other courts have expressly balanced First Amendment considerations against the degree of likely confusion. Still other courts have held that the First Amendment effectively trumps trademark law, under certain circumstances. In general, however, the courts appear to be more sympathetic to the extent that parodies are less commercial, and less sympathetic to the extent that parodies involve commercial use of the mark.”

    The game was going to be free, so it was not for commercial use.

  • memyselfandi770

    Personally if I was them I wouldn’t have named it My little Pony, I would have named it something else, and more than likely they would never have had any problems from Hasbro. Had they’d given it a different name, it would have been more like a spoof of the My little Pony  property instead of an unlicensed usage of it, which we all know is illegal. I don’t know why they didn’t do this, I mean yeah, the name might not have been as cool, but they should’ve expected that Hasbro was going to say something eventually, and naming it something else would’ve made it harder for Hasbro to interfere.

  • I dont like something, so no one should like it. Anyone who likes it is wrong, or gay,or not a man.  did I get that right?

    also, had to check this out on that there YOUTOOOOB, and honestly, it looks kinda ‘meh’, but its hardly offensive, or graphic. punch, horse kick, tail whip, fly around some. that’ll really infuriate parents. 

  • Sorry bro(ny). Shut that shit down. Non-profit doesn’t mean that no revenue is generated. I’d love to get paid by making my own fighting game using Capcom’s intellectual property (without any involvement from Capcom whatsoever). 

  • Erm… who does even want a My Little Pony fighting game to begin with??

  • Jeremy Barnes

    Using a license they don’t have the rights to in a manner not consistent with that license’s theme, posting it all over the internet, and thinking it’ll all work out. Contacting Hasbro after mishandling this isn’t going to convince Hasbro that they are going to act responsibly with the license. What exactly did they think was going to happen? 

  • Petran79

    fan made animated music clip, even better quality than the original. will this have a c&d order too?

  • AlexZerker

    This game isn’t even worth a single mention on…