“Lines. Gotta Cross ‘Em!” a Street Fighter x Tekken ver. 2013 Combo Video by Doopliss

By on February 9, 2013 at 12:24 pm

The last time we saw Doopliss he brought us a great combo video for the DLC characters of vanilla Street Fighter x Tekken. Well, now we have ver. 2013 and he’s back with a new and impressive combo video. This video is the result of him spending a few months analyzing the changes between the two versions.

Doopliss was also kind enough to show us a full transcript of every combo in the video. In the transcript, you will also find explanations on how/why the combo worked. Head on over to Combovid to check it out.

0:14 Seems like the first two hits of Vega’s EX FBA doesn’t raise the juggle counter, allowing you to do a very long juggle combo, as long as you can avoid the third one. It raises the JC by A LOT, and avoiding it was the main challenge of this combo. Sagat’s Super is really quick, has a lot of JP and has decent range, making it a good option for Pandora combos.

0:38 Kuma can now cancel into hunting stance as if it was a special move, allowing for all sorts of tricks. In this combo I use it to basically jump cancel his f.LP string, then tag cancel it into Ken’s 2-frame super. You can probably land a ground combo after this instead of just a super, but felt it wouldn’t be relevant to the combo.

0:48 A few changes to Yoshimitsu’s overhead string allows him to now combo a quick special from the backdash follow-up. He can do EX Gehosen or EX Windmill.

0:53 Christie can now juggle after MP and HP Wheel Kicks. I’m quite sure they give her more time to act than LP Wheel kick as well. Little known fact: Abel’s Finish Low causes a groundbounce, which allowed me to do a juggle combo into his new Wheel Kick groundbounce. Note that Christie’s special move is named “Wheel Kicks” while Abel’s is named “Wheel Kick”.

1:06 This combo displays several Hwoarang changes. More advantage on his divekick, no more resets from s.MK xx MK, and the groundbounce from his stomp. I couldn’t find any moves that had more JP than a heavy, so I had to tag cancel the stomp instead. I was quite pissed at the time, so I simply ended it with Lei’s super, which only triggers the animation when connecting on grounded or groundbounced opponents.

1:17 This combo displays several of Lei’s new stance options, like snake HP crumpling on CH, Dragon HP launches, and s.MK cancels into Drunken Master Walk. Quite sure Ken could not juggle two Target Combos like this before they made the recovery better.

1:29 By cancelling into Rolling Attack in the corner when the opponent is too high up for it to connect, Blanka will hit the wall and recover almost instantly, allowing him to do new combos.

1:35 This combo displays several new changes made to Ogre. Linking after far s.HP, cancelling c.MP, and increased JP on his flame punch (and more damage on cl.HK I guess). I honestly don’t remember if Law could juggle with flash kicks in this matter before v.2013, but it sure sounds hilarious.

Source: DaDoppen, combovid