Skullgirls Official Japanese Trailer

By on February 8, 2013 at 7:21 am

Hot on the heels of the recent announcement of Skullgirls getting a Japanese release, publisher Cyberfront has uploaded this new Japanese trailer for the game.

Skullgirls hits the PSN in Japan on February 14, 2013.

Source: Cyberfront via Canopy Kingdom

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  • Smang

    Japan draws better upskirt shots, they won’t be impressed.

  • Lowell Denzel Orlando Richmond

    sooo late wow atleast we know it’s doing well

  • Jacope Jesfen

     Boring response from a boring troll.

  • David Wilson

     1/10 please try harder next time.

  • Guest

    The vibe is perfect, hopefully the Japanese eat it up

  • David Wilson

    this pleases me greatly. lets aim for 200 people at the EVO tourney this year!

  • J.D SRK

     I bet you like SFxTK

    • YourAshyAss_Elbows

      I like the game. come get me

    • Brad Chanley

      Yeah bring down other games and communities because your game got a hater. You’re setting a great example kid.

  • Disco-lemonade

    Lol at no actual gameplay.

    • Zidiane

      It’s the intro, there is no gameplay. Also, did you really need to see gameplay? It’d look identical to the English version (unless there are japanese words for the combo meter).

      • Disco-lemonade

        I don’t need it, but I think the Japanese audience does. Would you buy a game when you’ve seen no gameplay?

        • sb

          Why would they need gameplay of a game thats been out for months it looks the same as the THOUSANDS of other Skullgirls clips on youtube come on bro think

          • Patrick M

            With that logic, why would they need a trailer at all when all of this artwork has been around even longer? Instead of forcing Japanese players who have never heard of the game before to google/youtube it, they should’ve included an extra minute of gameplay footage.

      • Michael Zaimont

        There are Japanese words for the combo meter.  :^)

        Though we gave ’em gameplay, I’m kinda wondering where it is…

        • peter bartholow

          I think they’re just putting logos/endslates on those videos and uploading them to PSN.

        • Zidiane

          Awesome. Are they the same words translated into Japanese? Are any of them different?

          • Michael Zaimont

            I have no idea…I’d assume they’re different.
            (I’ve seen ’em, I just can’t read Japanese. :^)

          • Jake Long

            MikeZ: Infinite FGC cred.  Zero anime cred.

          • Zidiane

            Find out for us, please?! I need to know whether or not they are the same… I’ve been assuming they were, but… are they the same in the other languages that already exist? I know some story is different, but… mmm… mrghagh…

            edit: and now I’m thinking about the character trailers again…

          • Jake_Was_Here

            I’m pretty sure there is no exact Japanese translation for “Anatiferous”.

  • Jason Slade

    The English trailer was better, considering it had actual gameplay.

    • Makr0ss

      Blame the title, is not a trailer is the intro of the game.

  • SpiderDan

    So what is this game?  Multiplayer beat-em-up?  Party game?  Platformer?

    A trailer with zero gameplay footage is acceptable a year before the game goes gold.  But a week before a regional port?  Pretty sketchy, sis.

    • sb

      Why would you need gameplay for a ANNOUNCEMENT trailer for a game that already exist with TONS of gameplay clips on the very same site you people cant be this dumb but this is the internet

    • Alexis A. Rivera-Montalvo

      The game has been out for a year.  Plenty of Japanese people are following its progress.

      Not to mention it was in this month’s Famitsu with a full explanation and screenshots.

      No, this does not need to have gameplay in it.

      • SpiderDan

         What is the point of a trailer without gameplay?  To market the game to people who already know all about it?

        If Cyberfront’s goal is to market exclusively to people who have already decided to buy the game before release, that’s a passable trailer, I suppose.  But then why release a trailer at all?

        • Alexis A. Rivera-Montalvo

          The trailer is the EXACT trailer that was released here.  It’s not going to be shown to anyone who isn’t already looking at the PSN store.

          The Japanese PSN store has a full explanation and screenshots of the game, and it always has.  So again, a non-issue.

          If it was a  TV ad, yes it would need gameplay because someone who is watching that trailer wasn’t already reading about the game in the first place.

          • SpiderDan

             Um, no, it is not the exact trailer that was released here, because that would have been incredibly stupid.

            Please notice that the majority of said trailer is, you know, actual gameplay.  This is not rocket science.

          • GHNeko

             That was a launch trailer we got after the game dropped.

            We got the non-gameplay trailer before the game dropped here in the US. :/

    • E_Tap

      You should study up on making troll posts a bit more subtle if you want to bait more people to respond to them as anything but.
      Latching on to and only nitpicking the fact that the video is called a “trailer” while sarcastically feigning ignorance of what the game is about when the description even in the youtube link above explicitly states “Skullgirls is a downloadable 2D fighting game now available on PSN and XBLA.” is WAY too obvious for most people. Better luck next article, looking forward to seeing some improvements in the future.

