Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition ver. 2012 – Fei Long Chicken Wing into Ultra 1 on the Entire Cast

By on February 7, 2013 at 7:08 pm

Level Grinding is back with another “Fei Long Does Something to the Entire AE 2012 Cast” video by DaYDreaM. This time it’s Chicken Wing into Ultra 1. Unless you get all three hits, the juggle seems to drop. The tech is very character specific, as shown in this video.

It seems that if you want to get the ultra 1 juggle follow-up you need to get the third hit of any chicken wing to do so. If you want to see if the character can be hit three times by the ultra then HK chicken wing is the one to use. MK chicken wing will give you more damage so you should just use that one on a character that can only be it by two hits of the ultra 1 juggle. MK chicken wing seems to not be able to get three hits on the whole cast so you would have to use HK chicken wing on those characters. LK chicken wing does the same damage as HK chicken wing but like MK chicken wing it seems to not be able to get the third hit on the whole cast. It also seems that some of the cast can’t be hit by the third hit of any chicken wing. If that is the case then just leave out the chicken wing and go straight for the ultra 1 juggle.

The following is a list of characters that can’t be hit by the third hit of a chicken wing:

Adon – non
Balron (boxer) – non
C. Viper – non
Cammy – non
Chun Li – non
Dee Jay – LK, MK
Dudely – LK, MK
El Fuerte – LK, MK
Fei Long – non
Gen – non
Gouken – non
Juri – non
Sakura – non
Seth – MK
Vega (claw) – LK, MK

Source: Level Grinding

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  • OFC Salty Santa

    baby damage tho

    • $16830266

      True, but if you’re going for the kill, then you may as well have this in your back pocket.

      THE MORE YOU KNOW *shooting star*

  • RunningWild1984

    Never understood why Capcom put Ultra’s in the game if it meant only a fraction of a cast can actually properly combo into them.

    And the damage sucks.

    • Yan Paq

      the biggest problem (i think) is the fact that characters who can combo into ultra are already pretty strong (ryu…), and weaker characters can’t do that (t.hawk…)

    • DropDeadEddy

       There’s always other techniques, though some not viable, to getting them in.Option selects, Ultra to Ultra counter, Fireball passing etc

    • Ultras were put in the game as a comeback mechanic; that was it’s sole intent.

      • Moribund Cadaver

        Comeback mechanic, yeah. Though the same question remains – even as a comeback mechanic, it’s nonsensical that strong characters get stronger comeback tools and weaker characters get weaker.

        Ryu doesn’t need his ultra flexibility as much as a weaker guy.

        • Personally, Capcom’s decisions, from design to balance, generally don’t make a ton of sense. 

      • HombreGranJefe

        It’s as if the entire FGC forgot about supers.

        • I’m right there with you, man. I’ve always believed that Ultras were redundant. Either that or the supers. Sure, it’s more options but when I break it down I still don’t feel that the sub systems were a great design.

          Historically, Supers/Desperation moves are pretty much the original comeback mechanic.

          • HombreGranJefe

            I don’t think that’s right.  Supers have always built primary meter based on offensive tactics (In SSF4 you get meter for taking damage also, but not as much, and you never built meter for getting hit in ST); Ultras build meter based on damage taken.  But comboing into a comeback mechanic isn’t what the game is about (as Running Wild seems to be suggesting).  People should be using them as counters to improperly executed end-round behavior.  Comboing into high damage output are what you use supers for.

            Of course, Capcom messed this mechanic up by making EX moves too powerful and super meter build too slow, so what you usually see are players spending meter to pull off EX moves so they can combo into their ultras.  You can build into an Ultra by losing half your lifebar.  It takes over a full round to build a full super bar against any character in the cast.

            They tried to remedy this to some extent in SFxTK with Pandora, but I don’t think anybody likes the risk factor of instant loss if you fail to kill your opponent.  I think you’d see a lot more Pandora if on expiration it required the opponent to actually do something to win the round.  Even if the mechanic dropped the user to exactly 1HP on expiration, it would be a more useful tool than what it is now.

  • Dubsys

    slow news day huh

  • witebuddha

    isn’t this the second time this has been posted recently?

    •  Well yeah, this is clearly in reaction to people complaining about the original post. Sort of a display of “I HAVE THE POWER”. I tell ya, man. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    • Adam J Tokarsky

       Yes. It’s clearly not different at all.

  • Adam J Tokarsky

    The third hit of U1 seems to have a lot to do with the opponent’s vertical positioning. With the exception of Vega who seems to unproductively float high, the third hit of U1 connected on everyone who was above a certain altitude when the Ultra came out. I wonder if the HK wing were to come out earlier if the roster of people hit three times would be somewhat expanded?

    Also, wtf Honda.

  • Joshua B

    This is one of those things that doesn’t really need to be a video.