SoCal Regionals 2013 Exhibitions Now Available Through Cross Counter

By on February 6, 2013 at 3:22 pm

In addition to its extensive tournament action, SoCal Regionals 2013 also hosted a number of intense exhibitions in Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition ver. 2012 and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. From WW.MCZ|Infiltration’s complete domination of RZR|Latif to down-to-the-wire matches like BT|Marlinpie vs. Combofiend and EG|PR Balrog vs. AGE|NYChrisG, every set provided a fantastic look at the level of talent that had descended on Irvine for the event.

Cross Counter and Level|Up Series recently partnered up to bring you footage of these exhibitions like only these two organizations can. If you happened to miss out or just want to relive your experiences at the venue (and possibly see yourself getting hype on camera), this is the perfect place to start. Over four hours of exciting, high-definition footage, complete with pre- and post-match interviews, commentary, player audio, and crowd noise…for only $2.99? Do yourself a favor and pick up this bundle as soon as possible by following the link below.

SoCal Regionals 2013 Exhibitions Presented by Level|Up Series and Cross Counter

Check out the trailer and let us know what you think. Full details follow afterwards.

Cross Counter TV in collaboration with Level|Up is proud to present the exhibition matches from Southern California Regionals 2013. East coast met west coast, NorCal met SoCal, and the old guard fought off the new generation as the greatest players from around the world meet in Irvine to hit The Road to Evo.

Download now for over 4 hours of the most insane gameplay presented with the production values that only Cross Counter and Level|Up can bring. Complete with pre and post-match interviews and commentary from some of the greatest minds in fighting games, you can catch the greatest of insights on the highest level of competition in the world.


Wednesday Night Fights vs. FGTV
Super Street Fighter IV (AE 2012) | 2 out of 3 sets, Waseda Style
“We’re the new generation, these are the season veterans. We’re just here to take the crown from them.”

NorCal and SoCal collide once more as coL.Filipino Champ, EG.Ricky Ortiz and EG.PR Balrog visit AGE.Snake Eyez MCZ.DMG.OnlineTony and Marq Teddy. Team WNF’s new generation of fighters  try to hold it down and defend Southern California from the invading established veterans of Team FGTV.

WW|MCZ Infiltration vs. RZR | Latif
Super Street Fighter IV (AE 2012) | First-to-7
“The question becomes not who is going to win, but can Latif get a win.”

After coming in with a breakthrough second place finish at Evolution 2011, Latif has been laying low. Now he’s back in the spotlight. But the task in front of him is daunting as he must take down the most dominant force in the Street Fighter scene. Infiltration has taken down the greatest of our generation consistently, but he has never faced a C. Viper of Latif’s calibur. We’ve seen Latif score tournament wins over Poongko and Daigo, now can he score his biggest win yet and overcome Infiltration?

BT | Viscant vs. CJ Showstopper
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 | First-to-10
“His time was then and my time is now.”

CJ Showstopper goes up against the former Evolution World Champion. Viscant is one of Marvel’s smartest players and claimed the championship at Evolution 2011. But CJ Showstopper has been training with the likes of PR Balrog and current World Champion Filipino Champ. Can Viscant prove that he still has it? Or will CJ Showstopper show the world that he can take down the best?

LXG | Infrit vs. GDLK | Bee
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 | First-to-10
“Everyone has a plan until they get hit.”

Bee has used Canada as his stomping grounds, but he now goes up against one of the United States’ finest in Infrit. Not many are better than Infrit, who finished second place at Evolution 2012. However, Bee took out Evo 2012’s first place finisher Filipino Champ at Canada Cup, winning 3-0. Peter “Combofiend” Rosas and Justin Wong hold it down on commentary as the United States’ and Canada’s best collide.

CAPCOM | Combofiend vs. BT | Marlin Pie
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 | First-to-10
“I prepared a lot of combos just for you… I’m going to hit you with every single one of them.”

Upon being hired by Capcom, Peter “Combofiend” Rosas has been putting in work as the community’s ambassador. But between all the videos and work, his ability to maintain his skills have been put into question. Combofiend faces the most electrifying man in fighting games: Marlin Pie. Expect crazy action as two of the greatest combo artists collide.

EG | PR Balrog vs. AGE | Chris G
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 | First-to-10
“Complete offense vs complete defense.”

West coast and east coast meet in the classic battle between offense and defense. PR Balrog is known for an insane offense that can overwhelm the greatest of fighters. However, he now has to rush down a defense that has felled world champions on several occasions. California’s PR Balrog tries to defend his home turf against New York’s Chris G.


  • Player commentary tracks – Get on the fly, in-depth analysis from the likes of Justin Wong and James Chen.
  • Exclusive new live footage – Relive the SCR experience in a new fresh way.
  • Pre & Post-match interviews – Witness the trash talk and aftermath as the competitors get in their verbal jabs.


  • James Chen
  • EG.Justin Wong
  • AGE.Fanatiq
  • Peter “Combofiend” Rosas
  • UVG.Noel Brown
  • Magus1234
  • Ultra David


Format: H.264 MP4
Length: 4:17:51
Size: 9.55 GB
Resolution: 1280 x 720

Source: Cross Counter