SoCal Regionals 2013 – Dead or Alive 5 Grand Finals: MASTER vs. EMP|Black Mamba

By on February 3, 2013 at 2:30 pm

FreeStepDodge recently uploaded footage of the grand finals of the Dead or Alive 5 tournament at SoCal Regionals 2013. The matches feature two of the best Dead or Alive players in the world: Manny “MASTER” Rodriguez and EMP|Black Mamba going head to head in a rematch of their grand finals set from DID8. While the self proclaimed “3DBasedGod” Mamba took that match in Dallas, this time Master gets some sweet revenge as he is able to reset the bracket and eventually take the win.

Source: FreeStepDodge

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  • Los Illuminados

    I don’t like DOA at all but i do respect that player MASTER. using my favorite shinobi character from DOA series. great match and close match by the looks of it. Orale doing it for La Raza. good luck to Emmanuel in the future in DOA wey y congrats on your win. i hope Emmanuel picks up KOF13 as well if he hasn’t already. i wanna see what he can do in KOF!!!  Shout Outs to ( ๏ Y ๏ ) Kat Gunn. that female DOA player.  (♥_♥)

  • Zero fucks given about this shitty game.

    • FIXED: But I care enough to leave comments ♥

    • Caleb Scottie Spicer

      online shitty players getting mad lol

  • Zonder88

    Those were some sick matches, which were ruined by the commentator’s annoying bitching about “no punish!” nonstop. Like STFU Jesus. I dont see you in GF.