Ed Boon Reveals Image of Killer Croc, The Riddler, and Penguin in Injustice: Gods Among Us

By on February 7, 2013 at 12:18 pm

With Injustice: Gods Among Us only a couple of months away, the reveals are coming hard and fast. NetherRealm Studios’ Ed Boon just tweeted an image showcasing Batman villain Killer Croc engaged in battle with The Flash, which may mean that he’ll be a part of the playable cast. The Riddler and Penguin can also be spotted in the background, though it’s possible they are only stage dressing or were edited in after the fact.

Check it out below and let us know what you think.

Source: Ed Boon, shout outs to Jebailey for bringing this to our attention.

  • Joshua Dionne Johnson

    Non-Playable, I’m calling it right now.

    •  Agreed, looks like they ripped the model right out of Arkham, probably for something in story mode. If they do Croc on top of Grundy, Bane AND Doomsday It’d be ridiculous.

    • Trevor Clarke

       When there’s a picture of him fighting Flash in a stage that doesn’t look like a boss stage unless Midway stepped their game down

      • That’s not him “fighting” Flash. For one the axis in which they’re “fighting” on is messed up as they shouldn’t be aligned with Penguin and Riddler who are in the background. They also don’t even cast shadows. Logic dude.

  • i hope they don’t do too much batman

    • Frank Bivens

       I just hope they put in more lesser known DC people. It annoys me when devs make a franchise like this, and then put all the no-brainer characters in. This is the perfect time to expand DC fanbase, and to re-imagine characters many wouldn’t expect.  So far, many of these characters seem like no-shit choices.

      • almost every DC character is unknown outside of characters from Justice League…… why you think the judge dredd movies did so shit in theaters or almost every DC movie outside of batman and superman….. they really need to start showing more gameplay ASAP…

        •  Well, that also had to do with the Green Lantern and Catwoman movies being ass.

        • CGMNaniwaTiger

           Umm, Judge Dredd isn’t published by DC.

      • Langdon Herrick

        Marvel vs Capcom 3 tried bringing in lesser-known characters like Iron Fist and Doctor Strange, and instead of expanding the fanbase it just made people whine about Venom and Gambit.

        Fanboys win in the end. The new DMC proves that unless you allow yourself to be held hostage by them, you can kiss millions goodbye.

  • I need Riddler to be playable…make it so Boon!

    • Jordan Hoffman

      what the hell is the Riddler gonna do, riddle someone to death?

      • I hope so, yea.

      • Awsumpossum12345

        Obviously, yes.

  • NyuBomber

    Somebody on EventHubs had the idea that this is an Arkahm Asylum level, and that the stage hazards would include interaction with inmates.

    I’m inclined to agree with that, or a story-mode only character, as Bane and Grundy (and Doomsday, if confirmed playable) seem like plenty of “Big Bruiser/Grappler” (especially Bane as it’s the same flipping franchise) characters unless they get radical with the archetype, and I don’t think Croc is in the “radical” domain.

    Unless he throws a rock.

    A big rock.

    EDIT: Another poster on EH pointed out the following:

    -There’s a pair of legs under Flash’s left arm, probably a dead Arkahm guard!
    -There’s a the right shoulder of a white suit and the right side of someone’s head sticking out to the side of Croc’s Flash-grabbing right hand, probably Two-Face!

    EDIT 2: Boon just revealed on Twitter that we shall find out more info tomorrow.

    • N1Special

      I hope croc is like Oinkie in anarchy reigns

  •  Looks like a cutscene. We know that characters will be showing up for the story specifically. I am sure these three are an example of that.

  • I seriously hope these aren’t more playable characters. Batman-franchise already has 6 (Batman, Nightwing, Joker, Harley, Bane, Catwoman). 

    The balance is so unfair. Throw in another Green Lantern character, like sinestro…

    • Ashilyn

      Sintestro’s confirmed in the game, we just don’t know if he’s playable yet.

      • sb

        Thats the thing i wanna know who is playable or not dont care who is in the story or not

        •  Given that almost every character in the roster has a playable villain, I’d say Sinenstro is a safe bet.

    • N1Special

      yes throw in a copy of hero and call him a different name and change his color…..smart.

      • As opposed to a fat old guy with a big nose and someone who likes to Riddle?

