Winter Brawl Joins the Road to EVO 2013

By on February 4, 2013 at 8:07 am

I’m happy to announce that we are expanding the U.S. tournaments awarding EVO 2013 seeds to five, with the addition of Winter Brawl 7!  Winter Brawl, which takes place February 23 – 24 in Philadelphia, PA, will now give players from the north-east region of the U.S. their own shot at earning a seed in the EVO World Finals, held July 12 – 14 in Las Vegas, NV.

Sign up for Winter Brawl 7 here!

  • Create overblown drama and crackpot conspiracy theories and you shall receive.  Good shit East Coast.  

    • J.D SRK

       I wonder if Triforce will be going to EVO now

    • Enlighten me!

    • Know_the_ledge

      Somebody was feeling guilty.

  • Tocool

    Yay! Now to watch people complain it wasn’t made so earlier. Get ready!

  • Jon Nitti

    that woulda been real horseshit if the northeast didnt have shit for the road to evo

  • Thank you based EVO staff and Big E

  • I respect JamesMK, but for him to boycott Evo over lack of Northeast seeding was ridiculous.  We need to support our game first and foremost.  I’m glad he’s trying to stick up for the community, but without the game, there is no community.  No Northeast seeding is a stupid reason to prevent MK from making at Evo 2014 (which is the only thing the boycott would have accomplished).

    • sb

      I strongly doubt MK will be at EVO 2014 anyways Injustice will take its place

      • Gethoff Mahfacebuk

         Which will likely bring the current MK community along for the ride, so moot point.

  • This or Final Round? This or Final Round? My job is my sponsor lmao and I can only choose one before going to UFGT9.

  • J.D SRK



    • Man, I’m sure gonna miss paying $50 just to be able to step inside the fucking venue.  Rest in shit, Planet Zero.

  • NRS_Fighter_Community

    let this be understood the NRS/MK9/INJUSTICE COMMUNITY is not spoken for by Old man jamesmk or CDjr. CDjr isn’t even really a sole NRS community fighting game player, he plays alot of capcom games, but its just that he sucks at them, so he is more of a capcom groupie than anything else since he sucks of top Capcom players 24/7 and jamesmk is 70 years old he is suffering from OLdasFuk syndrome and was only a top player in mortal kiombat 2 back in 1756. Please do not think for a second the NRS community was backing these two morons. THATS ALL! btw when INJUSTICE drops, the NRS players will own that game not any capcom fags like Fchamp.

    • sb

      NRS community NRS players WTF you mean the MK community and players majority of them probably wont even care for Injustice the comic fans and fighting game players gonna be all over this

      • NRS_Fighter_Community

        See sir, MK9 community, and injustice community are the NRS community . Top players from MK9 will be the ones breaking down injustice in the first month and winning in the tournaments cene easily. Also top mk9 players are right now doing exhibition matches for Injustice promotion, also you have mk9 players that have been hired by nrs who have been testing the game for months.


        • John Gallagher

          Just like how NRS listened to the players they hired to test MK9 right?

          • NRS_Fighter_Community

            How would you know anything about MK9 played on at any level? Please don’t bring up your moron of a friend LI joe who trash’s mk9 when he understands so little of the game currently today, he never played mk9 at this highest level he played the game for 4 weeks when about 5 percent of game was understand, and fundamentals revolved around spamming Jump in punches. MK9 is no were near the same game you played at evo 2011 either were you went 0-2. Before you comment on what NRS did with mk9 how about you play the game at highest level first. Players like Dizzy, EGP tyrant, 16 Bit, Perfect legend prove mk9 is more solid and consistent game that MVC3 ever was so next stfy and dont speak on the mk9 community you aint apart of us.

          • John Gallagher

            Alright kid, I’ll bite.

            How would I know about MK? Really? That a serious question? Do you know where MK was first streamed at a tournament? Should try to look that up before asking me what I know about MK.
            And in 2011, I went 3-2 at Evo, Watch Offcast’s archives, if they’re still available, for proof if you’d like. I believe all 5 of my matches were streamed. Plus, it was the first time I played the game since launch, still using my Day 1 Cage tactics. Basics go a long way in any fighting game :)If you think MK9 is a solid fighting game, you’re just blind. No fighting game should ever register a hit when the character is nowhere near the other. I’m not saying Marvel is perfect, or even SF4 for that matter (I’m a 3rd Strike and UMK3 player), but MK9 is pretty bad mechanically speaking.

