Street Fighter x Tekken ver. 2013 Mini Video Roundup (02/07) – Christie Vortex Tech, Safe Jumps for Poison, and More

By on February 7, 2013 at 11:30 am

We have a short little Street Fighter x Tekken ver. 2013 roundup for you today. Vulcan Hades starts us off with two impressive videos covering Christie. One goes over her basics while the other shows off some impressive vortex tech.

JST brings us this video which covers how to get in with Lars.

ArtificialStar‘s latest combo video focuses on Nina.

TheoryFighter brings us a few simple safe jumps with Poison.

Finally, ReNiC shows us what happens when you use your gems correctly.

Sources: Vulcan Hades, JSTArtificialStarTheoryFighterReNiC

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  • MuhhPhukka

    ReNIC video is so enchanting.

  • Dimitri Lionheart

    Finally some Christie Video’s!  Good stuff!

  • Jordan Hoffman

    My professional opinion: Christie’s underboob cleavage puts Juri’s sideboob cleavage to shame. 

    • UseProtection

      They both have their charms.

  • Zonder88

    THat Lars video made me interested in learning him.

  • TempBast

    Ryu wakes up pretty fast. The first safe jump doesn’t work on him.

    • Luisito

      That’s because Ryu’s DP is 3 start up frames and you have 3 vulnerable landing frames when you whiff an attack in the air. So it’s impossible to safe jump shotos unless you do a jump in meaty from a distance where the DP’s first active frame will be out of range.

      • TempBast

         Oh, I see. Thank you for that knowledge. Anyone got the link to the frame data? It seems like Ken’s DP has more start-up frames than in AE and seems like Cammy’s has less start-up frames.

  • …you can vortex in this game?!

    Then why is Akuma such ass?!

    • Luisito

      You could always technically vortex. But the roll and DP xx tags were a 90% safe way out of most vortexes in vanilla. Now in 2013 if you roll you can’t reversal and you can’t tech throws which makes it much more daring to roll. Which means the chances of opponent getting up normally and having to deal with vortexes is higher. Plus all DP xx tags are now punishable on block.

      However, even then vortexes are not close to being as powerful as in AE because of one thing: alpha counters/cross-cancels. f+hp+hk is a defensive option that costs 1 bar and acts as an option-select to blow up both safe jumps (cross-cancel) and empty jump lows (raw launcher). Only 4-12 frame cross-cancels are quick enough to beat safe jumps though. Of course, this tech loses to empty jump throw or empty jump high etc. But they can also cross-cancel OS DP. But then you can bait that with nothing or by altering your jump arc trajectory. THE MIND GAMES MAN.

      One of the things I like about SFxT, is that you have to earn your 50/50 mixup with an educated read as opposed to it being guaranteed off every knockdown. That’s a good thing because knockdowns are common and damage is really high.

    • Timothy Ian McMillan

      He does no damage.

      • how can AKUMA of all characters do no damage?!