Skullgirls Gets Cash, Exhibition Support at Evo 2013

By on February 4, 2013 at 4:38 pm

Though they didn’t win, we were truly impressed by Skullgirls’ showing in our recent donation drive.  The Skullgirls scene organized two of their own fundraisers and raised over $78,000.  So as a big “thanks!” Evo will support the Skullgirls side tournament at Evo in the following ways.

  • Evo will provide dedicated setups to the Skullgirls crew to run their side tournament in the BYOC
  • We’ll also showcase the Skullgirls top 8 as an on-stream exhibition
  • To make things more interesting, we’ll throw $1000 into the pot.

Congratulations to all the Skullgirls fans who contributed to the drive, and see you at Evo 2013!