            And in Joe’s defense, he did start playing it again around the summer of last year in preparation for Evo, but stopped playing shortly thereafter for the same reason he stopped the first time. The game is mechanically flawed. It’s what happens when you build a game in a 3D environment, then force it onto a 2D plane. If the game was built using it’s own proprietary engine, instead of using the MKvDC engine, it would’ve come out a LOT better.Now before you start telling me that I know nothing of the MK community, you should look me up on TYM and notice that my name is in gold. I helped build and mold the community you claim to be part of. I was in it long before MK9 and I still make sure to include you guys with as much stage time as we can afford at ECT. Ask anyone who’s been around prior to 2011.You don’t represent the NRS community at all, so you should really get rid of the nickname lol.

            Also, you completely missed my point. NRS brought in 5 players to test MK9 and help them balance it. They ignored basically everything they told them to change and released the game as they wanted it. That’s what I was getting at.

          • NRS_Fighter_Community

            Oh shut up you and Joe have zero qualification speak on were MK9 stands as fighting game. Input bug is a fault but you have 2 + years of tournaments footage that makes it more than clear mk9 is consistent and solid game. PL won EVO back to back with meta game completely changing, and his character getting nerfed. You have players like Dizzy who played mk9 from start and having little to no success in tournament scene gradually threw hard work unlocked potentially Johnny cage and has taken mk9 fundamentally to level that didnt even exist in 2011. For fuck sake a shang tsung player just placed second at so cal regional in 2013 were some of the best players world for mk9 was at if thats not proof the game is extremely solid idk what is. 2 + PLUS years the game is still evolving with is mark of good fighting game. You don’t follow the mk9 scene, and you don’t know nothing about tournament players today, but humor me, please tell me what top MK9 player has failed to place cause of bugs? 

            You and LI joe are not mk legends your morons who need to know your place and stop talking about the mk9 community. Pig of the hut, CD senior, Tom brady, 16bit, REO, EGP tyrant, and ect are MK true legends, and true players apart of the NRS community.

          • John Gallagher

            I never talked shit about the community, nor do I EVER. Well, sometimes people need to be checked when complaining about certain aspects of a tournament. What tournament will you be coming to in the near future so we can discuss this like people? Or are you one of those keyboard cowboys who doesn’t actually comes to tournaments, but likes to talk shit to everyone else?

            And you STILL haven’t acknowledged my original point.

    • .

  • RobertEspaillat

    Ty Triforce

  • Joshua Wolf Man Dussuau


  • RobertEspaillat

    I dont think that this was plan, i think that they saw how East Cost was and they decide to put WB in the road to Evo at last Min

  • sb

    Final Round should be a road to EVO tournament as well

    • Since people never bothered to listen to the announcement of Road to Evo. Final Round opted out of Evo qualifier themselves to pursue their own ventures which is 100% fine. These tournaments, EVO is not a league, EVO doesn’t owe anyone anything. This whole Evo seed points debacle has been an embarrassment. Go to Evo and win, if you need to be seeded to do that then you have no business trying to get 1st place to begin with. 

      • This is false. Final Round NEVER “opted out” as an Evo qualifier to pursue our own ventures.

        Final Round wishes nothing but the best to Evolution. More importantly though, shout outs to Big E for being nothing but 100% reliable and 100% class throughout.

  • ReoAyanami

    There seems to be a lot of people that think that Evo is a right and not a privilege.

  • Andrew St. Andrew

    Just make everything Road to Evo.

  • GrayFawkes

    All it took was the east coast winning the super bowl.

  • Gethoff Mahfacebuk

    Not having a Road to EVO event somewhere near such an important player base such as NYC was pretty questionable.  I’d find it hard to believe anyone would be against this decision, so let’s just drop the drama and enjoy the event now that we have it.

    • yeah just how they hold the Olympics in the US every year because they win the most medals. just sounds like butt hurt to me. east coast shoulda used it as motivation to step up their game, instead of whining.

  • Zonder88

    Its not so much that the Evo seed points are that important to many people, its just the fact that it doesnt sit well with many people because Big E and all of the TO’s for ECT/FR all works very hard for the north eastern FGC, and they deserve some recognition for it.

    So with that say, good stuff Big E and congrats on getting the recognition you deserve for your tournaments! They are always awesome and I have a great time there. I’ll see everyone at WB.

  • heatEXTEND


  • totengott666

    can this be viewed at twitch? still dont know how that damn website works