Dead or Alive 5 Tutorial Series Vol. 05 – The Triangle System feat. RZR|Latif

By on February 6, 2013 at 8:19 am

The fifth volume of EMPEROR_C0W’s Dead or Alive 5 tutorial series has now been released. Featuring EVO 2011 finalist RZR|Latif, this installment focuses on the series’ unique “Triangle System.” The system is the series’ take on the traditional fighting game rock-paper-scissor mechanic with counter “holds” augmenting blocking. In addition to this, the video also goes over offensive holds and sabaki.

Timestamps are as follows.

  • The Triangle System 0:35
  • Offensive Holds 2:05
  • Sabaki 3:33

As with previous installments, you can also access this tutorial via the “main interface” video below.


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