Injustice: Gods Among Us Battle Arena Week 1 Results – Batman vs. Bane and Wonder Woman vs. Harley Quinn

By on February 8, 2013 at 10:03 am

Week one of the Injustice Battle Arena is over, and promo matches have been uploaded to show you who the victors are. These matches are choreographed, but they do show off some of the combo potential the game has to offer, in addition to showcasing the move lists and supers of the characters involved. The videos are also a great way to display some of the game’s stages and their hazards, like the Batman villain beat down teased yesterday.

The first week put Batman up against longtime nemesis Bane and asked who would win between Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn. Watch the videos below to see who the fans voted to be victorious. Also be on the lookout for next week’s matchups, which will be going up Monday on the official Injustice website.

Source: Injustice Youtube Channel

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  • NyuBomber


    EDIT: Obviously staged fights but it’s so they can show stuff off to promote the game, so s’cool.

    Bane looks…exactly as I imagined, him, complete with backbreaker super. Still not excited for him, but they hit the spot correctly.

    Arkahm stage transition cameos were awesome!

    • Frank Bivens

       Gotta admit I laughed a bit to see Batman get his back broken a second time by Bane.

  • GuyAlpha

    This game looks crazy. lol at Harley getting bodied by Killer Croc, The Riddler, Two-Face AND The Penguin.

  • Wonderwoman looks like a guy with a wig.

    • Awsumpossum12345

      As usual

    • Disco-lemonade

       NRS manface in full effect.

    • Ty Arnold

      This is exactly why most of the MK girls wear veils over their faces.

    • sounds like your turned on by that

    • Frank Bivens

       I kinda like the fact that she looks powerful, despite the fact that the lore establishes that she doesn’t need any muscle tone at all to be super powerful.  Not too sure about that jawline tho lol.

  • This game is gonna be amazing

  • Rahavic

    Please fix the falling down at the end of a match, then getting back up for split second just to fall right back down again. C’mon man, how bout a little flair on the last hit to win a match. This is just silly.

    Day 1 buy regardless cuz I am comic nerd lol

    Also the camera pans will be controllable by spectators so you can see the match from different perspectives. Just my guess but I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be in there. Lets see.

    This is all I think about when I see a character in this game get hit to end a round:

    • NyuBomber

       “Please fix the falling down at the end of a match, then getting back up for split second just to fall right back down again.”

      Oh man, this. Was so aesthetically annoying.

      • nah that does look lazy as hell…. dont be a groupie

        • NyuBomber

           …I don’t understand what you’re getting at, as I was agreeing with Rahavic that it needed to be fixed.

    • Graham Shryock

      Completely agree. I would expect more from a game receiving this much marketing and hype. Not to mention from a studio that’s had FG experience before.

      • James Reilly

        I know right? Fighting games need slow motion knockouts and exaggerated knockout moans  *rolls eye

        •  As it stands just having them correctly and unceremoniously falling to the floor would be all I ask.

    • sb

      Its from MK9 dont see why they couldnt just program it out tho it does look silly 

      • Rahavic

        Oh I understand that, really the glaring one I noticed was the old trailer where Superman punches someone down to the ground from outer space to win the match and when they both land……….they guy gets up and then falls back down again wit the ol’ Ric Flair. I just laughed and said, “ah well they’ll take that out of there they obviously just working with an early build.” Nope.

        I’m not saying to add all the sparkles and 4th of July that is most Capcom games (and most any 2D game, hell Namco has their own thing even with the quick little instant replay) at the end of a round/match, but just…….something. This can’t be it, can it?

        • James Reilly

          Didn’t you see their extended special win poses? Super-Man Flies around in Space hearing trouble and Batman sees the bat signal while he is on some rooftop for example. Hell they even have a flashy starting poses. I’m pretty sure that overshadows a split second of incompetence. NeatherRealm is many things, but they are not lazy

          • Rahavic

            not sure you understood me…

    •  I tweeted Ed Boon with this concern yesterday, if you really want this to be resolved, I suggest everyone bothering him there.

    • Snow Loss

      Eh, I’m more concerned with them getting kicked through buildings then snapping right back to their feet. A little bit of time, or a slower stand up animation would be ideal. It would slow it down a very small bit, but the impact those transitions have would be much more potent.
      Just my two cents.

    • Sometimes it looks good, like in a real fight when someone gets hit so hard that they’re out of the fight for sure, but it takes a second for their body to realize it. But for the most part, yeah. It’s irksome.

  • Collin Mckinney

    Not bad. I like what i’m seeing although I feel like these are obvious matchups though. 

  • Dio

    In before the” With prep time Batman can beat anyone”

    • James Reilly

      But if course, He had his batmobile specifically positioned their knowing Bane will have his back towards it

    • It seems more like you’re specifically trying to start that conversation.

  • Joey T Medina

    When Batman jumps in he could:

    1) do a regular jump in attack
    2) glide to bait out anti-airs and possibly cause cross ups
    3) cross up attack
    4) dive kick

    Plus he has his electric batarangs that he gets to use only after the cooldown ends. They connect way after he uses them like hidden missles from MvC3. He has a Spencer’like grapplehook from long range and standard batarangs. AND he has a Cammy style lunging low slide attack.

    Batman to be the Cammy of Injustice?! Either way, Batman looks like he’s shaping up to be a gigantic threat already.

    • Snow Loss

      He was really good in MKvsDCU too if my memory serves right.

      Just wish his fighting stance was actually a fighting stance.

  • HombreGranJefe

    So anybody want to point out that Wonder Woman v. Harley Quinn refutes the report yesterday of Killer Croc being confirmed as playable?  No?  He may still be, but that screenshot was ripped from that cinematic sequence.

