Mike Z Stops by Cross Counter Live, Shows Off More Squigly

By on February 6, 2013 at 11:14 am

Cross Counter Live’s latest guest was Mike “I Shaved My Hair For Charity” Z himself. The main attraction for the night was another demo of Squigly, who has had even more of her animations implemented.

Both forward and back dashes are now usable, revealing that she has run style movement. Three attacks have also been implemented. Her jumping light punch is an almost vertical downward attack using Leviathan, similar to Sentinel’s jumping light. Her sweep has also been added and it’s a slow move with lots of range using Leviathan’s tail as an Axe. Her snap-back was revealed as the “attack that uses her butt” that Alex Ahad was talking about during the donation drive.

Mike also shared a few words about the upcoming Skullgirls Japanese release, the donation drive itself, and the future of the game. Apparently, the Skullgirls team was going to start a crowdfunding donation drive for new characters and DLC shortly after the EVO eighth game donation drive started. As a result, they have postponed their plans to start a funding drive to help the fanbase’s wallets recover. He also informed us Lab Zero still hasn’t gotten paid for any of their work on Skullgirls, but that Squigly has indeed been greenlit for completion.

The Mike Z interview starts at around 26 minutes and lasts for the rest of the episode. Some of the jokes said over the course of the episode could be considered NSFW.

Source: Cross Counter Live

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