        Yes Sinestro is miles better

        I personally would like Someone like Atrocitus or Larfleeze, but fuck it, Sinestro is okay

        • Awsumpossum12345

          To be fair, the Penguin would (COULD?) be a fairly interesting gadget-based/zoning character.

          Just sayin

      • Shows how much you know. Sinestro is nothing like Hal Jordan. He’s not a straight up power character.

  • pandemlc

    Hmm, potential DLC for sure but I hope only 1 are in the initial release. Too many Batman characters as is.

  • Ashilyn

    I know some place has a preorder bonus of a Arkham City themed pack, I’m guessing this is a stage in that pack with hazards that involve the inmates, because all three of those models (Croc, Riddler, Penguin) are STRAIGHT out of Arkham City. Like, not even the least bit changed.

    That, or some cutscene in the pre-Superman Goes Nuts section of the game takes place in Arkham Asylum/City.

    • NyuBomber

      Well Croc is changed a bit, he’s lacking the shackles from AA.

      • it’s the model from Arkham City, not Asylum

  • robin, beast boy, raven and static shock….
    if the riddler is playable then static shock should be in it

    • samael789

       Static Shock is the name of a comic and cartoon. The character is called Static.

    • MisterNefarious

      Static is like a lameass teenage version of Black Lightning with an ugly costume.

      • Trevor Clarke

         Damn why you mad though?

  • Dexterpaddles

    Ya, they look to shitty to be playable. That and they have no NRS style armor.

    Maybe you get to fight them in the challenge tower?

    • Probably a stage transition.

  • Hate on capcom all you want…..AT LEAST MARVEL HAS A WIDE RANGE CAST! UNLIKE BATMAN FIGHTER!! Plus the fly/unfly combos that are enjoyable to watch.

    I bet there is no fly/unfly sick combos….Look at a MK9 combo video then look at guilty gear or marvel. Its like street fighter 4….No style.

    This is super heros..It needs style/over the topness

    • Joey T Medina

      Characters that got their start in Xmen: 7
      Magneto, Pheonix, Wolverine, X-23, Deadpool, Storm, Sentinel

      If you can’t see that you’re being a fanboy, then you’re really blind. Accept that people are going to like this game and stop getting butt hurt that it’s getting attention. There is seriously no reason for you to blatantly bash this game only because of your comparisons to Capcom/Marvel. No one is hating on Marvel in this whole discussion and you’re first words are super defensive like you have to stick up for it.

      Be happy that a new potentially great fighter is going to be released and keep your bias to yourself.

      • Karanov

        Technically Wolverine got his start as a one-off villain in a Hulk comic. 😛

        • Awsumpossum12345

          Needs more likes. Wolverine did not start with X-men. He had an epic battle with the Hulk.

          I’m fairly certain that it was basically determined to be a tie, IIRC, even though we all know that Hulk would totally pwn Wolverine’s bitch ass.

      • Langdon Herrick

         Also, Marvel had a much larger roster. So percentage-wise, it’s not a very accurate comparison.

    • Justin Archer

       You do realize that you’re the only one who’s really complaining right? Also, Stop stating your opinion as fact.

    •  shut yo bitch ass up

    • MisterNefarious

      Fly/unfly is unbalanced from a gameplay standpoint.
      If your opponent is literally able to leave you off screen while pelting you with fireballs, how is that fun?

      And Marvel combos are boring as hell. toe tap, move to corner, assist, repeat, snore.

    • They aren’t confirmed to be playable. They’re a stage transition at most.

    • Trevor Clarke

       Read all the way up to where you said SF4 had no style (obviously doesn’t watch ANY Ibuki play)

      And then you say it isn’t over the top? You haven’t been keeping track of this game at all, shut the hell up.

    • MvC2 was Xmen fighter then
      Wolverine, storm, cyclops, silver samurai, sabertooth, boneclaw wolverine, magneto, sentinel, spiral, iceman, omega red or something like that ETC ETC ETC

  • Batman and super friends fighter. 

    At least we get some marvel movies out.

    Yes ive enjoyed the batman movies alot! 

    But DC only makes batman and superman movies…………They refuse to put money into anything, they are always being SAFE.

    • Zach Sporn

      Green Lantern. But then I tried as hard as I could to erase those hours from my memory as possible too, so, no hard feelings. 

