Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – Armor King and Jin Combo Primer

By on February 8, 2013 at 2:06 pm

BiteBug has uploaded a very straight forward Tekken Tag Tournament 2 video that shows off a variety of simple combos with a team of Armor King and Jin. Nearly every combo uses the game’s tag system, most notably tag assault. Some combos are situational, requiring specific placement of walls and breakable hazards to be viable, but many others are usable in the normal flow of a real match.

Source: BiteBug

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  • MyLifeIsAnRPG I’m tired of the description of every Tekken video saying how “not viable” Wall combos are. most launches can lead to ridiculous wall carry so its not crazy to assume that either a) they are going to carry to the wall or b) you’re going to land a wall splat because your first combo put there back to the wall. Everything in Tekken is situational be it a mid screen off axis launch a random counter hit leading to a counter hit launch situation. It’s all part of the game doesn’t make it less viable. I know its something small to go on about but when you are trying to promote videos that teach people the game you cant give out false or out of context info or wording. If I were a beginner and not someone who actually plays Tekken (suprising on SRK yes i know) I would read that and think “Ok Lets not bother learning those wall combos because they aren’t viable and are too situational”  

  • mygenitals

    he must be confusing any tekken video with tekken 4 and assuming they are all possible to wall tech (unless of course they get wall splat).

    yeah that’s probably not true. i’m sure most of the people who actually played tekken back then are few and far between. but i’m guessing he could write an essay on the various personalities of each final fantasy character throughout all iterations, except for ff1.

    wall combos have been a big part of tekken since they removed the wall tech, which was tekken 5 (still miss 4’s position change).