Dead or Alive 5 Corrective Update Ver. 1.03A to Release on PlayStation 3 February 12; Xbox 360 Update Currently Undergoing Certification

By on February 5, 2013 at 9:58 am

Dead or Alive 5’s Ver. 1.03 patch was a massive update to the core game that would add replay save and upload functionality, a new stage, a slew of balance changes, and a host of other upgrades and fixes. After the update was released on PlayStation 3, but before the Xbox 360 version release, a bug affecting Slow Escapes (stagger escapes) during Critical stun was discovered. The distribution of Ver. 1.03 was delayed for Xbox 360, with a corrected update for both systems scheduled to release sometime in February.

Today, Team NINJA posted on Twitter that a fixed version of the previous update, Ver. 1.03A, will release on PlayStation 3 on February 12. The Xbox 360 version of the patch is currently undergoing first-party certification. Team NINJA will announce on Twitter when a date for the Xbox 360 version is confirmed.

Source: Team NINJA Twitter (1, 2)

  • MasterScrub

    Shoutouts to Microsoft for being a pain in the ass to deal with when it comes to patches!

  • Poor xboxlive.

  • I’m slowly wishing I got a ps3. 

    • Dcm le Fro

      pro tip: get both

  • Kurow Akutenshi

    It keeps on happening

  • shotofighter4

    I read the comments complaining about MS and the delayed patches, and wonder whether the bitching would be better or worse if they just released the patch earlier and the bug was discovered by the players.

  • ATL_Rhythmik

    I really hope they didn’t take out the stagger escape glitch. If they have to address it, I hope they patched in an option to turn it on/off.

  • d3v

    The stagger escape glitch makes the game more competitive by adding more guaranteed damage options. Here’s hoping the patch doesn’t change it, or at least implements a better version (nerfs stagger escapes or takes stagger escapes out of sit down stuns).