    • sb

      thats about all your gonna see of Killer Croc no chance at being playable

    •  He was 99% not gonna be playable before. This adds about another 80%

  • I had some doubts about Wonder Woman, but, man, they actually did a great job with her.

  • Awsumpossum12345

    LMAO at how fast Batman gets up after having his shit broken.

  • JasonMueller

    I would buy this game in a heart beat if Bane sounded similar to the Tom Hardy movie version. Be amazing to hear him talking shit during a match. 

    • NyuBomber

      FOR YOU

    • Crow Winters

      Sorry, I don’t want to hear Mr. Magoo Bane.

    • sb

      The sound of Mr. Magoo just wouldnt fit in

    •  I would un-buy this if it had the Hardy voice, but I would like Bane to say SOMETHING. Just preferably in a Spanish accent and not with an entire kitten in his mouth.

      • Snow Loss

        I’m surprised to see how often people forget that Bane is extremely intelligent and that Spanish is his first language.

    • James Reilly

      Bane to sound like some English gentleman? No thanks

    • Snow Loss

      “Your punishment must be more sevEEEre.”

  • Mr. X

     Stage transition cutscenes are gonna get old fast.

    • Joey T Medina

      These trailers are showcasing the characters and the levels. I highly doubt that in every single match we’ll be seeing stage transitions.

      Time will tell, but I seriously wouldn’t be too worried about them being oversaturated.

      • JELIFISH19

        They also cost meter. So you have to choose to do it at the cost of meter for EX moves and supers. I think the stage transitions will be more strategic and you’ll only see it if a certain character benefits from different parts of the stage. If an agile character has a lot of things to jump off of and do mixups, it might be best to knock them into a different section. There are sections that offer additional projectiles too so that could be beneficial to a zoner. It would be smart to knock them into a different section. I think that’s where they’ll come in since you’re usually sacrificing damage and meter to use it. It’s not something that you can and should always go for. And if watching the same combos and supers in other games for years haven’t gotten old yet, I can’t imagine that these will.

    •  Seems like the transition starters will be too hard to use in a real match to see often, they all seem really slow.

    • James Reilly

      I know right like Magneto Gravity Squeezes and Dr. Doom Chair Super lol

  • Langdon Herrick

    I will buy this game and I will enjoy it, just like I did with MK9. And after a week of playing I will stop noticing just how awful the animations are…but as for now, when all I can do is watch the game being played…

    Please, please hire a new team of animators.

    • I personally think the animations look great. Just realize that when it comes to way things LOOK that it’s always subjective.

      I think that you are just too use to the way other 2D games look where moves startup and are done with quickly, like less than 10 frames. But NRS is known to do things with mokap like 3D games, which is why moves in my opinion look alot more realistic and alot less like a fast-paced cartoon.

      •  I think the animations tend o look very unrealistic, characters tend to move around like they don’t weigh anything. They’re still leagues better than in MKvDC though.

    • Snow Loss

      As someone who’s stayed away from NR for a LONG time partly to do with their kombo system, inputs, and jerky animations; Injustice is by FAR their cleanest game yet in regards to these things (so it seems and has been said).

      While it’s not perfect yet, they’ve improved by leaps and bounds.

    • Ndebe

       Holy hell I can’t believe this isn’t talked about more often. This should be brought up in every Injustice article until they fix it. The animations are ridiculously jerky and anybody with a basic knowledge of physics knows that things gain speed as they fall. The god-awful animations and the horrible physics were forgiveable in MK9, because it kind of captured the spirit of old MK in a way, but this is a completely new game.

      It hurts me so much because it isn’t like its something hard to fix with attention and money, and I really hoped that NR would step up their game after MK9 to make Injustice look and feel better.

      • You’re seriously complaining about things not gaining speed as they fall? (Btw this does happen to characters that are falling from a juggle state ) .I don’t think any other fighting game does that anyway and if they do it’s hardly noticeable. The animations aren’t that bad actually. You’re just singling out the bad animations while ignoring the good ones.

  • Chinese Sword
  • DarkArchvile

    WTF happened at 01:00 in the Bane VS Batman video ?

    • Batman used a stage interaction. (Pushing the red button which turns on the jet)

  • Hawkrider

    Seems Wonder Woman has a variety of stances: sword/shield, standing, flying… Cool.

    •  I think it’s just two, she stands when she’s using the sword and shield and hovers when she’s got the lasso.

  • Wonder Woman’s face looks exactly like a man.

    • Ain’t it hot though?

    • Snow Loss

      She’s made out of fucking clay and built for kicking ass. Cut her some slack.

  • Ty Arnold

    Wow, Batman recovered from Bane breaking his back even faster than he did in The Dark Knight Rises!

  • Snow Loss

    Complaining about faces aside, I’m loving this gameplay. It’s exactly what I wanted to see. Fast paced, minimal chunkiness, high level combos and gameplay. Not to mention we get to see how Bane functions.

    Wonder Womans super was a bit lack luster, but over all I just got totally rehyped for this game.

  • Ace

     Great combo vids. Well, looks like there will be a minimum of 16 characters. I bet ya Superman is gonna be at the other end of the bracket in an attempt to have a Batman vs Superman grand finals.

  • Bama_X

    Do Do Do, That’s Bane!

  • NRS_Fighter_Community

    NRS does it again. First mk9 and now injustice!

  • Please fix Batman’s fighting stance. God!

  • Zonder88

    lol Batman summoning da BATMOBILE.

  • rjm924

    I like everything about this other than the actual fighting.

  • Isaac Hudson

    I liked it, looked pretty cool.  I was worried about the animations (since MK9) but they seem to have been cleaned up and improved a lot.

  • Thomas Manson

    Changing camera angles every two seconds does NOT make it more interesting or dynamic. It just makes it more confusing and disorienting.

    EDIT: Also, chick announcer is annoying.