Official Artwork of Shazam in Injustice: Gods Among Us Leaked, Doomsday Sighted in Battle Arena Video

By on February 5, 2013 at 6:57 pm

Two characters who many have speculated as being part of the Injustice: Gods Among Us cast may have been inadvertently confirmed today, thanks to the beginning of the game’s Battle Arena promotional campaign and a few eagle-eyed fans. First off, artwork of Shazam that shares similarities with official pieces for other characters was uncovered by Rathalos with a bit of digging into the official Battle Arena website. It seems that the hero may be set to appear in a future match-up, and though we are just in the first week, only playable characters have served in that capacity so far.

While much of the footage used in the Battle Arena introduction video looked like gameplay we had seen before, some viewers kept a close eye on the action and caught sight of something interesting. At around the 0:43 mark, Joker appears to be locked in battle with none other than Doomsday, the monstrosity that was recently spotted on the official Injustice: Gods Among Us arcade stick. As the moment passes in the blink of an eye, we’ve included a couple of stills from the video for you to check out below.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated when official word concerning these fighters is released by Warner Bros. and NetherRealm Studios.

Source: Rathalos via Test Your Might, tip via Brandon C.

  • Logan Via

    Anyone else click on this link half expecting to see Shaq? #BoomboxGenie

    • b2j135


  • NyuBomber

    Cool, they carried over Shazam’s hood.

    • windsagio

      gotta admit, the hood makes it somehow…. rad.

  • Yes. A thousand times yes.

  • His names Captain Marvel. Shazam is just his safe word 😛 Also…He looks really badass here.

    • As of New 52, he is now named Shazam.

      • awwwwww why? is it cuz of legal issues?

        • It’s because people have been confused for years. The name of the comic is “Shazam” yet the hero is named “Captain Marvel.” 

      • Thanks for the heads up! 

  • hitman38

    hypee. i hope this game is balanced

  • Langdon Herrick

     Not sure why Captain Marv-err, Shazam’s costume looks so high-tech. He’s a magical wizard guy. He should look like one.

    •  It’s not that far off from how he looks in New 52. Hence the unnecessary lines.

      • Langdon Herrick

         Yeah. I readily admit that I’m really complaining about the New 52 design. But hey, if they can have Batman and Supes fighting each other in this one, surely a different design for Shazam/Marvel isn’t so out of line.

  • sludgepuppy

    Shazam’s that man-child right? Always liked that dude. I’m pretty down with this game’s roster so far.

  • who decided to paint Ryan Reynolds’ costume red?

    • .☆. LOVER .☆.

      oh yeah… i forgot green lantern has a hood and a massive lightning bolt insignia. 

      • because that makes it totally different and not stupid-looking as hell

  • I’m just gonna throw this out there: who the fuck cares about Doomsday? He kinda sorta fake killed Superman/made him sleepy.

    • I wouldn’t mind his story/concept if his design was better.  I always thought Doomsday looked kinda silly.

    •  I’ve got nothing but love for giant rock monsters with 1990’s Chris Jericho hair and short shorts.

  • Hoods make everything more badass.  This guy is hands-down going to be my secondary.

  • Treyvon Martin

  • samirerre

    looks good,the games whole futuristic thing looks badass 

  • The Outside Source

    RavenPls “BibleThump”

  • am i the only one who wants poison ivy and beast boy in this?
    team green?

  • Awsumpossum12345

    Can’t wait to start bearhugging people again. SHAZAM!

  • I want to see either Darkseid or Brainiac in this game. The also needs to add more Batman villians. Hopefully they’ll add either Mr. Freeze, Ra’s Al Ghul, or Clayface

    • I really hope you were joking about that second comment. More Batman villains is the last thing this roster needs. 7 of the 15 officially announced characters are from the Batman U. I think that’s enough

  • allytronic

    Don’t know why they changed his name after all these years (decades!), but even if “Captain Marvel” sounds silly, calling him “Shazam” doesn’t help. What a shitty name for a super-hero.

    I also always hated the fact that CM is nothing more than a nerfed Superman.

    • .☆. LOVER .☆.

      you would understand if ou knew comics… marvel is extremely popular now. the fact he was called marvel is weird in the first place because DC rival is called marvel comics. SHAZAM is a wizard that gave him is powers and each letter has a meaning for his powers.
      The only reason they changed his name now is because of DC new 52 comics, if that didnt happen he would still be captain marvel.

      • Captain Marvel is billion years older than Marvel Comics.

  • @simain215

    The hoods dope so he doesn’t look like a gener superman.If u got shazamarv, you gots to have some Black Adam. only right