Lab Zero CEO Peter Bartholow Reveals Skullgirls Crowd-funding Plans: Squigly Free for a Limited Time, Unspecified Male Character First Stretch Goal

By on February 6, 2013 at 2:20 pm

Lab Zero CEO Peter Bartholow, also known as Ravidrath on the SRK forums, recently posted about their plans to crowd-source funding for Skullgirls DLC. It appears as if Squigly herself will be partially crowd-funded. He also detailed how she will be made available to Skullgirls players, which is rather unconventional for fighting game DLC.

When she comes out she’ll be free for a limited time for everyone, and after three months or so, her price will go up to $5. This is to add a “ticking clock” element to it and try to minimize possible freeloaders, and encourage people to pay $5 now [to the crowdfunding drive] if they were planning on doing it the “normal” way.

He went on to explain why they are choosing to distribute her for free.

The “free for everyone” bit is actually because this method is a lot cheaper than the alternative.

Sony and MS charge for codes, and it would be really expensive to buy them for everyone and distribute them. So this is a good way to work around that, and also hopefully get more people interested in the game, too.

Though exact details and goals on the Skullgirls crowd-funding drive are not yet available  Pete did tease us with a few of the planned rewards including opportunities to test characters still in development and…

We’re still finalizing the rewards, but I can say that we’ll have PC codes w/ beta access for one of the tiers. I think people should be excited about, since it means they’ll get to playtest characters in development and provide feedback, something that… really doesn’t happen outside of Japan? Or even inside of Japan, unless you’re Daigo or something.


The first stretch goal is a male character.

Testosterone? In my Skullgirls! How can this be!? Looks like we might be getting Panzerfaust or Big Band sooner than we all thought.

Peter also said that the team will have a “floating goal” somewhere between stretch goals, but that it’s “a lot less than a full character.”

Source: SRK Forums

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  • If PC beta access is included I’m donating as soon as theres a link up

  • MasterChibi

    Take my god damn wallet already you fucking wonderful people.

  • Hays Kronke

    My body has never been so ready.

  • Austin Davoren

    My body is ready but my wallet is not yet replenished.

    If you guys do this for like a month or two you could have some real money.

    Word is bond, if you guys can get Bastion Hammer girl, I am willing to donate like 50 every paycheck.

  • Raymond

    Well i am up for it if i get to test out new chars and what not. Sounds like fun. 

  • Nyoka2

    Beta access? Opportunities to test DLC characters before they come out? Sweet rave party? I’m in!

  • Zach Sporn

    Poison confirmed crossover DLC. 

    • d3v

      Ravidrath cosplaying as Poison.

      • CompetentFGC

        More like that insufferable, arrogant, annoying scrub from Cross Counter, Sanchez. He’d fit the role of a hooker tranny perfectly.

        • d3v

          But no one would pay for Sanchez.

          • CompetentFGC

            the idiots who would pay for poison to begin with, would probably pay for Sanchez too.  We’re talking about 09ers here. Throw anything new and shiny in their faces and they will all jump on it. Why do you think nobody plays games that actually belong in tournaments anymore like CvS2, 3s, and MvC2? It’s because 09ers are the same audience as the consumer brainwashed CoD kids. The FGC is mostly retarded now. If Sanchez can be paid to play video games poorly, other 09er scrubs would buy a Dirty Sanchez DLC.

  • EA575

    This is a great year for Skullgirls.

  • MasterScrub


    My wallet is kinda tapped after the evo donation drive but as soon as I get some money in my wallet I’m all for this!

  • James Reilly

    Want to give $ already, Lab Zero doing things right

  • GHNeko

    I imagine half of SRK would be pumped for male characters since that is a big gripe against the game.

    • Gethoff Mahfacebuk

       I will reinstall this game for a Peacock/Big Band team.

    • Langdon Herrick

       Not just any male characters…male robo characters with tank arms and sweet fedoras. If there was a female in this game with those qualities, I would play as her. I don’t discriminate when it comes to tank arms and fedoras.

  • honestly is there a way to get squiggly for 5 dollars and not have to wait 3 mths because i really wanna support lab zero in any way possible

    • Nate Bratcher

      You can donate to the kickstarter when it goes up.

    • Disco-lemonade

       Donate that 5 dollars to the fund. Ravi said he intended for Squigly to be free for the first three months so people would be a little more willing to give the 5 bucks they’d spend on her to the fund instead.

  • $18114340

    Bridget is a male character.

    Just sayin’.

    • Michael Zaimont

      Not a trap, I promise.

      • James Reilly

        Don’t play with my emotions D:

      •  A non-trap, trap-character is fine though….

      • Louis Lam

        The only acceptable guy in Skullgirls is one that’s actually a girl.

        •  Perhaps Braindrain is really a chick with a….cow lick…

      • d3v

        Maybe playable Ravidrath can be a trap.

        • Антон Пятаков

          Because traps are according to keikaku =3

          • peter bartholow

            Decidedly NOT according to keikaku!

        • peter bartholow

          Why are all of your posts about me being a playable character? :

          • d3v

            Because keikaku.

      • I bet you say that to all the men.

    •  At least Bridget wants and tries to be manly…even though he fails miserably. A lot of his problems would be solved if he just wore different clothes, though.

      ….stupid, twin-hating village.

