Street Fighter x Tekken ver. 2013 – Nina and Paul Combo Video

By on February 4, 2013 at 1:44 pm

MrOrchazm‘s latest Street Fighter x Tekken combo video shows off the changes to Nina and Paul in ver. 2013. Except for the Pandora combos at the beginning, most of these combos are practical, requiring little meter and dealing impressive amounts of damage.

Source: MrOrchazm

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  • Reginald Kelly

    i still dont see the use in pandora combos, or even pandora at all. 

    • Jordan Hoffman

      No worries, pandora wasn’t meant to be used by dummies. Just have fun with the other aspects of the game.

    • Ty Austin

      I’ve won several matches using pandora, much more useful now.

      Those beginning pandora combos are actually quite practical (well…  maybe not such much the Nina one.)  Charge Paul’s counterhit on knock down, if you hit it, free pandora combo.  Nina’s ex blonde bomb is really hard to land though.

      • Chris Mcshann

        hard to land? doesn’t it go through projectiles? and it has decent range so it shouldn’t be too difficult to land against zoning characters. Especially if their trying to chip you out when you have low health.

        • Ty Austin

          Yeah, you’d think that.  But the start up on it is really long, plenty of time to recover from throwing a fireball.  I suppose at close range it might work, but only scrubs throw fireballs that close. 

    • Jason Knapich

       the thing about pandora is, it’s not a true comeback mechanic.  it gives off a little bit more damage (especially with pandora type gems) and is meant to be an optional form of attack. 

      people have been complaining for years now since SFIV came out about comeback mechanics.  people seem to forget when SFIV hit in 2008 (dam it’s been that long) there was an uproar over the ultra combos and how much damage they did (although in vanilla they were over the top in terms of damage) and people have really complained about X-factor in marvel 3.  Ultras in SFIV just became part of the game and I don’t even think people complain about the damage anymore, X-Factor is still mocked and people hate it but people have come to accept it since the game people ultimately love

      now in SFxT there is no true comback mechanic and people complain about pandora almost like they want it to be a comeback factor…. I honestly don’t understand people.  we have a great game now, sure it took almost a year to get patched but it seems people still don’t wanna give it a chance (I could write a whole article on this, but that’s enough for a reply post hardly anyone will read lol)

  • Julian GameHead Irwin

    Finally some Niner love. Since she was such a “low tier” character! 

    • Ty Austin

      Definitely slept on.  Like most of the Tekken cast!

  • Ryan Peters

    Always had a good feeling about Nina being a cut above mid-tier. But I suck at high-low games and mix-ups, so I didn’t get too far with her. And it looks like all the Paul changes are immediately noticeable, as is all that tasty meter-less damage.

  • Andre Theriault

    I bought this game because of the new 2013 patch. I’m happy I did. 

  • ReoAyanami

    Great combos!