Kuwait Tournament K.O. Fighting Game Festival Coming February 7-9, Featuring International Stars MCZ|Tokido, MCZ|Mago, EG|Justin Wong, WW.MCZ|Ryan Hart, DM.MCZ|Xian and More

By on February 5, 2013 at 8:21 am

Thursday, February 7 through Saturday, February 9 in the Middle East is what is set to be the biggest tournament yet for Kuwait, K.O. Fighting Game Festival. Organized by the arcade group WhiteTowerQ8, the event is will take place in Mishref at Kuwait International Fair, Kuwait’s first and largest exhibition center. Earlier today, the final player trailer for the tournament was revealed. View below!

As you can see, the international guest list for the tournament is quite large. From Japan, Team Mad Catz’s Tokido and Mago, YUBIKEN’s KichijojiKEN and ☆Shin☆, -R-, NISHIKIN, Akimo, Okkun, Super Santarouman, Gachi-kun and Rariken. Many of these players are making their first tournament appearances outside of Japan. From the US, Evil Genuis’s Justin Wong, who is making his second trip to Kuwait after attending the Kuwait Battle Royale in November of last year. From Singapore, Desperation Move’s Zhi and Xian. And in a last minute addition, Ryan Hart of Western Wolves will also be joining the tournament, also making his second trip to Kuwait.

Games Line-up

K.O. Fighting Game Festival will have 3 tournament games, all with double elimination. The tournament comes with over $15,000 in cash prizes, so quite a bit of money is up for grabs.

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Ver.20123v3 teams, character-lock, duplicates banned

  • 1st Place – 2000 KWD (~7110 USD)
  • 2nd Place – 600 KWD (~2130 USD)
  • 3rd Place – 300 KWD (~1070 USD)

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3Singles, best of 3 matches, (best of 5 finals)

  • 1st Place – 500 KWD (~1780 USD)
  • 2nd Place – 250 KWD (~890 USD)
  • 3rd Place – 150 KWD (~530 USD)

Tekken Tag Tournament 2Singles, best of 5 rounds, best of 3 matches (best of 5 finals)

  • 1st Place – 300 KWD (~1070 USD)
  • 2nd Place – 150 KWD (~530 USD)
  • 3rd Place – 100 KWD (~350 USD)
Stream & Schedule

K.O. Fighting Game Festival will be streamed by Lucky Generation Gamers on TwitchTV at http://www.twitch.tv/luckygengamers. Due to time zone differences, the start times are a bit early for the US crowd, but if you want to see this clash of international players set your alarms and don’t miss!


  • Kuwait – 5 PM Arabia Standard Time (UTC -3)
  • Japan – 11 PM JST
  • UK – 2 PM GMT
  • US – 9 AM EST, 6 AM PST

Friday and Saturday

  • Kuwait – 4 PM AST
  • Japan – 10 PM JST
  • UK – 1 PM GMT
  • US – 8 AM EST, 5 AM PST

Sources: WhiteTowerQ8, WhiteTowerQ8 YouTube