Skullgirls Finds a Japanese Publisher, Heading to PSN on February 14th

By on February 7, 2013 at 8:54 am

Skullgirls has been out for almost a year now, yet it still hasn’t seen a Japanese release. However, this will change soon enough as Lab Zero games has teamed up with Cyberfront to bring Skullgirls to Japan. Cyberfront is known for localizing games for Japanese release, and has worked on games such as Test Drive Unlimited 2 and DJ Max Technica Tune in the past. The game will retail for 1,500 yen, or about 15 U.S. dollars.

This information comes by way of Siliconera, who picked up the details from an upcoming issue of Famitsu. According to Ravidrath on the SRK forums, the Japanese release date will be February 14th. The Japanese version will not contain Japanese voices, just translated text.

Source: Siliconera

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  • I wonder if Japan will blow this up. I know the OST was a bestseller on Amazon in Japan when it first came out.

  • Can’t wait to see how the japanese embrace this title. I believe its score one for the home team developers! 

  • 1500 yen = like 20-25 dollars JS

    • Jake Long

      Current exchange rate is about ¥93.5 to $1, putting the price at about $16.50.

      • Alexis A. Rivera-Montalvo

        Well, that’s the market price, but not the actual exchange.

        See, for banks and currency exchange companies to make any sort of profit and stay in business (well, not so much for banks but it applies just the same), the money can’t be exchanged for exacty the market price because it will decrease the value.  Consider markup for buying and mark downs for selling.

        So while the price right now is 93.5 yen to the dollar, buying yen will likely get you 83 yen to the dollar, and buying dollars will cost 103.5 yen, for example.

        So at 83 yen to the dollar, it will cost $18 or so.  But that’s just an example.  Currency exchange places usually rip you off, and credit card companies will charge a processing fee most of the time.  So $20-25 does sound about right.

        • Eric Devlin

           All good points, except that the Japanese will only be paying the 1500 yen, as they have to make no exchanges. If anything, the exchange rate will just cut into the game’s profits, but nothing significant. 1500 yen is, for day to day use in Japan, equivalent to about that $16.50. That’s all you need to think about, is that it costs the consumers over there the same it costs consumers over here.

  • Ty Arnold

    I’m worried it’s going to suffer a similar fate as Anarchy Reigns: could’ve been a hit if it were released there in a reasonable timeframe, but the hype has died down after all this time.

    Desperately hoping to be proven wrong, though!

  • heatEXTEND

    FAB Cerabella combovids plz 

    • Alexis A. Rivera-Montalvo

      Um… OK?

      • heatEXTEND

         10/10 for effort, 3/10 for not using the red/blonde colors :p

  • James Reilly

    Skullgirls doujins incoming!

    • been here for a long time already

    • Milton O’Bannon

      too late

      • Riot

        I only see one manga on exhentai. I’m waiting for Touhou numbers at the next Comiket. Single images does not a doujin make.

  • Robbie J


    • Eric Nguyen

      I hope Kusoru blows us up in this game with some out-of-left-field tech

      • d3v

        But this ain’t no kusoge.

        • Eric Nguyen

          That’s… a really good point

    • windsagio

      that’s… kind of depressing.

      ‘revival’?  It’s been out less than a year.

      • I thought I told you to go kill yourself.

        • windsagio

          he said it, not me :p

          • You should really still kill yourself anyway.

          • windsagio

            weirdly, your little thing does not disincline me to talk about your game.

          • You can talk about the game all you want after you’ve killed yourself. Even more, in fact.

  • Guest

    Watched the Japanese trailer… the style is perfect… hope they embrace this game

  • Louis Lam

    Future of Skullgirls is looking brighter everyday.

  • Nazareth Gabriel

    Skullgirls has been relatively popular on Pixiv for a while now, so there’s definitely interest in the game over there.

  • Milton O’Bannon

    Very awesome news. Skullgirls information has been on a roll recently!

  • SkullgirlsFan21

    Yes! I can now play my brother! This is great news for me.

  • d3v

    Glorious Nippon

  • Maybe should get JPN version so online wont be so dead.