Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 – Leveling Up Frank West with Shuma-Gorath

By on February 5, 2013 at 4:21 pm

This new combo video by LDOvidahype revisits the old topic of how to level up Frank West in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. By utilizing Shuma-Gorath’s Mystic Stare, he is able to use the explosion to buy him time to hard tag and get Frank in. Additionally, Shuma and Frank have THC possibilities that give Frank enough time to snap a picture, and you can always fall back on the pseudo-DHC glitch as well.

Source: LDOvidahype

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  • These combos are extremely unoptimal and low damage. Shuma can get lv5 frank anywhere on the screen at any time and if its in the corner deal close to 1.1m damage. Most of this starting at 0 bar

    • Fernando Cesar

      Is my “Day 2” with this Team. Spencer zipline is more useful than the Akuma Demon Flip, but I need to use this assist to optimize my shuma combos ;/

      • HombreGranJefe

        Don’t wince.  Fuck haters.  Keep experimenting.

        But he is right, those combos are inefficient.

        • Fernando Cesar

          Yes, one of the combos do 1.080k damage, but I make this video to show some random combo/situations. Thanks for feedback : )

    • Reginald Kelly

      um, leveling frank has nothing to do with damage. all about those hits. in every one of his combos he got frank to lvl 4-5 with 2 meter. Plus, u lost to a skrull player so free. 😀 lol

  • sanchaz

     These combos involved Akuma’s demon flip assist. Wtf.

    • Fernando Cesar

      everyone judge me for that hauhauhauhauhauhauha 

  • I’m out of touch with Marvel.  Is Shuma viable in Ultimate?

    • Philcore89

      LOL.He is a charge character that has a hard time getting in.So no.I will say he can do a million damage for no bar and kill Thor using 1.

      • Fernando Cesar

        OH YEAH! hauhauhauhuaaa http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rxqp3D6bVAY

      • Cype

        You’ve seen HAZ Angelic play Shuma yes? He doesn’t have a hard time getting in with the right assist.

    • HombreGranJefe

      Shuma hits for a shitton of damage, and has arguably the best assist in the game (full-screen anti-air) but struggles getting in.  This can be mitigated with proper assists.  He’s a bit like Nova (Nova doesn’t hit quite as hard but can get in easier against opponents).  Sentinel is a comparable proxy in terms of damage, but Sentinel has different weaknesses (huge hitbox, low health, rather unsafe hitconfirms).