    • CptPokerface

      I can already tell immediately that you’re going to be trolling everything DC related here, aren’t ya?

    • Joey T Medina

      Notice how he says: “At least WE get some marvel movies out”

      He’s so deep in Marvel/Capcom’s ass that he can’t even see straight.
       I don’t mind if people have opposing opinions than me, but what your doing is like walking into a conversation about steaks and saying “This is nothing like chocolate cake! It sucks!”

    • They aren’t confirmed to be playable.

  • Know_the_ledge

    Holy shit! How many freaking characters are in this game? I thought I would main Bane but if Croc is in it, I might have to reconsider.

  • Zonder88

    lol more Batman characters.

    • They aren’t confirmed to be playable.

  • RomanceHD

    Seeing how this is Arkham Game models It’s not looking to bright for me with Harvey Dent getting in seeing how I know thats him behind Croc. But aside from wanting Two-Face there are already a lot of Batman characters and as someone said it would be nice to have characters such as even Croc and lesser know characters to be in the game. Metallo, Livewire, Gorilla Grodd, Black Canary just to throw a few names out there. Seeing how Harley Quinn was thrown and revealed so early had me getting the feeling we’d be seeing less popular characters even knowing we’ll have the big shots in the game already. If anything one more Batman character would be fine, but  lets get some diversity here it would be laughable if Riddler was a character in a fighting game.

    • These guys aren’t confirmed to be playable.

  • Premonished

    I Still Want Poison Ivy 🙁

  • Waiting on that Mirror Master, Felix Faust, Fate, Cheetah, Atrocitus, Booster Gold, Bizarro, Black Manta, Plastic Man, Sinestro, Zatanna, The Watchmen, and literally anyone else who isn’t a child of Batman reveal.

  • Need some Watchmen characters… :'(

    • Rahavic

      THIS!!!! Been saying this since the day the game was announced.

      Rorschach and Dr. Manhattan my top 2 picks

      • Karanov

        Though Watchmen was published by DC it’s not part of the DC Universe. So I think it’s pretty unlikely that we’ll see characters from Watchmen in this game.

    • A chill just went down Alan Moore’s spine.

  • Rahavic

    This marketing strat is moving at a drunk snail’s pace. Didn’t MK have a demo before the game came out? They need to move this along to the actual gameplay already. 

  • MetalFace

    Damn man where’s Dr. Fate, Star Sapphire, Gorilla Grodd? Hell give me the Gentleman Ghost or something. Not all these big names that were shoe-ins.

  •  Looks like it’s time to bring back the Bat Embargo.

    Also, no Question, no sale.

  • sb

    I see alot of people didnt get the just because there in the story doesnt mean there playable announcement

  • Dan Hodges

    Personally, two people who I want, maybe not as much as anybody else might do, are scarecrow and two face. Two face could be kind of like Tira from soul calibur, he could have two different stages, normal and insane. Each version would have its own moves and whatnot. Maybe scarecrow could be a faster character, relying on combos and fear gas moves to take down his enemies.

    Just an idea.

  • Can we get a confirmation for Raven, please? The $60 in my pocket want out.

  • NicolaAcoust

    What happened to Swamp Thing and Lobo? Those were awesome, unexpected choices (being awesome and unexpected something that modern games rarely delivers…)

    • I would be very dissapointed if Lobo is not on this game, since this game seems to be tailored for him… MK have always have lots of black humor, and Lobo oozes black humor. plus, chain brawler/grappler with range is enough to diferrentiate him from solomon and bane.

  • Matt Cheifetz




  • Dr. Krazy

    I find the lack of Lobo disturbing.

    Also if Penguin and Riddler were in this game I would find it waaay to Batman heavy, But after reviewing comments. This here looks like a screen capture from possibly a story mode.

  • Amadeus Alexander

  • Anh Le Vu

    Nah,Alfred is enough for me

  • Graham Shryock

    Anyone who hasn’t checked out the Battle Arena video between Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman: these guys aren’t playable. They’re part of a scripted environment hazard when you hit someone off of the side of the screen in the Arkham Asylum level.

    • Was just about to post this. This needs more attention for the amount of hate i see in this thread. Like Graham said they are just stage hazards for one of the transitions for the arkham stage. Wouldn’t make sense to make them a stage hazard and playable.