      • d3v

        Maybe they secretly like traps and concoted the no-twins rule as a way to get him into womens clothing?

  • Oerba

    Yeah, I’m gunna hafta pick this game up again. All the stuff you guys do for the community is too much to just look past.

  • Milton O’Bannon

    Very very exciting news! Can’t wait

  • Natat

    Was Marie ever considered to be playable with a non-boss version of sorts? I’m curious since I always felt like playing with her…

    • answer is yes. Mike/Ahad are against non-playable boss characters. In fact, for the donations streams, Mike made a special build of the game where she was playable….and broken

      • Henry Zurawski

        Also, in the game’s files there is audio of some unused, probably gameplay related dialogue for Marie, as well as the announcer saying her name as if selected as a character.

      • Natat

        Huh, I missed it for being on vacation. Damn. Well, I can only hope sometime in the future she becomes playable, well balanced preferably.

  • Aceofspades53

    Talking about Big Band and Panzerfaust while completely forgetting about Leduc .

    • Snow Loss

      Maybe because he’s pretty forgettable when you stack him up to those two… And a lot of other background characters if we’re being honest here.

      • sb

        Nah you cant forget about Leduc there the 3 most popular of the dlc characters the first to show up he has just as much a chance as the other 2 to make it in first the others in the background not so much down the line or Skullgirls 2 yes

  • TheAverageGuyTAG

    *flips table*PANZERFAUST PANZERFAUST*tears hair out*


  • Thank you based Lab Zero.

  • d3v

    I would crowdfund Peter/Ravidrath as a playable character.

    C’mon Peter, you know you want to do it. It’ll go just according to keikaku.

    • Cellsai

       Floating goal better to be to make Lab Zero offices with all the staff as NPCs.

      • Eric Nguyen

        I’d love to see a cartoon Mike Z sleeping under his desk.

    • peter bartholow

      This is getting weird…

  • Makr0ss

    Keep the momentum going, baaaaaaby!

  • Henry Zurawski

    Big Band? What a joke.
    Panzerfaust? Kinda wimpy.
    LeDuc? I thought they were adding a male, not another chick.
    What this roster needs is some TJ MAXIMUM. ALL MAN, ALL THE TIME.

    • d3v

      Only playable male DLC character will be Ravidrath himself, and he will have all the moves of all the other male characters… and level 3 X-Factor all the time.

      • peter bartholow


  • James Reilly

    Leduc please

  • Dont forget about Umbrella :c

    • Flip

      Umbrella is a girl though!

  • Give Squiggly Chun-Li’s lightning legs move but have her twerk instead.

  • Vaughn Anderson

    Venus and Minette X3

  • David Wilson

    this is awesome. ill pay for free DLC if it means we might get more characters.

    • barhopper89

       lol I love your enthusiasm. However, there is still some irony in the “paying for free DLC.”

  • Nyoka2

    Woah… 54 totally positive comments and not a single troll?

    Is the FGC actually growing up!?

    • GHNeko

      No. This is just an outlier.

  • OnDrawnWings

    I WILL help with all the crowdfunding for this game. Double the cast and I’ll actually play it. Quintuple the cast and it would be one of my favorites.

  • evilmajikman

    Dont need Skullmen near my Skullgirls. Otherwise, hoorah. Skullgirls is still alive.

  • All this great Skullgirls news while I’m still rocking the unpatched version is making me a sad panda.  

  • Alex Smith

    I like this plan, and I think it should accelerate the process.  I’ll be glad to donate towards this.

  • SkullgirlsFan21

    Man all this good news lately is great after all that wait. (and bad news that no one knew about)

  • BeholdMyPower

    Is 2013 Skullgirls’ year?

    I think it just might be.

  • barhopper89


  • barhopper89

    I’m glad skullgirls fans are mature and vibrant fans that want to support a game they enjoy playing. 

    However, it is mindblowing to me how positive of a response this has gotten compared with SFxTK DLC.

    Skull Girls CEO: “Hey guys we are asking people to donate 5 dollars for a new DLC character that will possibly come out in 3 months.”
    Skull Girl Fans: ” Sure, we love the game and we’re happy to help.”

    Capcom CEO: “Hey guys, we planned 12 DLC characters on top of the 38 original ones. The only practical way to do it was to finish them ahead of schedule and include them on the disk. On the bright side, by doing it this way you get them all at once and it comes out to about $1.67 per character. Pretty sweet huh?”

    Capcom “Fans”: “How. Fucking. Dare. You. I am boycotting this game.”

    Capcom CEO: “Uh ok, here’s a 2013 patch with a bunch of balance changes and we lowered the price to $1.25 a piece on DLC characters.”

    Capcom “Fans”: “You should release that all for free as an apology to us for developing 12 extra characters. Also, free costumes.”

    Capcom CEO: “Don’t expect any new UMVC3 content any time soon.”

    • GHNeko

       I think the biggest thing and difference here is that people feel like they’re getting a far more complete game, and the money for DLC goes into adding onto the game.

      As opposed to xTek, where the content was included already, but in order to get all of it, you have to pay for it.

      People don’t feel good paying to unlock existing content. they’re rather pay to add content on top of the actual game.

  • Wafflenaut

    Gonna have to get in on this!

  • Ruben HD Hanssen

    I’ll save myself 15 bucks if I get her on all 3 platforms! 😮