  • Go2hell66

    This game is gonna blow up in japan so hard

  • James Reilly

    Japan is hyped about this game, so many JPN users blowing this up on Twitter

    lol about the “no gameplay” thing, Japan already HAD gameplay shown over their multiple times including Famitsu. Plus there already been JPN magazine articles showing and describing the gameplay. This trailer is not about gameplay, but Skullgirls itself like who are the characters and whats happening with the setting etc

    lol pretending trailers with zero gameplay don’t exist. Please…there are several cinematic trailers for fighters thats only purpose is to show off characters while some catchy bgm in background

    • SpiderDan

      So why release a trailer at all?  The intro for the game is already on Youtube.  The announcement of the regional port is already on the internet and in Famitsu.

      A trailer for a game that is to be released in a week should ALWAYS contain gameplay.  Any argument you can make to the contrary essentially says that the trailer itself was a waste of time and money.

      • peter bartholow

        We offered to let them have Rithli recut the launch trailer and gave them new footage, and… this is what they did.

        Downloadable games don’t do all that well in Japan, so I think they had to really skimp on the marketing.
        If I had known this is what they were going to do, though, I think I would have tried to find a way to get them something better, even if we had to pay for it.They will be releasing a handful of fight videos on PSN at launch, I believe. And they’ve said they’ll also probably subtitle the animation “documentary” video we did, too.

        • SpiderDan

           Thanks for the response.  I know Lab Zero is far too knowledgeable to have intended this to be the result; my guess was that Cyberfront was responsible.

          Somehow, I doubt that even this direct post from the CEO of Lab Zero will be enough to stop the white knights from insisting that The Trailer Is Just Fine…

      • windsagio

        makes sense, from the beginning skullgirls has been about reference and aesthetic, rather than gameplay.

        • E_Tap

           Which really says a lot for the aesthetics of the game than a lot of
          people would think originally from reading that statement, with how
          fluid and smooth the gameplay is. I’m glad Lab Zero has the talent to produce quality gameplay just as good as quality aesthetics, somewhat of a rarity these days.

        • Trying to be nice

          Please delete this comment.

    • E_Tap

      Complaints like those, if you can even call them that, are not even worth addressing. These are the same people that complained (on a fighting game information website, no less) about not having an ingame command list for a fighting game that only uses quarter-circle and dragon-punch style command inputs, barring one 360 motion. These same people will also be back here on the next article when the game blows up in Japan complaining that it doesn’t start automatically when a system is powered on.

  • barkon23

    Watch this game be like third strike where no plays it in the states then japan gets ahold of it playes it to death, then comes over here and destroys us with some tech that no ones seen before, and then it blows up over here.

    • SpiderDan

       …except for the part where 3S was already popular in Japan before it even came out in USA, because Japan got it first and all.

      • GHNeko

         He’s talking about when the meta stagnated here and Japan kept developing 3s meta, and allowing the players and characters to be played at levels we never thought possible, causing US to pick it up a get or rather take it more seriously.

  • barkon23

    Watch this game be like third strike, were japan gets this game and plays it to death while the states blow it off, then japan comes here an destroys us with tech we have never seen before and then it blows up over here

  • Rahavic

    Ppl forgetting the most important thing is not only does the US get to play with a larger online community, but that this is also GGPO we talking here, and its going to play amazing with Japan. Something not easily said for many fighters, hell online console games, currently available with some exceptions. That’s the absolute first thing I thought when hearing this announcement. Good stuff to the SG crew.

    Also, good god the idiocy above this comment. Not only from the argument itself, but from both sides volleying it back and forth. Has to be one of the most idiotic arguments I’ve seen.

  • Adam J Tokarsky

    Are online games finally significant in Japan now? As I recall that’s why SF4 has had so many disc releases, because their online services aren’t really big deals there and few purchases are made. It would blow up for sure if somehow an arcade machine version was distributed there.

    • Jake_Was_Here

      I’m reading comments on the NicoNico version of this video (the Japanese answer to Youtube), and some of them are saying things like “Screw it, the disc market’s heading for the cliff and we all know it — why NOT go digital?”

  • Lawrence Ohh

    this game is just like all of those random “pc doujin fighters” Japan have, (But Americanized version) Japanese players who loves kusoge fighters (i.e. “trash” fighting games, i.e. non-main stream fighting games) will love this IMO. Hopefully, it’ll do pretty well (And they’ll probably spam the usage of Double and Parasoul like we do since those two are like broken tier in this game)

    • Alexis A. Rivera-Montalvo

      Parasoul and Double?

      ……Seems to me you haven’t played the patched version yet.

    • Caleb Scottie Spicer

      wow its february and someone already won dumbass of the year….have you played sg at all?parasoul outside her assist was never broken tier and they patched double so the game is fine

    • OrehRatiug

      So as my research has shown, according to front pagers, every fighting game that has ever existed is kusoge. 

    • GHNeko

      he still think Parasoul and double Assists are broken!


  • clearly, cyberfront’s strategy is to pull in thousands of sales by making people think this is a guro visual novel

  • ajm1220

    Valentine is pleased

  • tgm_Zeej

    This trailer implies far more content than the game actually possesses at this point in time…

    • D’mitri Moore

       how so?  It’s the same intro to the game when you buy it. 

  • Bryan Rosas

    Congratulations to the Skullgirls team.

  • xeleion

    I really want to know what Japanese fonts they’re using and where I can find them.