Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 – Wesker Must Die Vol. 3 (All-Star Edition)

By on February 3, 2013 at 5:46 pm

Around this time last year, I started working on a video called Wesker Must Die. Back then, neither Vergil nor Chris G was a problem because it was all about Wesker.

In that video, I tried to explore the mechanics of UMvC3 and push the game to its limits. The rules were simple: no TACs, THCs, DHCs, X-Factor or raw tags. With help from my friends on Facebook, the video turned out to be a success. It had great reviews and people liked the theme, the music, and the combos. Not too long after, I was bombarded with messages about making another one, so I decided to make a community challenge. This was a call for you guys to make (what was supposed to be the sequel to the original video), Wesker Must Die Volume 2.

That video turned out better than I thought and I loved every moment of it. I found out that not only does the community love killing Wesker, but they love doing it with style. Which brings me to my point. Who better to kill Wesker with style than the best of the best in the combo business? I’ve gathered a few guys and gals together to make what I think is going to be one of the most epic UMvC3 combo videos to date. From 1ATK|LXG Infrit to Combofiend, from Adelheid Stark to Jeanatte, I’m proud to present my first video as an SRK Employee, Wesker Must Die Volume 3. I promise you he’s dead for real this time.

Source: Wolverine-Master

  • Leem Leem Version II

    why hasnt any one made strategy against the morrigan spam yet? or are they protecting chris g from being exposed?

    • Ricardo Medero

      it’s not that they’re protecting his spam it’s that nobody has a good tech to counter it yet……but the only thing people can do is not let him start doing his stuff 
      like,corner pressure,fuzzy guards and stuff like that……and another thing they need to learn is to kill Doom first 

  • Brandon Tang

    how did nova cancel his supers? at 4:17?

    • It’s a glitch. Just do “Power of the Nova Force” after Centurion Rush at the right time.

  • ReoAyanami

    I remember when people thought Wesker would be top tier for sure and he would be in every team. Crazy times.

    • tutsirai123

      He’s still top tier, what are you talking about? He’s just not S tier like Vergil and Level 5 Frank west.

  • Awsumpossum12345

    “I don’t need evidence to kill you!….

    I just need 4 meters….”